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I am standing before many beings of light. I see them as form and yet they are light.  Am I dreaming?  As soon as that thought enters my mind I hear the reply “No dear one you are not dreaming”.  How can it be that I see before me many Angels and what I would term Guides and Teachers?  They are Ascended Masters and yet they all feel so familiar.  As I stand before this unified field of love and light I am unconditionally loved.  The love I feel is so grand and yet I feel so accepted and warm, I feel as though I am home.  

Before I am able to ask the next question it is answered for me. Telepathically they speak to me as a unified source of love and when they speak I feel this incredible surge of energy through my entire being.  I weep inside with the overwhelming feeling of oneness and unlimited love.  I have no words that explain that which I feel other than I feel full, I feel home.   

“Dear one, we welcome you home. Yes you feel like this is home to you for indeed it is.  We greet you and although you feel you are being greeted by many you are indeed greeted by One”.  

What does that mean I ponder? Again before I can even prepare this thought process in my mind I am being given the answer. 

We are One dear one for we are you. 

“What does that mean?” 

We welcome you on this side of the veil and the we that presents themselves to you are the we that represent the many you’s, the many we’s, the many us. We are One dear one for we are you and you are we.  We are the many representations of life expressions you have had whilst incarnating not only upon your beautiful planet but also elsewhere.  We present to you in a manner in which you can grasp and now that we have given you this information we shall present to you as the truth of who we are, which is who you are. 

Before me an energetic swirling motion of colours, harmonics, crystalline light, sacred symbols, patterns and threads of light merge and yet stay unmerged. They are singular yet unified.  The light and the love that emanates is so blindingly fulfilling that I find it difficult to see through my eyes.  Consciously I choose to see from a higher perspective and my vision adjusts accordingly.  I look down upon my body and it glows, it gleams and shines as though I no longer have a form, a human form.  I am re-merging and re-blending with these beautiful beings of light that I know are me/we/us.   

I feel the energy shift and before me it is as though a being steps forward and yet there is no separation. This is so very hard to comprehend and explain.  This being angelically trills out the words “I am your/our future self and I/we wish for you to be familiar with the energetic overlay of our frequencies.”   

“How can you be my/our future self? I haven’t died and gone to heaven have I?”  

“No you have not died upon your Earth as one would term it. You have merely transitioned into your future self without actually having to leave the current incarnated vessel.  This is now available to many that walk upon the Earthly plane and although you would have yourselves believe that you must die a physical death you do not.  There have been many over the Earthly years that have transitioned from one life expression to another.  It is a merging of the self in all aspects of what you would call past, present and future.”   

“Wow how can this be? How can one move into their, what we would call next life expression, without leaving this one?” 

“By expanding consciously into the awareness that you are a unified field of light and that all expressions happen in the now. When one is able to fully cognise and understands then one is able to allow the merge to happen.  We would like for you to take a moment and remember why it is you came to experience your current Earthly experience.  Yes dear one you already feel that this is possible because it is.  You know it is and that is why you have consciously been given this experience.  We will endeavour to offer you deeper insight into self as we merge more and more.  It is a process and one in which many are currently undertaking.  The reason you are seeing things that have piqued your interest and the feelings you are having are because we/us/you are nurturing you through this process.  Life expression that you felt were what you would term cut and dry, like a cardboard cut-out, are beginning to have blurred edges.  There are blends and merges taking place and you are no long a cardboard cut-out so to speak.  You are becoming more like the holographic diorama.  We shall meet again with you soon in the place you call beyond the veil.” 

And with that I was back, on this side of the veil. I had no words other than that of gratitude not only to those beautiful beings of light but to self.  Isn’t that the message they clearly wanted me to process.  I am a unified being of light and it is now time for my perceptions to expand again. 


Welcome dear one. You were given this as the prelude to today’s channelled message so that we could speak with all about that which is occurring for many upon the planet.  There is a merge taking place and this merge is the merge of the many you’s that you have expressed upon the Earth.  Now some are taking this further with the merge of all selves and this is an expanded awareness that enables this to take place.  Most are beginning to feel there is so much more to them.  And indeed there is.  The many life expressions you have had, the knowledge and wisdom you have garnered from these expressions, are available to you if you so choose.

Held within what you term the Akash, or the Akashic Records, are all the life expressions, the talents, the gifts, the abilities that you hold within. It is held within your consciousness, within your DNA and in order to access it one must begin the process of clearing space within to allow this information to be retrieved.  One can reach into the Akash and draw upon the wisdom held there.  One can choose to be the singer, the artist, the elite sportsperson simply by reaching within.

Now many of you may feel a little anxious about this. Not only because you are a little indecisive as to whether or not it is truth but also because you may fear shining the light on the gifts and abilities you have.  There is a growing number among you that are all of a sudden expressing the self in ways not previously tapped into.  There are many young adolescents who are connecting with the gifts and abilities they held in another incarnated expression.  When one chooses to access this information in the highest and best way for all one need only ask the higher aspect of self and you will find that doorways open before you.

We give to you an example, a metaphor if you will. It may be that you have currently enrolled in university to study law because this is what you must do as your father did it.  After a year of study you begin to get a little restless with university but you decide to hang in there.  You question yourself as to why you are feeling restless.  How can you feel happy you ask of yourself, your higher self because you just feel there is so much more to you?  One day as you and your friends are enjoying a coffee at a very small café you notice a sign that speaks of the tradition of the family bakery business.  The delicacies you are offered from within this café are sought after and many come just for the sweet pastries.  You walk inside to see the owner explaining to someone about the family business and he takes that person behind the doors that lead to the bakery out back.  Your heart thumps and adrenaline, excitement and other feelings rise within.  You decide to poke your head out the back.  The owner notices you and waves you into the bakery with them.  Something about the smells, the ticking and whirring of the ovens, the racks and racks of breads and pastries makes you feel as though you are home.  What is this feeling you wonder?

After that experience at the café/bakery you realise that within you a part of you wants to be the baker. Law is not for you anymore and so you endeavour to seek out the owner of the bakery to ask if there is any opportunity you could become an assistant and maybe even begin an apprenticeship.  When you finally get to the café you notice a sign on the door that says “Apprentice wanted”.  Your heart flips with excitement and you know that from this day forward you life is going to change.  And it does.

We offer that metaphor to you dear ones so we can break it down to give you a better understanding of what is happening from our side of the veil.

When you incarnate into any life expression upon the Earth plane you have the divine gift of free choice and so you make choices in your life to follow a path whether you like that path or not. If you like it you think that life is giving you lemonade.  If you do not like the path you chose you think that life is giving you lemons.  Many can blame life, blame circumstances, and blame whatever for the not so harmonious happenings in one’s life.  Every choice you make creates the path you walk.

The character in our metaphor chose to follow the same path his father and his father’s father took. Although it was their path it was also his path as he chose to go to university to do the exact same course his ancestors had.  He was not happy and so he asked himself how he can be happy.  He may not have consciously known how deep that question went however he was connecting with his higher self and asking the higher, or shall we say more expanded self, the over soul self.  And so as soon as he asked that question his over soul self got to work to provide the opportunities for him to remember that the exquisite chef he has been in another incarnation is still within him and still holds the passion for creating beautiful delicacies.

You see it is the desire for each and every one of you as a divine being of light to create in the physical world. When this is done in alignment with love and in the highest and best way for all your creative abilities knock on your door and want to be expressed.  And so it is the smells, sounds and sights he saw out the back in the bakery that were the triggers of remembrance.   He knew these sights, sounds, smells and feelings because they were held within the DNA, within the Akash.  His choice to leave the university to seek out an apprenticeship gave his higher soul self permission to provide the synchronistic events needed to put him in his sweet spot, to follow his passion.

He could have very easily ignored the signs and symbols, the doorways of opportunity that were opened for him however he listened to his intuitive self and went to see the bakery owner at the precise time an apprentice was needed. If he had waited a week or two that position could have been filled by another.  We say bravo to this man for having the courage to leave the most prestigious university, to walk away from the ancestral ties that have bound the males in the family to follow the same path their father’s had.  If we were to look in on that man in a year or two we would see the happiest most content man as he baked his own unique creative pastries.  Had he stayed where he was doing the law degree he may have been happy enough on the outside but we would have seen his sad heart within.

We offer this to you so you can see clearly how you are able to connect with the higher soul self and ask for assistance in not only finding your passion but to provide for you the opportunities that will put you in your sweet and happy, most passionate spot. It is important that when you do ask you be aware of the synchronicities, the doorways of opportunities, the people you meet etc.  You will not and cannot make a mistake by not seeing an opportunity before you; it may just take a little more time for you to get to your sweet spot.

Many of you are starting to feel the unsettling feelings within. You are connecting more with you, the expanded you and the unsettling feelings are helping you to realise that you are not happy on the path you have chosen.  Many of you are very happy and we say to you to assist those that are not happy.  Help them to see clearly how you became happy within.  Share with them and create an opportunity for them to move into the same balance within that you have.

It is the balance within that you seek. It is the balance of divine masculine and divine feminine within that is aligning on a much expanded level.  The man that chose to be the baker, so he could create the delicacies he felt so passionate about, could have decided it was not a ‘manly’ career path to follow.  He was however balanced in masculine/feminine to realise that it mattered not to him what others thought of his choice of career path.  It mattered only that he was happy within.  This is the balance that you seek and we say to you that it is available to all of you.  All you need do is ask you higher soul self for assistance and you/your higher soul self and your team, your guides, teachers etc. will be there with you shining the light upon the doorways so you do not miss seeing them.  Accept this gift from the self, accept the love you have for you and allow your expression here upon the Earth in the current incarnation merge with the essence of who you are.

We have so much love for you and you will feel this as you make your choice regardless of what that choice may be. You will feel upon your in breath that you cannot fill up your lungs any more.  It is like that, your entire body will fill with love and you will not think you can hold any more.  Allow this gift of self by giving permission for it to be so.  And so it will be.  And we say to you that it is indeed so.  In love, light and grace we hold you in our embrace.


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