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It has been a staggering six months of uncertainty for all world-wide.  In moments of uncertainty emotions are amplified, and energy is intensified creating heat and tension.  In the heat of the moment many rash decisions are made.  When we are posited in the heat, with an inner fire of anger burning, the outcome of this can not only burn the recipient but also the self as words, actions, deeds are expulsed without conscious awareness.


Conscious awareness of our words, actions and deeds, allows us a micro-moment of space in which inner reflection can occur.  It is in this micro-moment of reflection we can choose to come from a space of love, or a space entirely driven by the habitual patterns and programming of ego mind.


A micro-moment space, is like a vortex which will magnetise to it the emotions reflected in that moment.  For example: the micro-moment before delivering words to another can magnetise more love, or more anger, or hatred.  And then when that love, or anger, or hatred is expressed it is done so with a greater intensity, with more momentum, with more force.


Would you prefer to be a driving force of love, or of anger, or hatred?  Would you prefer to share love, anger, or hatred?  It is in that micro-moment of conscious awareness we are allowed the space to create.  Our creations are offered out into the universe to help restore harmony and balance, or our creations can distort and warp into imbalance.


The primal sound and light fields of the entire universe flux continually and the energy that radiates out, in, and through these sound and light fields radiates from the core of every body, every being, regardless of whether that body/being is a physical human (matter) body, a planetary body, a celestial body, or galactic body.


The spheres of sound and light are shifting and it is the resonance of this shift that steps down through the densities having an impact upon all matter form in this time/space universal matrix.  Each and everyone of us is being affected, to some degree, by these universal sound/light fields.  Where we are in regards to our embodiment of more of our divine light, our true essence self, will determine how we respond to, and with, and how we process, and integrate, these new frequencies and tones.


Crystal tones and the highest emanation of diamond light are ringing, and singing, throughout the universal time/space matrix offering each and everyone of us the opportunity to sing our own song into a higher octave.  As we sing our own song our matter body will respond to the words we sing, making it vitally important to recognise that our words really do matter.


Are the words we sing to ourselves, or others, words of empowerment, of acceptance, of love and light, or are they words that reflect the sense of not being good enough, of not being pretty enough, or of not feeling accepted or loved?


Would we sing a lullaby to our baby with words such as “you are not good enough”, “you are not accepted”, “you are not loved”?  Of course, we wouldn’t.  We would sing only loving, empowering words that help the spirit of our babe feel the love we have to share with it.


Then why is it we sing disempowering lullabies to ourselves, singing them day after day, fortifying our distorted beliefs about ourselves?  Would our divine Mother sing unloving words to us?  Then why is it many of us feel so unloved, unaccepted, and disempowered?


It is time to resurrect our belief structures into the NEW diamond crystalline light, and sound, fields, to harmonise and balance with the love that our divine Mother has for us.


As a conductor in a symphony orchestra would orchestrate, through silent gesture, the message in the music, and the significance of what the piece of music represents, so too does the resurrection template.  Resurrecting yourself through silent internal gestures that portray the message, and significance, of the self-imposed limiting belief structures, can lead to the integration of polarity and a complete pole shift.


This universal flux of higher resonance is calling all of us to raise our own vibratory frequency, to raise our heads and look into the light of our truth, to love the light of our truth.  It is in, and through, the light that we are able to share divine emanations of love helping to bring healing back to ALL bodies, across all time/space.


We are being called to align with our true nature, our true divine loving light essence, to be the conductors of, and for, love and light.  Our own individual orchestration is the causation of this great shift we are moving into and through.


Will we heed the call?


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