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For many aeons of your time you have all been subjected to the lower energies that have kept you separated from your own divinity, from Source.  It is time for all to grasp that when we say your divinity, we say this with grandness, for you are all grand.  You are all Source, for you were all created in the image of the supreme Creator of all that is.  It is difficult for some to understand what this concept means so we would like to say to you that in basic terms it was on the out breath of the Creator that breathed you into life, so to speak.  Through this flow of divine breath, divine light and love, each and every one of you was expressed.  And so when we say you are all one you are indeed all from the one source, the one energy, the one light, the one love.

Understand please that when we say to you that you are so much more than you think you are, we indeed mean it to be so.  If you could please take a moment to close your eyes and feel the expanse that you are, imagine that you are expanded out beyond the walls of your room, beyond the walls of your house, your home. Beyond the country you live in and beyond the planet herself, you will begin to realise that there is no space that you are not.  When one is able to grasp this concept one will begin to realise that one is multidimensional, having multidimensional experiences at the same time you are having this current life experience upon Gaia.

The concept of you having multidimensional lives, all happening at the same time, is difficult for one to process.  How can it be that you can be in two places at once? And we tell you that you are in many, many more places at once, not just two.  Many are beginning to feel the veil lift, allowing the merging of the multidimensional self and the lives one is currently experiencing elsewhere.  Many are experiencing that which presents itself as other life experiences upon Earth whilst in this current incarnation.  And we say to you that this is so.  You may be having many different life experiences all at the same time, here on planet Earth.  We tell you this in truth so that you may begin to understand the vastness of your beings.  We tell you this so that when something a little out of the ordinary presents itself it is not unknown to you.  Many may feel exhilarated with this understanding, many may fear this.  We ask that you please allow us to assist you with this fear for it is the fear of the acceptance of the vastness of your true self that you feel.

For many lifetimes, many incarnations, you have all been told how unworthy, how dirty, how small, how little you are and how you amount to nothing etc., etc.  It is time to allow these beliefs to be dissolved and allow your true self to shine through.  Do not be afraid of the power and might of your light.  Do not be afraid of the magnificence you are.  Stand in your light and own it for the time is now to do so.  In these very prominent energy surges you are asked to decide if you are willing to allow the vastness of your being to shine a guiding light for you to follow and for you to make a choice as to whether or not you follow it.

We implore you to be honest with yourself and step out of the limitations and confines of the belief structures that have prevented you from seeing your own light, from feeling your own light.  We ask of you to shed the heavy cloak of density and separation and begin to awaken to the truth of your being.  All that is required is the intent for it to be so, the intent to ask to be shown more of who you are and you will find in these coming days that many things will present themselves to you that will leave you without any doubt whatsoever that there is so much more to you.

The light of your truth shines so brightly we cannot help but notice it from where we are.  The planet is glowing like never before and it is due to the merging light of the collective, the merging light of all upon Earth.  Even those that you may feel have no light in them whatsoever are indeed being given the opportunity to look within and see their true light and accept their true light.  Those that choose to, and give intent to, allow the divine light of their being and the divine light of the One and the divine love of the One to enter into their heart space is given the opportunity to do so.  The Creator accepts all, loves all and would never not include one from the whole.  We are all one and so it is we stand with our arms outstretched to you all inviting you to feel the love and warmth of our eternal embrace.  Feel this and know that you have been seen, the light of your truth does not deceive, only the illusion that you are separate deceives you.  Take off that cloak of deception and stand in the light of your truth, the light that we see, the light that we know you are.

Never before have you been given this opportunity to shine at such a high level of light.  The human vessel is being upgraded and there are those that can assist the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies through this process.  Seek these healers / facilitators out and find one that resonates with the level of awareness you are at.  Ask of your higher self to help you to find the assistance you need as you go through this ascension process, as you upgrade into the higher light frequencies.  All of you are experiencing change of some sort.  It varies between each individual as you are all at varying levels of understanding and of light.  It is not a race, it is an experience.  Enjoy it for what it is and learn to go with the flow.

Again we say a big thank you to you all for elevating this level of light upon the planet.  By doing this you have raised not only your own level of light, but also the planetary level which then has an effect upon the cosmos.  We are all one and we ask you to really ponder these words.  Thank you for the light that you are.

In love, light and grace it is you we embrace.

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