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There are an infinite amount of realities created by you all. When one is to make a decision there are many and varied possibilities one may choose to do, to follow, and to enact.  When one is about to make a decision one usually does so based upon outside influence.  If one could get oneself to a place where every decision they make is alignment with their heart then they will find that the reality they have created is usually one that is of much ease.  It is important for one to be aware of this as this is what makes for a more enjoyable experience upon the earth plane.

It is often quite difficult for a psychic to pick up on the probable or possible reality you may decide upon and so many of you that seek guidance from a psychic may be disheartened with the results given. Yes they may pick up on and elaborate on that which has already happened within your sphere of life and yet when it comes to predicting this or that you can often feel that they have missed the mark so to speak.  This can occur for a number of reasons and we will endeavour to share a couple with you this day.

We give you an analogy to help you to understand better how outcomes can occur. You have been to a psychic and you have been told by them that you are to meet the man of your dreams.  He is tall, dark and handsome and you meet him somewhere where there are many people like an event, a party, a sporting game or somewhere similar.  You walk out of the meeting with the psychic very excited as you have been longing to meet such a man and how could she have possibly known that.  How could she understand that you were indeed after a tall, dark, handsome man?  From the moment you walk out of that meeting with the psychic you engage yourself in every opportunity to meet such a man by attending every party, every sporting event and go to any possible gathering of many people.  You are then creating this potential reality, this probable outcome by putting yourself in such positions.

Eventually after many years of partying etc. you meet the man of your dreams. He is very tall, dark and handsome and he is exactly what the psychic said you would be searching for.  You engage in a relationship with him and everything goes swimmingly over the next few years.  This is everything you had hoped for.  You had dreamt him up and he was there.  However, after many years in a happy relationship things start to go awry and you eventually part ways.  You cry out and blame the psychic for being incorrect in her or his predictions.

Oh the psychic was correct as she/he was reading your energy. She/he was not reading the energy of your tall, dark, handsome one and therefore could not pick up that he was to fall out of love with you and have desires elsewhere.

That is one scenario and another could be that when you walk out of the original meeting with the psychic where she told you that you would meet the man of your dreams, you know that you are not yet ready for this as you are too career oriented. So you immerse yourself in your career and you spend year after year climbing the corporate ladder to success.  You are so successful you become the vice president of a firm and you take on many roles within that firm.  No-one can do it as well as you and you are flown all around the world to engage in corporate events.  You have no inclination whatsoever to become attached to one man.  It is not until many, many years later you retire a single woman and with no partner, no children, and no family.  You are lonely and very sad and you cry out and accuse the psychic of being incorrect and what a waste of money and time that was all those years ago.

It is important to remember that the psychic picked up on the energy you were displaying at that time. What you choose to do, what path you choose to take is not because the psychic was incorrect.  It was because you chose your life path either in alignment with what the psychic had predicted or not in alignment.  It is as simple as that.

We give you this analogy so you can see how very creative you are. You are the creators of your own life, your own emotional, mental and physical lives.  Through your own free will and choices, you choose and create the reality that suits you in any given moment.  We tell you this so you can be aware that in these increasingly potent energies what you focus upon, whether it is happiness or misery, you will indeed create it and it will be made manifest in your life far more rapidly than it was years ago.

There are many that are walking their own paths realising that they are manifesting into their world many things, many situations, many pleasant and many not so pleasant, due to their focus and intent.  And they are experiencing it almost instantly. If one chooses to focus on misery and drama then one will indeed receive it.  If one chooses to focus on happiness, health, abundance then one will indeed receive it.

You have heard through many masters that have walked the Earth and through many other channels that balance is the key to a happy life. This balance comes from within the self, the truth of who you are and within the outer self, the world, the environment, the physical, emotional, mental self.  Alignment with ego will ensure that imbalance prevails, whilst alignment with your own sacred heart and sacred mind will ensure peace, happiness and abundance etc.

We would like to use another analogy to exemplify this balance we speak of. You have two kittens in your home and one of them is white and the other is black.  You love both of them and they seem to purr along nicely, very happy, relaxed and peaceful.  All is well until one day you pick up both kittens and place the white kitten in the centre of your lap whilst sitting upon the couch.  The other kitten is placed beside you on the couch.  The black kitten does not like this at all.  The black kitten displays jealous tendencies and it becomes evident to you that it can get quite possessive over you.  It begins to fight the other cat and you separate them petting the white one for you feel that it has been hurt.  You rouse on the black one and send it away.  This of course causes many issues within the black kitten as it feels abandoned etc.  It begins to resent the white kitten, and you for taking the white kittens side all the time.

The black kitten distances itself from you and the white kitten and so you figure that the black kitten is just a bad egg so you allow it to remain distant and do not bother to attend to it lovingly. It displays vicious tendencies and acts in odd ways around you and the white kitten.  It displays very aggressive behaviours and you can feel the energy of the kitten is quite imbalanced.  Of course the white kitten has remained lovable all through this.  Oh it does not try to compete against the black kitten at all.  It doesn’t have to as it knows you will gravitate toward it and love it and pet it etc. because that is just what you do.  The white kitten does not try to compare itself to the black kitten but it is difficult not to as there certainly is a big difference in their behaviours.  It remains balanced, happy, and peaceful and goes about its day in this state at all times.  You are drawn to this as the energy the white kitten puts out attracts you to it.

It is this balance that we bring your attention to for those that are balanced are happy. Those that are balanced will attract others for they too want to be balanced.  Those that have a prickly energy, a jealous, vicious energy will indeed turn others away.  We do not say that one is right and the other wrong.  We do not say what you should or should not do, be balanced or imbalanced.  We give this to allow you to understand that those that are balanced and happy seem to cruise through life.  The imbalanced ones seem to find many more hurdles to jump over, or that they become lonely self-absorbed and unloving toward not only others but to themselves.

We use this also to show that if the black kitten had not been disregarded and had been loved the same as the white kitten then the balance and harmonious relationship they had with their owner would still be there all throughout their journey together.

Within all of you there are the not so harmonious energies and the harmonious energies, the yin and the yang, the contrasting energies. It is important not to disregard the inharmonious energies but to love them, acknowledge them and return them to balance so that they remain harmonious and aligned with the balanced energies within.  You will all experience moments where you feel anger, frustrations, stresses etc.  It is important not to disregard them and push them away as they will fester within and become like the black kitten, distancing you from yourself and those around you.  It is important to accept and acknowledge the harmonious, happy and aligned moments and to pay attention to these, focusing on them so that you are fully aware how they make you feel and how they make those around you feel.

The channel knows that if she is out of balance then her children are immediately out of balance and it becomes and instantaneous reactive situation. This is evident immediately and to her surprise it is her children that tell her that it is because of her strong energies that have rippled out causing this disruptive state to occur.  She is willing to accept this, to understand this, to apologise for it and to return all energies to balance.  That includes the energies she has put out into the universe and has put upon the children like a heavy blanket of disharmony.

The children will tell you if you are willing to listen. They are the ones that are becoming more aligned more quickly because they do not have the burdens of all of the beliefs, programmes and limitations that you, the adult do.  Oh they have some but they intuitively know that these are being balanced and they are becoming lighter.  Allow yourself to be open to hearing what your children have to say.  Allow them to show you how you can return to balance.  Allow them to be honest with you and for you to be honest in return you will have a more harmonious loving relationship with them.  Align your ego self with the balance of the soul self when you listen dear ones for it is the ego self that will react and dramatise the situation.

We share this with you this day hoping that it helps in understanding how important it is to be conscious of the balance that is required to return to self, to the Divine self that you are. There are many here on the other side of the veil willing to assist you with this and there are many that are within your own sphere of life that are willing to assist you in becoming aware of what is out of balance, but nly if you are willing to look, listen and learn.  Your children can be your greatest teachers.  Your pets can show you many things, not only about them, but about you also.  Your partners, family and friends will let you know what it is that you can do to return to balance without ever having to utter a word to you.  Be willing to look deeply within their reactions to you.  Are they turned away because they feel your prickly energy or are they attracted to you and want to be with you because they feel your loving, balanced energy?

Be mindful, be open to receive as the world, the universe and the cosmos will gift you exactly what you put out whether it be energetically or mentally, physically or emotionally. Ensure you focus on that which you wish to manifest not only in your life but in the self as well.  Remember – balance is the key.  And so it is…


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