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There are energy pathways that are available to walk upon. The energy streams or pathways of light are waiting to be found and walked upon.  There is a difference in the energy and there is a difference to what is felt and perceived whilst walking upon the pathways.  These pathways of light do not appear singular and nor do they appear separate.  They are intertwined and they are interwoven in the fabric of time and space.  You, as a collective, are moving out of time and most of you are aware that time seems to have been speeding up.  This is a perception for time is not speeding up per se.  There are many pathways of light that you can resonate with and the pathways you choose depends upon where you stand within the now moment.  The information you can access from these light pathways, in the now moment, is relative to the energetic resonance of your own energetic signature with your internal and external reality.

Access to the new knowledge and information is available to those that are able to align with their energetic signature. This can be perceived as the soul self, higher self, inner self, divine self or whatever label you wish to place upon it.  Let us for the purpose of this communication refer to the energetic signature as the grander self.  The grander self will give the guidelines as to how best to align with the knowledge and information that is available.  It is then up to you whether or not you listen to it, heed it and commit to it.  All have access and all have the ability to connect in a more profound way.

The energetics of the end of 2016, moving into 2017, has created a wish wash of energy. This clearing of the old energy is much like being inside a snow globe that has been shaken up.  We shall use this metaphor to help you understand what these energy pathways can offer.

Imagine that you are standing in a street scene in the season of your winter. In this scene there is snow covering the buildings that line the street you stand in.  There is snow covering the trees dotted along the foot path.  There is a big Christmas tree in the town square and there are other people standing in the town square.  You are within the snow globe and so you see over your head a transparent dome.  This dome is like a membrane of light as what is on the other side of the membrane seems distorted or blurry.  You can see movement, light variations, shapes and you can even sense vibrations and harmonies coming from the other side of the membrane.

As you are standing there in the snow covered street you feel happy and content with the familiar world you live in. You see the same people day after day and do the same thing over and over.  All is happy and well in your world.  Or so you thought.  All of that changes when the snow globe, the world you have been a part of, is shaken up.  You are barely able to stand upright.  Turmoil and chaos seem to be swirling around you and the other people in the street scene.  It feels as though you are in the middle of a raging storm and the storm is so strong it nearly knocks you off your feet.  Confusion sets in and you cannot work out what is causing this nor can you work out why it is happening.  You were so happy and content to live in the familiar surrounds you called home.  Fear rises within.  Anger comes to the fore and you do not know how to cope with these new emotions you are feeling.  You become a little lost and bewildered.

Does this sound familiar to how your life has been of late? Are you a little confused and bewildered about the events that have happened in your life and at how rapidly they have happened?  Many of you have felt this and many of you are wondering how to get yourself back to the contentment you felt or to even get some semblance of balance in your life.  Let us go back to the metaphor of the snow globe.

So you are standing within this raging storm, fear rising. You have no one to cry out to for help as the others you see in the street scene are so far away you know they will be unable to hear your cries.  You cry out to ethers and ask for help.  You cry out to the shapes and light movements you can just perceive beyond the membrane.  You have no idea who you are crying out to for help but you do so with fervour.

Suddenly the winds stop howling and the snowflakes start to settle. The storm seems to be subsiding and settling.  When the storm has completely settled you notice that everything seems different.  Although you are still stationary in the same spot in the street scene within the snow globe you can perceive a differing energy.  The snow, the tiny particles of glitter that is shaken up in the snow globe, appears to be different.  It even seems to have settled upon the ground in an altered manner.  What does this all mean?

In this situation you, the being, in the snow globe can go into fear about the change in the terrain, the change in the energies. Or the being in the snow globe can look at this as an opportunity to learn and grow and expand.  You take the option to learn, grow and expand.  But how do you do this?  Every particle of glitter offers the opportunity for greater connection with the grander self.  You heed the nudging’s of the grander self and you step forward onto a piece of glitter.  This glitter represents a new light pathway and when you stand upon it you are given a glimpse of a new feeling, a new vision, a new something.  You don’t even really know what it is you perceive, you are only aware that it is new.  Every piece of glitter that has landed in a new position within the snow globe offers you the opportunity to explore and grow and learn.  By walking on these glitter pathways of light you are taken into experiences and synchronistic happenings that you have not experience before.  Or at least you thought you had not experienced them.  You can even see beyond the membrane, the glass dome, more clearly and discern the energies you can feel that seem to be penetrating the membrane.  This has brought a whole new light to what you thought about the reality you lived in.

We use the metaphor to assist you to understand that the shake up of the energies you may have felt in 2016 to 2017 have created a new pathway of light for you. You are able to walk upon these pathways if you choose to or you can remain in the stationary, familiar position you were in.  You have the choice to expand and grow at any time and now is the most appropriate time.  By choosing to connect with and stand within these new pathways of light you are uniting the boots on the ground version of self with the grander you.  Yes it can feel a little scary at times however trust is a big part of your expansion.  Trusting in self and being discerning of what is your truth is allowing.  Allowing that grander self to be more entangled with your day to day reality ensures trust.  It is a reciprocal cycle and one that will become stronger and more etched upon the pathways of light.

Let these pathways of light illuminate the new for you. Let them take you into higher resonance with the grander you.  If you allow yourself to skip, play and frolic along these pathways of light you will find yourself perceiving much more of what lies beyond the membrane of your perceived reality.  Your walk will be one of ease and grace.  If you allow yourself to succumb to fear, doubt or carry any burdens or weight as you walk along these pathways of light you will find distortion in your perceived reality.  This distortion may be perceived as chaos, mayhem, or turmoil.  It is very difficult to get yourself out of a quagmire of chaos.  It is much easier and more pleasant to float along a stream of joy, peace and balance.

When you follow these pathways of light you will be given access to more knowledge, more memory and a more expanded awareness. The grander aspect of you wants to share with knowledge with you.  The grander you wants to trigger your remembrance and expand with you.  Allow and Trust.  And so it is…

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