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The year ahead brings a new harmonic.  Imagine a bell that has been struck and the resonance of the bell creates a sensation, a vibration within the body that feels as though the body is rearranging the atomic structure.  It is as though the atoms within the body complex are re-configuring into alignment with the harmonic tone of the bell and shifting/shape shifting into a new configuration. 

This is metaphor to give the concept of what many of us may feel.  There may be a lightness felt throughout the body that expands beyond the body taking us into a state of expansion, blurring the lines that we define as our body.  This is our consciousness expanding to accept that we may be more than just the body, that we are conscious beings that feel lighter and more expanded.  This may even take us into an understanding, a light bulb moment, that we are much lighter than just the physical vessel and that we are of much light, ‘light beings’. 

This year is the numeric year of 3 [2+0+1+9 = 12 (1+2 = 3)]. 

The 12 can be seen to represent stability, polarity integration, connectedness and the flow of life force and recognition of the creator within.    

When our ‘new you’ begins integration there must be a balancing of energies so that the higher light frequencies of our ‘new you’ can integrate and can be instilled, integrated and assimilated.  It is necessary for us to experience a letting go, a symbolic death of the old energy.  In the highest light of our truth we are experiencing a metamorphosis, a transformation, a shape shift if you will.  The old becomes the new so that the new can become the old and the old then becomes the new again and so on.  It is an allegorical caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis. 

The 3 can be seen to represent the triad, the trinity, the trine.  It is one third of a circle (an aspect of 120°- again we see the 12).   Ancient texts refer to this as the father, son and Holy Spirit or father, mother, son, (which is the representation of the threefold flame) or bringing heaven to earth and we stand as the conduit/conductor for these higher frequencies.  The number 3 also presents as a catalyst for the three A’s (Awakening, Activation and Ascension). 

It is exciting to think that 2019 presents as a year of growth, of expansion and of shifting from one perceptive field into another, or others.  How we perceive ourselves; and ourselves within our sphere of life, may change dramatically.  We may have already felt the changes happening in the second half of 2018, preparing us for the shift to align us with these new frequencies.  The solid foundations that we felt safe, secure and familiar upon may have already started to crumble in 2018 so that new foundations can be made as we re-construct not only our lives but our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that we can align with our truth.  2018 was a year of shift and change to create the space within not only ourselves but our sphere of life by preparing us for the integration of energies for 2019.  Keys and codes within may have been triggered illuminating the many aspects of self that have been kept hidden, buried or that we have denied.  2019 energies provide a platform for the integration of these shadow aspects. 

This is a year of moving through the birthing of the new consciousness into the awareness of and unification of loving kindness through our thoughts, words and deeds.  When we can stand united, sharing love, kindness and compassion we birth a new world, a world of service to others in alignment with the Law of One.  Imagine a world of sharing without the need for competitiveness or expecting something in return, a world of love, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance for all peoples and their situations, a world in which we can pay it forward for the benefit of the whole.  To live our lives in gratitude for our own birth into our current life expression and to honour and respect the Earth, our home for this incarnational cycle. 

May your year of 2019 be a magical year of renewal, of re-birth of awakening to the light that can illuminate that which has been hidden from us. 

Love, Light and Laughter always. (LLaLa)

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