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aurora-borealis-69221_640 The changes one is experiencing are such that the human vehicle is rapidly being modified, so to speak, to cater for the incoming energy surges.  These are to coincide with the astrological aspects within the months of March and April.  It is that this month there are many reasons as to why, within the astrological charts, the energies are so intense.  The equinox, the new moon and the solar eclipse are but a few.  When the Earth experiences such magnified energy transmissions all upon Earth will experience them also.

This is appropriate for all and there will be some that will find it a little too much to cope with.  They will be the scattered ones, and we don’t say this in a derogatory way.  It is merely energetic in the energy fields will be imbalanced and one will feel a little scattered in thoughts and emotions.  It would be advisable for one to recognise this as an energy surge and to balance and bring oneself back into alignment with the higher aspect of the self. When one is able to recognise the coming out of alignment one is easily able to slip back into alignment allowing for the integration of these higher frequencies with ease and grace.

The high intense energies are bringing into alignment the self with the multi-dimensional aspect of self and it is through the integration of this that there may be many occurrences that do not fit with what you perceive as normal.  There may be moments of lapse in time as we are moving into a not time/space zone.  There may be moments of past life recollection.  There may be moments of complete understanding of higher awareness only to feel as though it is gone a moment or two later.  There may even be visions within the view field that do not represent what you thought was real.  All of these things are what we would like you to know as the new.  We hesitate to say normal for that depicts that it is a constant state, however, what you, as a collective, are moving into is never in a constant state, it is always moving, always changing, always evolving.

It is the evolution into the new and there will be moments when one may find this quite difficult to navigate.  We ask that you be mindful that the more you try to control the rudder and the more you try to control where and when you want the boat to go you will find yourself up against an invisible force much like two opposing ends of a magnet.  We ask that you allow the energies to guide you, connect with the Overself, the higher aspect of the self, and allow the you that knows what is best for you to take the wheel.  You will guide you to where you need to be, meeting the people you need to meet and being at the right place at the right time.  Trust in you, trust in that which you have agreed upon before incarnating into this life experience.

Many may find themselves moving locations, returning to places from childhood.  Many may find themselves changing careers and chasing those dreams, chasing what one is passionate about.  Many may find that they are lured to groups that never before interested them.  Many may find that geographically they want to change how certain areas of land are being destroyed.  In these coming times you will find that you will begin to see a pattern emerge of what you had previously thought about but never endeavours to follow.  There may even be many out of the blue occurrences that leave you gobsmacked so to speak.

It has been said before that there is a Tsunami of Love flowing through the ethers and we can verify that this is indeed the case.  There is only love, however, there are many gradients to this vibration of love.  The love tsunami is bringing in the highest vibrational frequency of balanced love, of masculine and feminine balanced love that all of humanity can withstand.  Family units are finding peace and harmony for no reason.  Years of feuding have for some reason wilted out and forgivenesss, love and compassion are taking over.  There is no reasoning or understanding of why this is happening, however, we say to you that it is the higher frequency of love that is changing humanities perceptions about what once was.

You are moving into the new world, the new age as some would call it.  It is without doubt one of the most precious times in Earth history and we are all here to share in this with you.  There is so much happening behind what has been termed the veil that we hesitate to mention due to the complexity of it all.  We would like to say thought that even though it appears on Earth to be chaos and mayhem in certain areas all of this is necessary to clear out the old dark, denser energies to allow for the new.  There are even changes occurring within the animal kingdoms.  The animals can feel the changes coming and they already know of that which is to occur.  There may even be changes within the family pet scenarios.  All of these are appropriate and one must trust that it is so.

We ask that you please consider your thoughts daily be aware of where they head.  Some thoughts can bring one out of alignment with the self and these thoughts are those that are focused on doubt, fear, anger, resentment etc.  When one is able to release all of the belief structures pertaining to said emotions one will become balanced and peaceful within.  It is important for you all to realise that in order for you to go where you are going, into the new world of light, you must clear out the unnecessary items from your luggage.  It is as if one is boarding a plane and has only carry on luggage to go. When you get to the counter they will not accept your luggage as carry on as there are too many heavy, dense items in the bag.  You must clean out the bag and reduce the weight of it by choosing what it is you wish to leave behind.  Only when the bag is of an acceptable weight are you allowed to carry it on board.  It is much the same as yourselves in that the unnecessary items you carry that weigh you down are those that pertain to doubt , anger, fear etc.  Release these and you will not only feel much lighter you will be able to travel into the new world first class.

Dear ones, we ask that you not feel as though you are weighed down with the burdens of your life.  We offer you assistance in transmuting the energies of these burdens, however, we are unable to assist without your permission for you all have free will and it would go against the law of free will if we were not asked to help.  We wait patiently for your call for help and can offer you many options on how to release these burdens.  It can be as simple as an imaginary visualisation of bundling up all said burdens, fear, doubts etc. and placing them in a box.  Wrap this box up, put a bow on it or decorate it how you choose to and then imagine yourself passing this box to us, your spiritual friends and family, your spiritual guides and teachers or whomever you choose to give it to.  Ask that it be transmuted in the highest and best way for all and we shall indeed assist you with this.  You may wonder as to why we would accept this gift from you when it is filled with fear, doubt, burdens etc., however, we ask that you see it from our perspective and that is that there is no greater gift you can give us than that of being asked for help.  And then to be able to take from you your cares and worries is an added bonus for by removing these for you we are removing them from the collective and so enlightening not only your path but the path for many into the new world.  The work you do for and upon yourself assists so many others and in turn assists so many more and so on.  The work that you do for and upon yourself will assist all.  What a wonderful gift you would give to us.

By offering these gifts to us you become much lighter and from where we are on the other side of the veil we can see that more and more of you are illuminating the light within.  It is as if we look upon the Earth and see many beacons of light shining and many individuals standing in a pillar of light that stretches to the heavens.  These pillars of light are becoming more vibrant and the colours that emanate are beautiful.  It is as if we see the light from the Aurora Borealis 10,000 fold weaving its way through the pillars of light.  It is a magical sight and one we are blessed to witness.

We thank you and we ask that you consider reaching out and asking for assistance as we are more than willing to oblige.  There is so much love riding the tsunami and it is not just a wave upon Earth, it is a wave that meanders through universe upon universe.  Ride this wave with us dear ones and see the changes we see.

In love, light and within our embrace we ride the tsunami of love with grace.


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