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With the upcoming 444 portal (another one for this month) on 22/04/2020 the energies are heightened again and offer us all an opportunity to step into these energies with an open heart to help us navigate these sometimes turbulent waters of change.


There are vortices of energy opening before us, as personal fields of light that beckon us to step within, to take a leap of faith and dip our toe into these waters of change.  The magnetic pull is strong, a tropism effect, and yet some of us may not even be aware of what this is, what it represents, and some may not even sense this pull at all.



Each spiralling vortex of energy, of light, is a unique configuration specifically suited to our spiritual evolutionary path.  As we step inside this vortex of energy/light we are offered the opportunity to drop deep within to the zero point field, like stepping into still waters or the eye of the cyclone.  Within this neutral zone we are able to experience expansion, conscious expansion.  This expansion can be sensed as movement, a steady oscillation drawing our consciousness to flow freely, and yet we are not moving from point A to point B.  The entire vortex seems to come alive, animated, and move with us, our own personal chariot of fire, and yet paradoxically it remains perfectly still, motionless, and neutral.


Sitting within this vortex of light we can breathe this into every fibre of our being, as though we are weaving a tapestry of light within.  The design, colours, light and thread used to create the tapestry is unique to us and can be embossed with whatever it is we would like to adorn it with.  Varying gradations of light can be sensed, little pockets of light we expand into and through, garnering whatever packets of wisdom are held within.



The spiralling light seems to lift us into the next level of expansion, and we can often not even be aware that this is occurring.  Where we are at on the spiralling arms of this vortex is appropriate for us and in alignment with our development and ascension process.


Through commitment and dedication to our spiritual evolution we can progress through these levels of light and some of these levels may seem quite low or dense.  Our perceptions of our reality will determine if this is an arduous task or one that is filled with ease and flow.


The magnetic pull seems to pull us up through these levels and we are immediately able to align, balance and integrate what is necessary to take us to the next level.  This seems to happen spontaneously and simultaneously with movement through the levels, as though we have handed over the reins to the magnetic pull, the true self/higher self.  If we, as the boots on the ground version of self, are able to surrender to this magnetic pull we can then flow in, and through, these levels with ease and grace.


As we are being pulled in the direction of our true self we may find the identities and masks we have created, from across all dimensions of time and between time, that have veiled us from our true identity are being peeled from us.  (


Surrendering these to the infinite love/light, to the Infinite Creator of all that is, can result in metaphoric symbolic deaths of the old self/selves.  Consciously choosing to surrender and to allow these symbolic deaths frees us and creates space for the light of our true essence self to embody.  In these moments of embodiment we are literally becoming lighter, true beacons of light.



Our Soul essence is illuminated and our emotional feeling perception, receptivity and creative imagination are heightened.  Old passions of creative endeavours may again be ignited and we may find ourselves doing creative things we least expected to do as our many memories of many life expressions are triggered into awakening.  The Soul self acts as the bridge to the higher dimensions when our hearts can open and allow the deep love of the Infinite Creator in.


The 4th, 5th and 6th Chakra’s begin to connect and integrate with the heart/higher heart complex.  Harmonious balance, empathy, and intuition are congruent with 4th Chakra integration.  Creativity, communication, expression of true feelings and expressing through true self are harmoniously being conveyed through 5th Chakra integration.  Seeing, intuition, psychic vision, mental flexibility and clarity are being articulated as we assimilate 6th Chakra functioning.


Resistance will create obstacles for us to navigate in these waters of change.  Flinging our arms wide open and inviting our Soul self to be the navigator assists in releasing resistance.  We may teeter with the impact of the love/light and higher vibratory frequencies of our Soul self.  But isn’t it better to teeter a little, knowing that we are supported, than to run smack bang into obstacles, feeling alone and unsupported.



Allowing ourselves to be magnetically pulled in the direction that is most appropriate for us takes a great deal of courage and trust.  Trusting in our Soul self/higher self is something that may require a little practice as it is a whole new language to us.  How wonderful it is we have the opportunity at the moment to spend a little more time with ourselves giving us the space to learn this language of trust.  Maybe learning this new language of trust could be one of our new creative passions.


Trust is a must if we are to step into our very own uniquely configured vortex of light.  The light packets of wisdom offered to us are a part of this new language.  Speak your own distinctive vernacular and share these harmonious tones with all who have ears to hear.


And so it is….


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