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You may find that much in your sphere of life is changing.  We have mentioned this before and although you are aware that change is coming, it is upon your doorstep. You are still finding it difficult to cope with these said changes. Many of you will find that the more you struggle with these changes, the more you push against the energy of these changes, and the more likely you will be to find yourself up the creek without the paddle so to speak.

With energy, regardless of what form it takes, one finds that if one pushes against it and one tries to manipulate it from the course that it is taking one will find that it is much like the opposing ends of the magnet pushing against each other.  This we have also mentioned before and now we remind you that there are many ways in which you can go with the flow of these energies which will make your life a little easier to navigate.

Yes we have used the analogy to see yourself in a boat trying to row upstream against the flow of the rushing waters.  In order to go with the flow of these energies it would be most appropriate to pull the oars in, turn the boat around and go with the flow, trusting that where it goes is for your highest and best regardless of the destination.  The trust comes from knowing that your Higher Self, your Divine I Am, knows exactly where you need to be when you need to be there.

We hasten now to let you know of another way in which you can see, metaphorically, how to go with the flow.  It is a beautiful thing is it not to see a rainbow in the sky.  The colours are so vibrant and it looks to you as if this rainbow is so thick with misty particles of vibrant colours that you are able to walk upon this rainbow as if it were a bridge from this level of awareness into the next.  To go against the said flow of energies would be like trekking up one side of the rainbow to reach your outcome which is perched loftily at the top.  Or you can imagine or see that your desired outcome is like the mythical pot of gold at the far end of the rainbow and instead of trekking of foot up one side then down the other to reach your pot of gold you can step into the car that was obscured from you, press the go button on the panel, to be taken to the top of the rainbow with ease only to zoom down the other side much like a rollercoaster.

Whatever way you choose to reach your goal, your desired outcome, will determine how much discomfort or how many obstacles or how much harder it will be.  We share this with you this day so that you may be aware that you are the creator of this scenario.  You are the one that can choose to trek or choose to ride.  There is no right or wrong way, however, we say to you that one way will be a little bumpier and a little more exhausting than the other.

Balance is integral in these energies upon your Earth at this time.  Much will come to the surface from within to be cleared and balanced and we say to you that this is a precious gift offered to all of humanity.  Are you one of those that claim their gift?  Look into the gift box and see what is presented there and with intention choose what it is you would like to do with it.  Do you wish to clear out that which is in there as you know it is recycled, much like a gift given to another that now longer wanted it and they have passed it on to you?  Or are you going to keep that which is in there even though you know it will probably not be used and sit in your cupboard so to speak.

We use that analogy to represent the gift given of the old energies, belief system, programs etc. that no longer represent the new 5th dimension self which can be cleared, transformed or transmuted to allow the new refined energies to fill your entire being lifting you into a much light, brighter being.  It is your choice to see this as a gift or a burden.  It is your choice to see yourself as a light being or a victim.  Again we say to you there is no right or wrong choice, it is a choice and one you must be at ease with.

The choices you make are just that, choices.  It is how you accept the choices you have made that will create balance and harmony or imbalance and disharmony within.  All of the choices you have ever made are just that, choices.  You can now release the hold these have had upon your being by knowing that the choices you made were only choices and you can let them go.  Do not give away your power by wishing that you could have taken another path had you made a different choice.  Instead empower yourself by seeing that within that choice is a beautiful gift, one that has raised your level of awareness and understanding.  It may have even helped you to grow stronger and be more confident.  It may have helped you to be more tolerable of others.  It may have helped you to realise what it is you don’t want in a relationship and what you do want.  All of these are wonderful gifts if you choose to see it that way.

It is through balancing the imbalance and harmonising the disharmony within that one is able to move into heightened awareness.  With this heightened awareness we can understand and perceive things in a much higher light and with greater understanding of where we sit within the bigger picture, the bigger plan of creation.  Where we sit within this bigger plan is again a choice and all of humanity are now being asked to choose balance and alignment with their higher self, their own Divine I Am.  Again it is a choice and no judgement will be placed upon you should you choose to stay where you are on the level you are at.  Know that if you choose to become balanced and aligned with your Higher Self, Your Divine I Am, you will be offered many gifts to allow you to clear out the old worn out energies to make way for the knew.  What an exciting time.  It is like Christmas every day.  And just like the child you, opening your gifts on Christmas day we ask you to feel the joy, the happiness that it brings to you.  It is a joyous occasion in which we are eager to celebrate with you.

We shower you with love as we watch you open your gifts.  We ask that you acknowledge how wonderful you are in giving yourselves these gifts of change.  You truly are masters and although at times we see you struggle to open your gifts we tell you we are here to help should you choose to invite us to do so.  There is no judgement should you choose not to.  You are showered in love no matter your choice.

And so it is…….

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