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Standing within our truth is important for us now.  Our truth is different to our neighbour’s truth and different to Complete Truth.  The complete truth is all encompassing and is the truth of All That Is.  It is through our truth that the Creator Of All That Is experiences complete truth.  Finding a place of neutrality within our truth can be difficult as it requires we get to a certain frequency of energy within, an energy of understanding, and maintain that sacred space at all times.


When we can trigger an awakening of the neutrality codes within we will often see our inner Zen garden  begin to flourish (  This is a place where emotions can rest, where thoughts can be idle and where the heart can soften, relax and open to infinite possibilities.


The propagated Zen garden finds no need to continue worries, doubts and fears rolling out in our lives.  Coming from this place can eliminate competitiveness, striving and fighting.  It can be a place of complete peace and knowing that all is as should be.  When we are ready to step into that neutrality zone, into the inner Zen garden, we will feel lighter, less dense, and freed from heavy burdens.  Are we ready to fully trigger and activate the neutrality codes to step into our inner Zen garden, into that sacred space of the neutrality zone?


As we awaken the deep codes within us we will find that these codes awaken certain areas, certain zones, if you will, within our form.  It is not limited to the body physical; it is the entire mind/body/spirit complex in which awakening occurs.  It is through awakening these codes within we experience seeding, germinating, and blossoming all at once and rapidly.

The seed that was planted eons ago has germinated and the growth rate of the plants within the inner Zen garden is rapid, the blossoming of the flower is occurring now and it is this blossoming flower that turns its gaze to the sun to receive the Solar Christ/Kryst (Unity) codes that we are feeling as we go through this transfiguration process.  Many are experiencing a quickening and it is necessary for us to be aware that this is all part of this process.


As we move through this process we will find yourself in different territory.  The new territory is not something we have experienced before as we have never ventured this far, in this current life experience, on our awakening journey.  All is in alignment with divine timing and trust is a prerequisite for our quick travels.


Trust in the synchronicities.  Trust in the divine timing of all things.  All is well.  The level of understanding of this process determines our level of neutrality.


The following metaphor may help to appreciate this.

See a carousel before you and notice that the carousel turns and turns and turns following a particular rotational repetition.  On the carousel there is a horse that bobs     up and down and follows a pattern in alignment with where the rotation is.  As the carousel turns a quarter turn the horse begins to rise reaching its peak on the half turn only to descend down through the three quarter rotation to reach full descent at the full rotation mark.  This pattern and rotation plays out over and over again, it is repetitive and predictable.


There are many variables that play out if we choose to, or choose not to, ride the horse upon the carousel.    We can choose not to get on the carousel at all but merely watch it from a distance.  We can choose to get on the carousel but stand holding onto a pole for support riding along in a comfortable position, feeling the rotational spin and being at peace with this.


Another option could be to mount the horse on the carousel to feel the rotational spin cycle and experience the rise and fall of the horse beneath you being content with the experience and accepting it for what it is.  The choice is there to look beyond the contentment and endeavour to understand what the rise and fall wave represents.  This exploration may take us into the physics of things and we may be content learning and understanding the science behind this.


We may choose to mount the horse, move through the waves, the peaks, troughs, the ups downs and explore what each represents physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  A choice could be to see that the rise and fall of the horse represents aspects of self and the polarity within (up/down, light/dark, balanced/unbalanced) that offers a mirror to reflect that which is out of balance back into balance.

We may choose to see that the carousel itself offers a playing field in which we can experience these ups and downs by mounting the horse with the intent to seek truth.  It may be that we can see the actual fair the carousel is at as a particular location in which we can explore the demographics of our life, of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual complex.


The carousel may be witnessed as a spiralling vortex, rather than a ride that goes round and round following a rotational repetitious pattern.  Seen from this perspective we can choose to mount the horse and let the spiralling frequencies carry us to the most appropriate level, enabling us to ride the up’s and down’s with ease and grace.  This can be seen as the ascending timelines we find ourselves in.


We can choose what it is we would like to get from the ride on the carousel or we can simply choose to be in the moment not expecting anything, manifesting anything, or controlling anything.  So many variables are present and there are so many variations to the way it can be seen.  How we see it is our truth.  What we choose is our choice.


The carousel metaphor represents the variations/options available to our spiritual evolution along our awakening ascension path.  We may choose to partake in our ascension process consciously or we may choose to stand comfortably as we go with the flow holding the pole for support not really being aware that the carousel offers an opportunity of conscious expansion and growth.

If we choose to follow a spiritual path we will need to do the work to keep us on the path, on the carousel horse.  There are many opportunities that offer the seeker opportunities to take deviations from the path.  The energetics for this is due to polarity/dualism.  Unless the inner Zen garden is watered, nurtured and lovingly tended to the garden itself may be polarised.  We may initially choose to consciously take a spiritual path only to allow ourselves to be enticed from the path in search of excitement, something new and desirous.


We may choose to remain on the path and continue walking upon familiar territory and only following that familiar territory or comfortable track (standing on the carousel holding the pole).  If we choose to step upon the path and open our hearts to the path that is for the highest and best for all concerned then the path will unfold before us.  It is on this path that we can let go of expectations, expectations of the outcome, and expectations of what may be presented to us along the way.  This is the seeker that is trusting, that is open to receive regardless of what is presented.  Which are you?

When we come from that inner Zen garden, that place of neutrality, we find that we do not need to navigate the ups and downs; rather the ups and downs flow with, and within, us.   We can find completeness within ourselves.  We can find peace and neutrality allowing all of the emotional and mental processes that prevent the flow of the essence of truth to balance and harmonise.  Trusting in what we get is our new ride that takes us through the ups and downs with ease and grace.  Enjoy the ride.

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