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Bring your awareness to the power of awakening.  There is only one true power and that is love, true unconditional love.  When one awakens to that love it empowers the entity to remember.  When the one begins to remember who they truly are the power of love overpowers the need to have power over others.  This over-powering love awakens the choice to empower others, to lift them, serve them and love them unconditionally.


This can be seen as a polar shift within.  This can sometimes be what is called bifurcation.  In this sense you come to a choice point in life, a fork in the road and you have the choice to follow the path of service to self/power over others or service to others/empowering others.   In the polarity context it is to either become negatively polarised or positively polarised.  The choice is always yours.  There is no right or wrong choice as it is the Soul’s birth right to experience all and everything in this universal construct.


However, if one chooses to experience this negatively polarised path they will attract the same energetic frequency to them.  This negative energetic is a denser/form based construct and the positively polarised energetic construct is a lighter/crystalline light based construct.  Negatively polarised is like working within constricted/restricted/condensed consciousness units.  Being positively polarised is like working within expanded/receptive/extended consciousness units.



As you become awakened your light will begin to shine brightly and you will become more noticed.  And it is not always by those that are positively polarised.  There are those that will intentionally do whatever it takes to dim your light, to bring you down to their level of light.  It is much like the tall poppy syndrome.


Behind the scenes the puppet masters vie for control over the masses and so the strings they have to control the puppet are entwined tightly.  Many that walk amongst you are unaware they have become puppets.  Those that have chosen to awaken will be able to see and recognise the twine that binds them.  It takes great courage to release the twines that bind you to the puppet masters.  The puppet masters are the ones to pull the strings.  They encourage the puppets to follow their lead, this can be blindly like following the tonal harmonics played by the flute of the Pied Piper, leading them into a darkness that ensures the light of their true divine self remains unseen to them.



The puppet masters can present in many ways.  They can be people in hierarchical positions, corporations, institutions, professionals, industries etc.  A puppet master can be anyone you invest yourself into such as actors, motivational speakers, sporting stars, family members, and friends.  They can present as drugs, alcohol, substances, types of food, accumulation of materialistic things, slot/poker machines, mobile devices etc.  And they can present as fears, doubts, worries, concerns.  Anything you give power to with your energy, with your value, that breaks you, that takes away your self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-worth, self-integrity, self-respect and self-love can be deemed a puppet master.


Collectively many people may be controlled by these puppet masters.  Working upon the self helps you to recognise the fears, doubts, worries and concerns that the puppet masters instil within the collective consciousness.  Quite often these fears, doubts, worries and concerns are felt as your own and yet they may be a collective sense.  Discerning what the energies are that you are feeling is paramount to your expansion and growth.  Is the fear something that has arisen from within or is it something that has been instilled in you?  Is it your fear or something that is a collective consciousness fear?  Can you recognise the difference?


Recognition gives the puppets the tools to undo the strings that bind them.  The tools in this case are the awareness of, and awakening to, the truth of the energetics at play.  The tools are implemented when they choose which energetic constructs to allow in their life.  Does the puppet choose to remain bound and limited and in the dark, or does it choose to release the binds of limitation and stand free in the light of their divinity?


As the puppet releases the binds they can stretch their physical bodies and move their limbs freely.  The consciousness also begins to stretch and move more freely, unbound by the consciousness control mechanisms.  Eventually the puppet, much like Pinocchio, begins to evolve their soul.  Pinocchio was given the dispensation to become a little boy as he evolved physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



There was much for Pinocchio to learn, to adapt to and to become aware of.  He had to expand consciously to align with truth and personal and spiritual integrity.  It was not until he chose the positively polarised path, the service to others path before he was allowed to embody the physical form of the boy.  Pinocchio awakened.


Be discerning of who is pulling your strings.


Be mindful of where you allow your energies to be guided.


Give your true divine self permission to be your guiding light and to free you from the strings of control.


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