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In the energetic synergy of this 444 portal (04/04/2020) you all have the opportunity to step aboard the spiral of evolution and ride the waves of the finest light into the realms of illumined truth.  The spiral of evolution will carry you onward and upward to the opening that is offered all.  This opening is the portal, the gateway, into the new world, the new crystalline, higher dimensional Gaia.  This is the world of love, light and unity consciousness.


Let us share with you a vision of this so that you may use it as a meditative tool and take yourself through the portal.


Imagine if you will many beautiful souls gathering together in a meadow.  Deep down you are aware that this is a moment in time that is profound and yet you are not aware yet as to why you have all gathered together in this field.  There are thousands and thousands gathering and it seems as though the meadow expands with the amount of people gathering.


An heightened energy builds amongst you as a wave of love washes over you and as it does a spiralling vortex of light emerges from the heart of Mother Earth.  This spiralling vortex, so bright and luminescent, spins slowly upward through the clouds, through the solar system, through the sun, through the heart of the galaxy, through the universe, to the sun behind the suns where it gathers infinite love and infinite light and holographically folds over itself to return this love and light back to the heart of Mother Earth.


You hear a calling to step upon the glimmering liquid light vortex where it emerges from the ground.  As you bravely step forward to ride the particles and waves of this crystalline liquid light you hold out your hand to your brother’s and sister’s inviting them to join you.  The invitation alone is selfless, offering them the opportunity to join you without conditions, without expectations, and with a profound sense of love emanating from your heart.


You smile deeply as your closest brother/sister takes your hand and immediately offers his to another.  This creates an instantaneous reaction and you feel a pulsation flux out from you reaching to all in the field magnetising them to take the hand of their fellow brother/sister.


As soon as your hand is held you are slowly taken up spiralling upward through the vortex as though the vortex itself is an elevator of light.  Looking down you notice each of you holding another’s hand creating a line of souls, unified through the intent to raise up together.  Looking upward you are aware that there is a platform upon which you can step leading you into the new world, the new earth – Gaia is her name.


The platform opens out into another meadow, similar to the one you came from, only this meadow seems to sparkle like diamonds.  As you step onto the grass the very ground beneath you lights up with a myriad of colours reflected as rainbows through a mother of pearl luminescence.  This luminescence travels up your legs and wraps you in your new coat of many colours.


With all of you still holding the hands of your brothers/sisters you walk out into the field waiting patiently to form a circle across the globe.  Witness the circle across the globe and see the light that emanates upward and outward into the universe from each and every one of you.  This unified field of light creates an energetic crystalline grid, a diamond matrix, around the new world of which you sense and know that you are already plugged into.  The organic frequency of this grid, of this new diamond matrix cleanses your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and ethericl light bodies as it re-calibrates you to the higher dimensional Gaia.


Feel free to spend some time upon this new world with your fellow brethren and enjoy the gifts Gaia has to offer.  What is it you would like in your new world?  From that place of love deep within co-create it with your fellow brethren into manifestation and you may find that love, joy, bliss, peace and harmony are your new normal.


Stay as long as you like in this meditation upon your new world, venturing out to explore, creating and knowing that what you create serves all in the highest and best way.


And so it is…


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