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December 6th was a full moon energy and the Divine Feminine energy of the moon phases is most strong when it is a full moon.  How have you been feeling leading up to this Full moon?  How are you feeling now?  You see many of you will be feeling something and many of you will not know what it is you feel.  Even though you know something is afoot this feeling comes from a knowing deep within.  It is true dear ones that something surely is afoot.

The Divine Feminine love energy is most potent at this time and as many have mentioned the Tsunami of Love we would like to address what that actually means.  This Divine Mother Love that is being showered upon you all is of such a frequency that many will be adverse to accepting it and receiving it.  It is difficult for some to accept and receive love if they do not accept and receive the love of self.  If you do not love the self then the love another has for you will surely wash over you like water off a duck’s back.  One must truly look deep within to find that which prevents them from seeing their own Divine beauty.  It is not about skin deep beauty, it is about a deep knowing that you are an integral part of creation, that you are a child of the light, that you are sons and daughters of the Father/Mother God of all Creation.

It is difficult for some to accept and love themselves when they have had such a difficult upbringing.  It is difficult for some to accept and love themselves when they have been put down so many times and we are not talking about this life experience exclusively.  It is time now to unburden, to release the shackles that have prevented you from seeing the Love that you are, from seeing the Truth of who you are.  If you could only see what we can see you would be in awe at the majestic beauty you all have within.  You, in truth, are Divine Beings of Light and it matters not what others tell you, until you accept this fact, you will allow that which others tell you to wash over you, again like water off a duck’s back.

It is not about looking at the self in the mirror and seeing the beauty society believes you should have.  It is not about having the biggest of this or the smoothest of that.  It is about looking within and seeing the beauty in another way.  It is about seeing the warm embrace you give to a child in need, it is about seeing the warm embrace you give to your partner after the hard day they have had.  It is about seeing the smile you give to another that may lift their life out of the deepest darkest despair.  It is about seeing and feeling the joy you share with another when conversing with them.  It is about seeing feeling the beauty in the trees, the animals, the sunshine.  It is about the creative abilities you have to transform your humble home into a workable piece of art filled with the love and beauty you have given from within.  It is about the meal you place upon the table that is so full of love and laughter from the sharing with another in the kitchen place.  It is about the love you place upon your pets, the petting and the cuddles, the feeding time etc.

Dear ones, this is your beauty.  This is the beauty you see in others, in the world around you and when you start to recognise this you then can see it within the self.  You truly are Divine Beings of Light and Love and we ask that you begin to recall this.  It is not about connecting with your Higher Self, for you are always connected.  It is about remembering and recalling this connection from deep within.  So many of you are searching, are looking for that which you know is there, however, you do not know what it is you are searching for or how to find it.  It is there within you and it is your Divine Spark that you are searching for.  Know that it is your Divine Spark, your Highest Aspect of yourself that guides you, that shows you the beauty you are.  Do not be too quick to put the blinkers on for it is right in front of you.

We ask that you take every moment you are able to throughout your days to stop, breathe and ask the self to show you the beauty way, the beauty you are, the beauty life is, the beauty the planet is.  It is in this moment that your Divine Spark will illuminate a little more and a little more and so on.  The more you recognise beauty for the truth that it is, the more you will have profound happenings in your life.  We are all so excited to be sharing this with you for it is such a simple process and yet humanity has made it all so difficult over aeons of time.

It is not about acquiring possessions to make you beautiful, it is about making beautiful the possessions you are born with.  These possessions are the smile you have that lights up your eyes, that in turn lights up the beauty within another and lights up the room.  These possessions are the vast storehouse you have of love within your heart, love of self, love of nature, love of another, love of the Divine, love of the Divine in you.  This kind of love is unconditional.  These possessions are the joy you share with another, the joy you give your parents as you go through your growth milestones.  These possessions are not the material objects in your life.  Much of this Divine unconditional love you have as a child gets tainted along the way through belief systems, dogma, structure put in place to keep you from realising the beauty within.  It is time to unburden yourself of these structures that overshadow the Light within you.

See this merely as a dark cloud above you and everywhere you move it follows so you are always kept in the shadows.  To unburden yourself, or to come out from the shadows, imagine the winds of change sweeping the dark cloud that is overhead away and imagine it dissipate.  Imagine the sun now shining on you, feel it illuminating the Truth of your Divinity.  It is as simple as that if you will allow it to be.  You no longer have to go through years of therapy as that was an old 3d way of keeping you in the shadows.  You are now free to step out into the light and shine so you can be a guiding light for others.

If you find this difficult seek out those that can assist you in allowing your Divine Light to shine.  You will always have help if you ask for it and be open to receive it.  It is a different thing if you somehow choose to block the help that is given.  This may suit you and that is ok too.  It is about being true to you and not what another wants for you.  We ask only that you follow your truth and if it feels right to you to begin to realise and recognise the beauty that lies within then we hold out our hand to assist you now and always.

Many of you are just beginning this awakening process.  This awakening process is the awakening to the truth that there is more to you, awakening to the truth you feel deep within, the knowing that you feel deep within.  Seek those that have been upon this path for they will help you to better understand that which you are feeling.  You may ask questions and those that are of the light and share in unconditional love will assist you in realising your own divinity.  Be discerning for there may be some that, although offer assistance, do so with their own agendas of self-aggrandisement.

Listen to the love you have within your heart and it will guide you always.   This is the Divine Feminine energy of intuition guiding you.  Trust in this and trust in your truth.



You are beautiful – Know it and be it.


Hold your beauty in the way you walk and the way you talk.

Know you are beautiful as you hold the hand of another guiding them along their journey.


Hold your beauty in the way you share and the way you care.

Know you are beautiful when you offer assistance expecting nothing in return.


Hold your beauty in the way you smile and the way you have style.

Know you are beautiful when you see the other smile back at you making your heart swell.


Hold your beauty in the way you act and the way you react.

Know you are beautiful as the anger your child has for you melts away with the unconditional love you have for them.


Hold your beauty in the way you see your own Light and the way you shine bright.

Know you are beautiful when you glow from within illuminating all in your path.


Hold your beauty high and never deny

You are beautiful, know it and be it.


We thank you for sharing this with us.  Feel the words of this short poem melt those hardened areas within your heart centre.  Let the emotions flow and when you release these hardened areas they will fill with the Love that you are.  Breathe this love in and centre and balance.  This is your Divine birthright.  Claim it now.

In Love, Light and Grace it is you we embrace.



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