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Take a moment to breathe in the love we have for you.  Take a big deep breath, hold it in your heart centre and release it .  Take a moment of pause at the height of this breath.  .  It is in that pause moment that clarity becomes more evident.  This is appropriate to apply to all situations for when one can learn to not react to a situation one is well on their way to mastery.  In that pause moment you are able to see clearly what the situation presents to you.  You are able to feel the peace within, the love within.  How can love react in any other way than a loving compassionate way?  This simple tool will help you when placed in certain situations even down to the smallest of incidents.  It may be that when the child spills a cup of milk, take that breath and pause, in that moment the peace will wash over you and you will find that you will not react to the situation as you might have done previously.

When one becomes proficient in this engagement of the breath, the pause, the knowing of peace one is able to conquer great heights.   And we refer to heights as that of your ascension status.  All of the masters that ever walked upon the Earth had to conquer great heights also.  They had their own little obstacles and situations and they had to navigate their way through these in the most fluent and graceful way.  This is now your opportunity to walk the path of the master and when we refer to the master we do not refer to this master or that master and expect you to do as they did.  We refer to the master within and impress upon you that it is this master you should follow and be guided by.  There are many masters, there are many written accounts of these masters, there are many doctrines, there are many books that give great accounts of their lives, of how to be as they were, do as they did.  We remind you that when they wasked upon the Earth the energy was different.  You are now walking in an energy that far surpasses what was upon the planet then and so we say to you that you become the master of your own accounts, your own doctrines, your own books.

We offer to you an opportunity to see in a different light how easy it is to reach within and greet the master that is already there.  You have all been bathed in the Tsunami of love, you have all been planted with the seeds of love.  You have all had your pineal glands activated.  It is now up to you to open yourhearts to receive the flow of this love and when you can receive the love that bathes the planet and allow it to flow freely through you then the love that you are will be illuminated in the highest way.  You will literally feel as though you are glowing from the inside, and that dear ones is how we see each and everyone of you.  You are glowing, divine beings of light and this is how we would like you to see yourselves.  We have given every opportunity to ask for assistance with this and we offer assistance again now.  We can help you to see things more clearly, from a different perspective and from the pause moment of clarity at the height of the breath.

We ask you now to open your pineal glands and allow the light of your truth to illuminate this opening.  To open this, to open your crown chakra, is the bridge to the self, to the higher realms and we say to you that this bridge is already there.  It is in the moment of clarity, it is in the illumination of the peace and love at the height of the breath that will enable you to see clearly and feel the bridge to the self, the higher self, the higher realms.  We offer you our hands to walk with you across this bridge.  Do not be in fear.  If you feel fear arise within you when we speak of this we ask you to pause momentarily at the height of the breath and ask yourself what it is you fear about this.

We remind you that the energy upon the planet is of such a high light and vibration that the old doctrines, the old teachings, the old beliefs and programs no longer can withstand the influx of these new energies so we ask you to let go of these fears knowing that it is safe, in these energies of love, to do so.  See them fall away from as you pause in your breath.  See them being transformed into the light and the love that is now so readily available to you all.  This applies to all fears you may have.  This is a simple tool, a simple technique and we offer this to you with love.

There is a brightness, a lightness to the energies not only of the planet but of all humanity, of all of the kingdoms upon the planet and off planet.  We speak of the Angelic kingdoms, we speak of the elemental kingdoms, we speak of the animal kingdoms and plant kingdoms.  This brightness and lightness is illuminating all to see that we are all connected in this vast universal matrix of The One.  The filaments of light are far reaching and there is not one being, one animal, one Angel or one planetry being, galaxy or universe that is not connected by these filaments of light.  This can be felt in the height of the breath, in that pause moment.  It is peace, it is love and it is Oneness.

We ask that you become diligent in the practice of this breath if you so choose.  We understand that some of you may have another method or way of connecting and that is fine.  Remember you are the Master, there is no other Master that has the perfect answers or scenarios for you.  Only you can be you.  You are your greatest teacher, your greates guide, your greatest guru, your greatest Master.  Listen to you, listen to the voice of the Master within as you pause at the height of the breath.  And so it is…..


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