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Truth is revealed when one is ready for the truth, when one moves through states of awareness and gets ones’ self to a place of acceptance and understanding.  More within the fields of light are revealed and as these revelations occur there is a choice to believe or not believe, to accept or not accept, to hold as truth or deny as truth.  As a child of light we smile with you now as we take your hand and hold it tight.  We shall guide you lovingly to see, sense, feel, know truth, and to help you remember.


You are within a construct that has created the opportunity to experience perceived separation.  The veil assisted with that.  Those that choose to remember will have the veil lifted.  It is already lifting for many.  This is a process that spans time, however as the veil lifts much more will be revealed.  One cannot truly cope with the energy that results in the lifting of the veil all at once.  There are those that are able to handle a quickening, to handle the veil being lifted rapidly; however they too will never have the veil lifted fully and suddenly unless they are able to tolerate and cope with the scope of the truth revealed, and unless it is within their pre-incarnate agreement.


Once a child of light knocks on the inquisitive door they are offered enough in the way of love, support and guidance to give them the strength and courage to open the door.  They may stand at the doorway for a long period of time before they actually take that first step over the threshold of the open doorway.  They know that once they step over the threshold there will be no turning back.  It is not that they will be trapped and unable to leave as it was their choice to step over threshold.  All that really means is that once you know something it is very difficult to un-know it.  Oh, you can deny it, or choose to forget it, but you will never un-know it.  Therefore one must truly understand this and be fully ready and prepared to take that step over the threshold.  You could marry this metaphor with moving through the awakening process and coming into and through the dimensional awareness stages of third, fourth, fifth etc.



Let us say that third dimensional awakening can be conducive to finding the doorway.  The doorway, this inter-dimensional doorway, was already there but it may have been hidden from view.  It may have been cloaked somehow, covered in brambles, covered in heavy curtains, covered by a brick wall depending upon a person’s belief structures, constrictions and self-imposed limitations.  The doorway once found can then take someone quite a while to remove the brambles, pull the heavy laden curtains down, and dismantle the bricks.  This could be aligned with the analogy of working through the clearing and integration process, much like emptying the baggage to make it lighter so they can easily carry their suitcase through the doorway.


Fourth dimensional awakening could be seen as looking for the key to open the door.  The map to find the key is held within; you already know this map because you were the one that designed it from the higher perspective of self, from the formless self.  The map is held within the DNA and you begin the quest to find the key.  The quest takes you on a journey of understanding, of letting go, of trusting, of calling for higher guidance and help.  The key will only be found if the seeker of the key truly wishes to find the key.  Some are willing to find the key but are unwilling to ensure that their suitcase they take on their travels, on their quest, is light enough to carry.  They are unwilling to unburden out of fear, doubt, self-imposed limitations etc.


Carrying the heavy burdens of anger, hatred, frustration, fear, doubt, worry concern, absolute disregard for another can prevent one from travelling the distance required.  The suitcase is necessary to carry along their journey/quest so it is necessary to ensure the suitcase, their baggage is enlightened.  When they remove the old items within the suitcase, the old heavy garments and replace them with lighter, free flowing, beautifully designed garments of love, light, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, sharing, creativity etc. they will easily be able to take their suitcase with them.



This quest to find the key may bring to light many opposing forces.  There may be situations they find themselves in that are not pleasant or aligned with love.  When they find themselves within this place, within these situations do they reach into their bag and grab the anger garment, the frustration garment, the jealous garment, or have those garments been replaced with love, light, compassion and tolerance garments.  These things that seemingly arise for them have always been there in the background, have always been there as an underlying energy, however they were not in a place to see them before as the brambles, heavy curtains, or bricks covered them.


There are those that walk upon the planet that have chosen power over others/service to self energy interplays as opposed to service to others/love for others.  The seekers just couldn’t see them and their creations due to the heavy brambles, curtains and bricks.  Becoming aware of them can bring anger and frustration and a sense of futility, a sense of not being in control.  Lack of control is one of the greatest fears held by many.   This is all part of the process of the quest for finding the key.


Once the key is found we could say that one has moved into the higher fourth dimensional layers, for indeed there are many sub layers or sub levels to each dimension.  The higher fourth dimensional awareness and understanding gives one the opportunity to awaken more of the keys and codes within that help them to remember where the door key to the door was hidden.  The door key was hidden within them; they just had to look within.  All the masters that have ever walked the earth have guided their students to look within.



Once the key has been found it takes great courage to take the key in their hand as the key holds much more than just the unlocking of the door.  The key holds memory, the key triggers memory and the memory we refer to is beyond form.  The memory that is held within takes one into a more expanded perspective, a greater awareness, a consciousness shift and alignment that can at times feel quite discombobulating.  However, is this discombobulating feeling because of the re-calibration required for this expanded consciousness shift or is it because of the awareness that the interplay of consciousness and energetic interplay’s has the ability to distort.


As one moves into these higher sub layers they become more aware of energy interplay and how the service to self/power over others choose to create distractions that take the seeker that take those on the quest/journey away from their path.  This can create more anger and frustration and futility if the seeker upon the quest is not able to discern the energy interplay before them.  Everything is energy and it is about becoming more aware and discerning of the energy and the energy interplay’s.


Putting the key into the lock and unlocking the door is metaphor for unlocking these memories, unlocking the time capsules you have placed within.  Allowing the memories of who you truly are to begin to be understood from a more expanded awareness can have a polarising affect.  This can either be recognised and acknowledged through love and acceptance or denied due to fear or doubt.  If one is able to recognise this fear or doubt then one is able to replace the heavy garments of fear and doubt with the lighter garments of love, light and acceptance.  This will then enable them to unlock the time capsules they have placed within their DNA.   The time capsules we speak of were placed there by you to allow you to remember that you are the creators of your own reality.



We use the analogy of the game Tetris.  In the game random shapes and geometries present themselves in the playing field/matrix and the object is to manipulate the geometries/blocks into spaces so they can form solid horizontal lines without gaps.  When the line is formed it disappears.  Geometries/blocks above the line fall down to fill the space.  New levels of the game are entered when certain numbers of lines clear.  Progression of the game quickens the presentation of new geometries and the player is challenged by the speed in which they fall.


The playing field/matrix of the game is representative of the incarnational experience you are having upon the earth, within/upon the matrix of the earth.  The geometries/blocks are symbolic of the energy within the situations you create in alignment with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Magnetism.  Energy out is energy back.  One may be able to find peace in their situation and attract more peace.  One may find fear and confusion and attract more of the same energetic geometric match for fear and confusion.  When one is able to address the fear and confusion, and to integrate it, the metaphoric line clears/disappears.  New situations, circumstances and happenings present themselves in life, however as you progress into this expanded state of awareness you are able to move through any challenges with ease and grace.


Grace becomes the new geometric match for you and all areas of life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, flow with such ease, beauty and blessings.  Your perceptive awareness takes on a new level of expansion and you become aware that you are the creators of your reality.  You are able to move into the presence of the now moment rather than dwelling on the past or fearing the future.


Opening the door is metaphor for allowing the new games to drop in knowing that you have all the skills and tools necessary to play the game.  Opening the door allows you to see that what is behind the door is the light of who you truly are.  It shines so brightly there is nothing but light to see initially.  If you were to stand in a dark hallway and open one of the doors to one of the rooms that have the light on inside the light would stream out into the dark hallway.  The darkness of the hallway can never enter into the enlightened room.


Physical vision is not the only vision.  We have vision through all of the physical senses and the vision is not what we see outside of ourselves.  One may start to see things from a different perspective, from a witness perspective.



The eyes, the inner vision, the inner understanding, need to adjust to the new brightness and the brightness adjusts the eyes, inner vision and understanding.  It is both simultaneously.  Adjustment here is metaphor for beginning to walk upon the earth allowing this light to shine from within.  This light is love.  It is the highest frequency of love that is the self.  It is self-realisation, self-acceptance, and self-love in form.  It is the formless self (spirit) that touches upon the self in form (human body) and the love that can be felt is so powerful it is beyond measure.  The love that you have for yourself is so complete, it is like feeling completely fulfilled, and like feeling one is home.


Taking that step over the threshold is the complete surrender to self.  It is allowing the higher aspect, the formless (spirit) aspect of self to be the director of the form/body/mind complex that walks upon the earth in the current life expression/experience.



Stepping inside across the threshold, into the true divine light of self, one moves into the highest dimensional frequency of self appropriate for your ascension process.  This next stage of ascension is the full embodiment of the Avatar self, the Christ/Sophia consciousness.  There is no need to put a label on it.  There is no need to say “oh I am fifth dimension/sixth or seventh dimension”.  This is ego construct and can often place another heavy garment in the suitcase so to speak.  Letting go and allowing the self to ‘be’, regardless of what level of awareness one holds, is more important than making comparisons to others.  This does not mean that one will pop off the planet, although if that is the choice of the seeker then due to the Law of Free Will, and a pre-incarnate agreement, they may indeed do so through their Merkabah vehicle.


As many of you have agreed to be here through this cycle of ascension for Earth/Eartha/Gaia, you have chosen to assist her to move into her highest vibratory frequency experience.  The movement for Earth into the higher dimensional construct, Gaia, is due to raising vibrations and geometries of the collective choices of the seekers to walk through their inter-dimensional doorways.  The movement for the seekers to step through their inter-dimensional doorways is due to the raising vibrations and geometries Eartha/Gaia have provided for her children upon Earth.  It is reciprocal and simultaneous for one cannot happen without the other.


Are you a seeker?  And are you able to step over the threshold of your inter-dimensional doorway?  The veils are lifting for many and you have all the love and support available, all that is required is your intent and permission to receive it.  If you give permission for this as you walk upon your journey toward your inter-dimensional doorway we will hold your hand and envelope you in an embrace of Grace.  And so it is…


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