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As an aspirant upon the path of self evolution, that which is most appropriate for their spiritual growth will be presented to them in the highest and best way, and in divine timing.  It is up to the aspirant to recognise how it is being presented, what is being presented, and how it will assist them.  It is not that it will be presented to them on a silver platter.  The aspirant must choose the main course meal from the menu selection before the meal can be served and enjoyed.


The Higher Self/Soul Self/True Self of the aspirant walks hand in hand with them; however it is not until the aspirant recognises this and then chooses to grasp this hand firmly allowing it to guide them, and balance them, that initiation occurs.  Shift and transformation occurs when the aspirant allows the Higher Self/Soul Self/True Self to be their tour guide, their guiding light.



There are particular holding patterns that many young aspiring souls have that prevent them from letting go and allowing the True Self to guide their way.  Many of these holding patterns are steeped in fear and until these patterns are recognised, worked through and integrated the aspirant will dig their feet in to ensure they are not led into the vast unknown until they are ready.


When one rides a horse the reins are used to assist the horse with balance and with directive orders.  Firm, but not too tight, tension on the reins, as well as body movement, instructs the horse to move forward, stop, turn etc.  Tension on the left rein, as well as a light holding pressure of the left thigh, cues the horse to turn left.  If the rider loosens the reins and releases the pressure, the holding pattern can be recognised and integrated giving the horse the freedom to take its own course.



As the rider (the aspirant), are you able to let go of the reins and allow the horse (the True Self) to lead the way?  Or do you need to take full control and hold those reins so tightly you are not able to recognise clear guidance and directive?  Are you able to surrender to the True Self and let go of the reins, not only now, but for all time and between times?


Removing the bridle altogether from the horse will ensure the reins cannot once again be held tightly.  Removing the saddle will ensure the rider is not able to sit comfortably in the holding patterns.  Will the rider be prepared for this?  What if the horse jolted forward quickly without any warning or preparation?  Would the rider be able to adapt by gripping the horse firmly with their legs and maybe even holding gently onto the mane to ensure they didn’t fall off?  Would the rider be able to completely trust that the horse would not jolt forward unexpectedly?


If the horse where to jolt forward would it do so in an excited state, or in a fearful state.  In an excited state the aspirant may be ready to jump forward, to take those uneasy steps into the unknown process of their evolution.  The aspirant may choose to jump forward too quickly and go from being a beginner rider to a steeple chase jockey without wanting to do the training and education in between.  As a steeple chase jockey the hurdles represent obstacles along the way.  Are you willing to jump the beginning hurdles, to learn how to navigate and master them before moving onto the bigger more complex hurdles?  Or do you choose to run around them, avoiding them so as not to waste any time by slowing the process down?  By learning to master the hurdles you are able to move through the initiations with ease and Grace.


~  “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”  ― Ronald E. Osborn  ~


There may be an acceleration of sorts, a jolt forward, as the True Self takes your hand.  Will you allow the True Self to guide you along your initiatory path of self-realisation through your ascension process?  This is much like sitting on the horse, bareback, with no reins for guidance, with no saddle for comfort.


The horse may lead you over rugged terrain, through searing hot desserts, through extreme weather conditions and dangerous territory.  But is the terrain really rugged, the desserts really hot, the weather extreme and the territories dangerous?  Or are these fear based perceptions from previously perceived ideals, ideologies, and teachings by those that are either ignorant or do not wish for you to be guided by your True Self?



The horse leads you merely on a path, how you perceive that path is entirely up to you.  Indeed the horse (the True Self) may lead you through rocky outcrops, steep hills and deep ravines, however, trusting the horse knows where you need to go, when you need to go there,  will ensure you are able to sit upon its back and move fluidly with it without falling off.  The rocky outcrops, steep hills and deep ravines are merely stages and phases of your ascension process.  Learning to flow freely with them, to see them for what they truly are, rather than seeing the collective preconceived models will cement your trust in your horse (True Self) and where you are led.


Instead of seeing challenges maybe the aspirant can see beauty in and along the path regardless of where they are being led and the weather conditions they experience.  Maybe the aspirant recognises it is time to see beauty in all things, not only externally but also within their inner landscape.  Detach from collective preconceived models of what internal and external beauty is, or should be.  Find your own inner beauty and express this physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  This is the “Beauty Way”.


Can you find beauty in rugged terrain, in the searing heat of the desert, in climatic conditions or any perceived discomfort?  Can you find beauty in letting go of the reins?   Can you find beauty in all things?


Your True Self will guide you beautifully.  Trust in this.


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