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For aeons and aeons you have been exposed to the lower light frequencies.  All of humanity has been dwelling within a quagmire of distorted energies and light vibrations.  This distortion occurred to keep you in a place of separation from the self, from the Source of All that is.  This quagmire of energy ensured that you felt so separate from the One that you were nothing more than flesh and bone, walking upon an Earth that was also caught up in the dense energies of the quagmire.

Imagine if you will a swamp that is full of the deepest, darkest, murkiest waters in which many reeds and obstacles lurked beneath the surface.  You had to reach from one side of the swamp to the other and your journey was heavy.  You trudged through this thick mess to get to the other side never knowing what you were to kick up beneath the surface or never knowing what lay beneath that might ensnare you are entangle you in its branches.  This is what all of humanity has been doing for aeons and aeons.  You believed that what you were reaching on the other side is a better life, a better way of living together, a better understanding of what and who you are.

We ask now that you imagine the struggle it has been for you to get to this better understanding, to that which you term the light at the end of the tunnel.  How difficult has it been for you?  Each and every one of you took a different line or pathway across that swamp and each of you have encountered many snares upon the way, all at differing time and all at differing intensities.  One was not luckier than another if their pathway did not have as many snares and one was not more worthy of another to walk that pathway.  It was that before incarnating you chose the pathway you were to walk so that you could experience that which presented itself within the swamp so you could learn and grow which would enable you to realise that the better understanding , the better way of life that you worked so hard to reach was in fact the higher part of yourself, the light of your truth, your own divinity.  Unfortunately for most of you were not even aware that that was what you seek as you were never enlightened to this fact.

We ask you now to envision a pristine mountain stream that flows from the snow-capped mountains in the distance.   The forest around the stream is not thick and dense, it is open and full of the most wonderful fauna and flora.  This forest stretches out from the stream to the base of the mountains on both side of the stream.  The beauty in the forest is so becoming that it is like an enchanted forest.  In fact it is enchanted and you wonder at how it could possibly be all around you and as though it never ends.  The beauty that is beholden in this forest is beyond any you have ever seen.  The animals all walk peacefully with each other, there is no animal that is head of the food chain, that is king of the jungle.  You walk amongst the animals and they follow you.  It was as if you were the king of the forest for they all needed to be with you.

You could cross from one side of the stream to the other seeing perfectly well your way as the waters were so pure and so pristine that every time you placed your foot within the waters you could see what it was you were placing your foot upon.  And it was if the rocks you placed your foot upon would move and flatten out just to provide the necessary support for you so your journey across the stream was so enjoyable and effortless that you traversed it many times every day.

We ask you to see now that the forest represents you walking upon this earth in these new energies, these new crystalline energies that the earth herself has moved into.  The stream represents the divine flow of your own divine light and the snow-capped mountains represent the pristine, crystalline energy of you, you divinity.  Your stream will always flow with your divinity and whenever you choose to cross it if you remain connected to the flow of your divinity your pathway will be of such ease that it is as if you do not even walk through the waters, rather walk upon the waters.  You are of such light that you float and glide through the daily events that are presented to you.  You float and glide in the knowing that you are pristine, that you are divine and that there are no sludgy dark, dense energies that you ever need to wade through.

We ask that you now see that this forest that represents you backs onto other forests and they back onto many for forests and the roots of every tree within these forests ground down into mother earth creating a matrix of roots all working together, all creating new growth for new trees and plants all over the world.  Earth is sending her own divine light up through this matrix of roots to be grounded upon the new earth in the new crystalline energies.  What we can see from on high is beyond your imagining and all of humanity is moving into this pristine world.  Oh it will not happen overnight, however, we ask that if you can all envision this new concept and see the light from mother earth, Gaia, merging with your light of your forest and your neighbours forest, shining so brightly that it expands out into the atmosphere, it expands out beyond the earth’s atmosphere to the heliosphere of the sun, merging with the heliosphere and the sun creating this ball of light so bright that it lights up the galaxy and the universe and universes upon universes.

This is where you are headed dear ones and you have you to thank for that.  The choice to awaken, the choice to question “who am I” and “surely there is more to me” is what has brought you to this place.  There are many that have awakened exponentially and there are many that are just beginning to awaken and there are many, many more in between.  It is not a race as to who awakens first.  It is a jigsaw puzzle that has its pieces and parts that fit together when the awareness of where a piece needs to go comes into light.

For some of you it may be that you are tapped upon the shoulder so to speak to assist others on their path of awakening.  For some of you you are the beginners just awakening so you could provide a divine service to be those that are assisting others in awakening.  Each and every one of you has a part to play and there is no grander path.  How can there be a teacher if there are no pupils?  How can one teach if there is no one to teach?  It is just that those that have chosen to be the guiding light for others or to be the teacher have chosen this pathway as part of their own divine expansion and in doing so they allow others to expand into their own divine light.

You all work together just as the roots of the trees worked together beneath the surface of the earth, working with the earth herself.  There is not one root in ground that is more important than another for all create the network of light that is needed to give sustenance to the trees of the forest.  It is a grand, divine plan and you are all partaking in it perfectly.

You may ask what of those that choose to remain in the swamp or that choose to remain in the thick, denser, darker energies.  We say to you that although it is hard for you to believe they too have their place in the jigsaw puzzle.  They provide the opportunity for all of you to see what it is you no longer choose to be, to trudge through, to get ensnared in.  Without that opportunity to see you may not take the pathway of walking up the stream of pristine waters to the mountain top.  However, we say to you that although there are some of you that are still ensnared in the swamp waters it is through their own choice that they do so.  Some may be quick to blame others for the entrapment, however, we say to you that you all have the opportunity to walk beyond the swamp into the pristine waters of your own divinity.

We say to you again and again that not one of you will be judged for the choice you make.  Not one of you will be judged on staying in the swamp or walking beyond the swamp.  Not one of you will be judged if you choose to stay close the edge of the swamp for a while to get your bearings and not one of you will be judged for climbing the mountain tops to the peak.  All of you have the free choice to choose where it is along this path that you choose to be.  All of you can choose to put down your bed anywhere that feels appropriate for you in that moment.  This is all about you connecting with you and knowing what is right for you in that moment.  Knowing where it is you need to be for where you place your bed for the night along your path may be in amongst others that are seeking the same experience you are and together you can work and plant seeds in that little grove of trees you have chosen to camp in.

There is no right or wrong, there is only truth, your truth for truth is love and there is only love, your love for you and your fellow campers and for mother earth and for all.

We ask you not to do this or do that to get to this place or that place along your path, we ask only where it is you choose to be along that pathway and we offer to you our hands to hold if you choose to feel comforted along the way.  We can provide you with guidance, however, we await your choice to involve us on your journey.  We wait with much anticipation, however, we do not pressure you into asking for our guidance.  We ask instead that you be aware that the greatest guidance you will ever get comes from the snow-capped mountain before your, from your own divinity.  We are here to help you connect more with your own divinity and are in service to all of you.  The love we have for you all, for the work you have done to get yourselves to this place, the work we can potentially see that you will do is so immense.  If we are invited to pour the amount of love we have for you over you it would feel like liquid caramel pouring through your veins.  It would feel glorious, it would smell divinely aromatic and it would taste of sweetness never before tasted.

We lovingly offer you our hands and our hearts and we embrace you now within our arms.  And so it is that in love , light and Grace we embrace.

And so it is…

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