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Most of what is portrayed in the media is of a lower vibrational frequency.  It is important for us all to be aware that these lower energies have an immediate impact upon our energy fields.  So, too, does the excessive use of technological devices including our computers.  All of these create within the energy fields an inharmonious patterning.  These patterning’s must be brought into balance and once again re-aligned with the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies in the highest and best way.  It is important to release all excessive amounts of radiation caused by these man-made technologies.

Our use of words is also important.  There are certain words which are of a lower frequency and it is that we are well aware of what these are.  We are already feeling they are having a pulling down effect upon our energy levels.  Even said in jest they pose a problem in that they are depleting of the energy fields.  Be mindful of what you say and how you say it.

Many are moving into a new enlightened state of awareness.  Some more so than others.  All are moving to some degree, however, some are streets ahead in their level of awareness.  It is important to remember that regardless of where you might be sitting in the whole scheme of the ascension process it is relevant for you and most appropriate.

We must realise that that there are certain triggers in our life that set off, so to speak, a chain of events.  It is sequential and it is as if the pieces of the puzzle have to be placed in a certain order or the equilibrium of the foundation could be unsettled.  If the table beneath the pieces is out of balance then the pieces do not sit plumb with each other.  And so it is that the pieces of the puzzle are being correctly placed, balanced, and perfectly aligned.  Understand that it matters not how fast the pieces are placed, rather that they be placed in perfect alignment.  You must be aware also that these puzzle pieces, by themselves, represent a much smaller part than when they are conjoined with the pieces around them.  It is a telling sign that when one is happy, not only with the placement of the pieces and also the timing of the pieces, one is truly on the high road to awakening their truth within.  It takes a very aware soul to realise this and to be at peace with it.

Many would like to know that they sit on this particular level, in between these 2 levels and over by that one.  It is not how it works.  We are where we are and that is that.  Make peace with this process and learn to flow with it.  All of humanity are ascending.  There is not one soul who will miss this, unless they themselves have chosen that they do not wish to experience it in this life time.  That is the appropriateness of it and it is important that we acknowledge that each and everyone has their own path and how they set foot upon their path is their choice.  Acceptance of their choice can sometimes be difficult, however, it is just that, their choice.

Why is it that many are experiencing many transformative processes within the body and others are not??  Again this is the choice of the soul before they came here.  These choices are made in alignment with that which is best for their life lessons, or chosen experiences.  It is not a soul lesson, for on the higher level the soul could be perceived as perfect.  It is merely an experience in which we learn more about ourselves in this lifetime.  Respect the choices ones’ soul has made for their journey.  How beautiful it is to be able to give back another their responsibility for their own life’s journey.  And by doing so we are able to free ourselves of the burdens we assume we need to carry for them.  By giving them this freedom, we are then giving ourselves our own form of freedom, freedom to express, freedom to be.

It is important for all of us to listen to our heart.  Whether it be to pick up a pencil and pen and do artwork.  Whether it be to learn the guitar or the piano, whether it be to read to the elderly in an old people home.  Listen to the pull on our heart strings.  Listen to the passion that we may never have realised was there.  By following through on this it will bring much joy to us all.  Joy we could only have imagined.  Trust in the voice of our hearts.  It is calling us into alignment with the higher aspects of ourselves.  It will hurt, not in pain but rather in sadness, if we choose not to heed the calls.  We are all being called.

To be able to share truth gives us all such pleasure.  These truths must be accepted and realised as our own, only if they resonate with us and we feel it as our truth.  If they do no resonate as truth for us, allow another the opportunity to accept them as their truth.  Give them the freedom, and love, to do so.


And so it is…


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