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As we sit in this beautiful energy of Grace and light we choose to come through today to let you in on a secret. The secret is you.  You have kept yourself a secret for far too long.  The secret is the powerful truth of your true self.  The secret will only remain a secret if you choose for it to be so.  Sitting on the fence about whether to or whether not to share your secret only creates the frequency of indecision and this will not fashion change within.  Stepping down from the fence and standing in the paddock of choice will align with the frequency of intent and construct the necessary pathways of light that will guide your way upon your chosen journey.  You have all sat upon the fence for far too long.  It is time to make your choice and to share your secret.  As the catalysts and conduits for the divine light you are able to show and share your true colours.  Don’t let fear grip you so tightly that you find it difficult to step down off the fence.

The secret all of you have chosen to experience is a secret you have kept from yourself. Yes you have also kept it from others however we ask you to truly look at what you see when looking in the mirror.  You have chosen to forget who you truly are to understand the incarnational experience you are having.  That said you are all able to see the truth of who you are and yet you still choose to keep this from yourself.  Why is that?

The divine spark of light that you truly are is hidden from view. You have a coating over it like a blanket, a shroud, a covering of some sort that prevents the light from shining too brightly.  You have chosen this for your own purposes and expansion instructions.  We would like you to know that you can lift this at any time, however many of you choose to remain under the covers.  You have been peeking out from under the covers so to speak.  We ask you what happens when you lift the covers completely.  Let us share with you what we see when you choose to lift the covers.

We see that the divine light, the spark of true essence self that you truly are glows brighter and brighter. As it vibrates and resonates at an excitably higher frequency it entices other divine sparks of light to come out of their hiding places.  It encourages the divine light within others to peak out from under the covers and to step down off the fence into their paddock of choice.

Stepping down of the fence consciously connects you to that divine light within. Remaining on the fence, and keeping yourself a secret, prevents you from truly connecting creating the frequency of disconnection which will indeed keep you disconnected from self.

How do you step down off the fence and share your secret? By giving the intent to do so?  You may have given the intent to stepping out from behind a wall, a barrier or a boulder that you were hiding behind however it is not until you lift the covers that your divine light will truly shine.  There is a difference.  When you step out from behind something you can still be wearing the blanket, the covers, the shroud or cloak.  When you lift the blanket, the covers, the shroud or cloak you expose your true self, your true divine light.  Do not be afraid of how others see you.  Do not fear how you perceive others may judge you.

Stand boldly in your light and claim your connection to the divine you and you will be a guiding light for others. Like moths drawn to an incandescent light bulb others will be drawn to you for they seek the higher resonance you have albeit they may be unaware of it at the time.

Imagine you are being encapsulated in your own divine energy and light. Imagine you are standing in the centre of a great hub of light, your own divine light body/bodies.  See yourself as an Olympian torch runner holding the Olympic torch high above your head.  You can fashion this torch however you like.  Get a sense for the length of the rod/staff the light sits upon.  What is the rod/staff made of?  Is the light on the end a flame, is it a spark, or is it a beacon?  This light is your own divine light and it can be whatever it is you choose it to be for you are the creator.  Focus upon this light and see the glow expand.  Carry this light high above you and expand this light as far as you wish to and notice that as it expands it gets brighter and brighter.


The Olympic torch is a symbol to represent countries unifying for the purpose of the Olympic Games. As you run through the streets carrying your own divine Olympic torch others will see the truth in it.  The truth they will see is that your light vibrates with the frequency of unification, unifying all peoples in all countries across the planet.  The truth they will see is that your light is the divine light of the One Source, for there is only One light and you all carry that within.

The divine light you carry within holds keys and codes that will trigger the divine spark within others. As you run through the streets bearing your torch you will recognise these keys and codes activating from within.  As they are triggered and remembered you may actually have a sensation of this.  Just as your arm may get tired from carrying the torch for too long so too does your body get tired from wearing the covering that has kept it a secret.  The covering is heavy and requires a lot of energy to stay beneath it.  Have you ever stopped and wondered why it is you feel tired and listless a lot of the time.  Many of you work very hard at remaining under the covers choosing to carry them around instead of lightening your load by lifting them from you.

How do you lift the covers? You lift them by giving intent to do so and then witnessing them being lifted from you.  Again you are the creators of your own visualisations and reality so you can imagine yourself witnessing the covers being lifted in a multitude of ways.  You are multidimensional beings of light so creating in a multitude of ways is natural for you.  There is no right or wrong way for what you choose to create.  There is however different polarisation frequencies your creations can be aligned with.  Do you choose to align your creations with that of unification/connection or separation/disconnection?  Do you choose to align your creations with ‘power over others’ or with ‘power within’?  Do you choose to align your creations with the light or with the shadows?  Do you choose to align your creations with love or fear?

It is time to share your secret and step out from under the covers. When you do your light will be seen from across the globe, from the galaxy, universe and beyond.  There is no limit to your light as it is the divine light of the One Source, infinite and eternal.  And so it is…

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