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If there was a way in which we could explain in terms of your understanding of the magnitude of that which is taking place upon the planet we would. It is difficult for us to give to you the enormity of the change all of you are experiencing.  Some are feeling this in heavy ways.  Some are truly purging in the physical self.  Some that have done the work upon themselves are feeling this although not as strongly (a strange word to use in this sense) as you used to.  As you have raised your vibrations the energy you are feeling at the moment is not having the intensity upon the self as it used to.  You are matching like with like.  You are moving beyond the illusion of that which you thought you were.

To those of you that are the forerunners, the wayshowers, you are experiencing shifts within and without and the intensity of the energies at present is causing these shifts to come rapidly. It may be that within the physical body you have had a breaking down of the foundations upon which you have based your entire life’s incarnation upon.  The belief structures, the family values etc. may be falling away.  This is rattling the cage so to speak and if you choose to flow with this instead of analysing and debating it you will find it much easier to move through these shifts.  All of the changes occurring within the body are happening to allow you to move into your crystalline based structures.  You are becoming lighter in every sense of the word.

Some of you are finding yourselves in situations where much in your physical outside world is changing. New career paths are emerging, new locations are presenting themselves.  New friendships are being formed.  All of this is happening in quick succession and you may be finding it all a little difficult to cope with.  Again we ask that you see yourself flowing with it rather than fighting against it.  It is like the salmon that swims upstream to lay their eggs.  Do not try to navigate these waters that are pushing against you.  You may find that you become so fatigued that you need to rest more and more.  If you choose to turn around and swim with the current who knows, you may find another perfect location in which to lay these eggs.  These eggs will birth into new scenarios for you that you never even anticipated.  Trust that you are guided to the correct place at the correct time whether it is within or without.

There is a special place you can come to and that is to the heart of the Mother. Divine Mother will hold you close to her heart and nurture you.  Balance that which needs balancing to allow you to be enveloped in the Divine Love of our Divine Mother.  Feel this love within every cell.  We have said this before and we cannot emphasise it enough.  Divinity lies within, within every cell, within your DNA.  Allow this to be nurtured.  Allow yourselves to feel the power of the Divinity of your true authentic selves.  We repeat this over and over because we understand that many of you need to hear it.  It is the last vestiges of the lack of trust you must let go of.  Let go also of the belief that it is too difficult to do this on your own.  Again you must trust that you are not doing this on your own as you have many that are helping you.  Hand over all of these concerns and know, truly know, that you are supported in every sense of the word.

The might and the power of Love are not fully comprehended in your linear terms. Love is in and of itself whole.  It is the essence of All that Is.  It is Divine, it is balanced.  You are being asked now to be fully aware of the balance that is required in these changing energies.  It is easier than you think for all that is required is to give yourself the intent to be balanced.  One must truly be aware that by giving intent one must be willing to see that which arises that is unbalanced, to truly see this for what it is so it can be brought back into balance once again.  Sometimes it is not that pleasant to see yourselves in this illuminated light.  Do not place judgements upon yourselves, do not hold on to any hatred, regret or dislike for your selves.  Release all of this for you have been given the gift of having these remaining imbalances highlighted so they can be cleared.  Do so with Love for yourself knowing that you are now able to move past these with ease and grace.  Be the salmon that chooses to turn around and swim with the current rather than against it.

All of you have been given this gift. All of you have the opportunity now to bring more of your higher illuminated selves into your expressions here.  Hold yourselves closer, nurture yourselves, and love yourselves in ways you never before understood.  We ask that you be aware that you are not to love the ego self but the True self, the authentic self.  Bring your ego into alignment with the Divine will of your True authentic self.  When you are able to do this you will be amazed at how much you will be able to release.  You are becoming lighter in every sense of the word.  Again we say this to you so you are able to grasp the fullness of this concept.  You are Light Beings, you are of Light.  You are becoming more the lighter crystalline light substance you truly are.

This takes some adjusting dear ones as the core of your very being is re-structuring. We offer to you all the assistance you need to help you go through this shift with more ease.  Ask and you shall receive.  Never before have you had this much help.  Never before have you reached these higher frequencies.  Never again shall you lower these frequencies for humanity has turned a corner and raised them to a point of understanding.  For too long now you have lived upon the Earth in a heavy, dense energy.  That has changed and you can all be very pleased with your efforts for getting yourselves to this place.

We rejoice with you dear ones and we are very excited about that which is to come for we can see the potentials of it all. You have our support and you have our love.  Trust in this and allow yourself to step more fully into the Divine Light Being you are.

In Love, Light and Grace it is you we embrace…


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 Photo credit: Boians Cho Joo Young