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We sit within an energy of light pulsations. We ask that you pause with us for a moment and take a big deep centring breath.  Let us take you out of the light for a moment and step into a dark room.  You walk into a dark room and shut the door behind you.  You see a glow emanating from within the room and you do not know where the light source is coming from.  It seems to be all around you.  It is soft and subtle and yet you are able to see within the darkness of the room that is void of light.  The light is you.

lighthouse-2307273_640We have said this before and we say it again, you all stand as lighthouses, you are all beacons of light.  You shine brightly dearest lights and we ask that you begin to recognise this more deeply.  Understand that your light is extremely powerful.

Your children know it and can attest for the moods you can create in those around you. When you are angry others around you pick up on this frequency and depending upon the vibration of the output of this frequency they too may become angry.  It is the same for all e-motions.  E-motions of joy and happiness will resound outwardly and will bring others to the same vibrational frequency.  Recognise the power of your e-motions/energetic moods.


All of you are here to share the e-motions/e-mood of joy, peace, happiness, contentment, laughter, and love. You are all light e-motion/e-mood portable generators.  A generator is a power source that supplies power not connected to the electrical grid system of a town/city.  A generator powers up many electrical appliances and depending upon the volt-ampere measurement of the generator the more electrical appliances etc. one can power up.


You are a power source generator.  You stand as the generator of e-motions.  You can power up all types of e-motions and there are many that power up the lower vibrational spectrum of heavy, draining e-moods and some that power up the higher light, uplifting, empowering vibrational spectrum of e-moods.

All portable generators need fuel to power them up. When the fuel is depleted the energy output of the generator begins to weaken until eventually it will stop operating.  Many of you walk upon the earth feeling very depleted.  There are many contributing factors to this and one is that of those around you parasitically draining you of your energy.  Another factor is that you may be eating foods that are not nourishing to your system and this actually puts a strain on your cellular structure.  Going ‘one hundred miles an hour’ without taking time out to slow down and connect to your heart centre, your inner spiritual core, puts the body under enormous amounts of stress.  Placing the body under consistent stress will inflame the cellular structure.  Inflammation will cause imbalance.  Imbalance, if not re-calibrated, will cause dis-ease.  So it is extremely important to feed the body, emotions, mind and heart with the necessary fuel to create balance and ease within.  This balance within will extend to the outwardly experiences microcosm to the macrocosm.  Your life will become harmoniously balanced and easeful.  What you fuel your generator with is wattage that can then be shared with all.

You all stand as the generators. What are you going to fuel your engine with?  What are you going to power up?  What are you going to share with others?


When love, light, joy, peace, balance and ease are shared globally the Earth grids are affected, again the micro to the macro. Earth/Gaia herself will be fuelled with, and powered up by the love, light, joy, peace, balance and ease that you generate.  This is one of the reasons why you have chosen this incarnation, to assist in this uplifting ascension process.

Stay centred, grounded and balanced even though the external may appear to be chaotic. Be consciously aware of your e-motions/e-moods and process what you are feeling.  It is not advisable to push your e-motions down, it is advisable to recognise them, accept them and integrate them regardless of what they are.  All e-motions are necessary, it is how you respond to what you are feeling that is important.  Do you spray your feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, blame, or shame on others or do you shower others with lightness, happiness, joy, wonder and love?  As you stand as the generator of love, light, joy, peace, balance and ease the resonating frequency of these e-motions ripple outward and it spreads and envelopes not only those around you but the entire planetary system.  You are so much more than you can imagine yourselves to be.  Recognise the truth in this.  Feel the truth in this and go about your days generating, balancing, and sharing the light and love e-motions/e-moods giving power to all.  And so it is…

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