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Many hearts have been opened to an impressive level due to the energies that presented themselves before and during the Equinox and Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse.  The heart openings created a vortex of energy that allowed much love to enter.  There are some that have struggled with receiving this love.  All upon the planet received this level of love to some degree.  It was agreed upon by the Divine I Am presence of every person upon the planet as to how much or how little of this Divine Love and Light that you were to receive.  It matters not what level you received and it matters not how open you were to receive it.  What matters in this now moment is that you are aware that Love will change that which does not resonate with it and when this occurs there may be conflict within, struggle within as you adapt to this level of Light.

Prior to the Equinox and the Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon, you each experienced clearing of some sort.  It may have been in the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body or in all bodies including the etheric bodies.  Whatever level of clearing took place it was necessary to allow the Love and Light to enter.  You may wonder at why it is you don’t feel any different or you may wonder at why it is you are feeling in so much turmoil and chaos.  Whatever you are experiencing know that it is appropriate for you and the Divine I Am presence is regulating your experiences according to that which is for you highest and best.  There is no protocol laid out before you, there are no directions or recipes or doctrines that state you should receive and experience this or that and if you don’t you mustn’t be worthy enough.  These are old programmed constructs that we must all let go of.  No longer are you limited by these beliefs or programmes.  Allow your self to be and to settle into this love.

You may ask how it is you are able to settle into this Love and Light when so much is happening within your sphere of life, within your family unit.  You may wonder if there is actually light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.  We are able to allow you to know that there definitely is light at the end of the tunnel dear one.  Light is all around you.  Light attracts you and the level of light you choose to allow in is where your attraction will be, to that higher level of, frequency of light.  We offer to you a way to allow this light, to integrate this light within.  There are many meditations you can follow and many tools to assist with this.  We ask that you understand again that there is no right or wrong way to do this.  There are some that will need to be walked through a meditation, there are some that can easily follow a meditation example, there are some that just know that they have received the Light and Love.  It matters not where you are with this, it matters only that the intent to receive this Light and Love is there, to balance this Light and Love and to allow this Light and Love.

Imagine if you will you are standing on a beautiful pristine beach upon your shores.  The sand is so white it is crystalline in appearance.  As the sun hits the sand it glows iridescent.  The water is the most beautiful turquoise colour and is crystal clear.  Over to your right as you are gazing upon the water there is a rocky outcrop.  Imagine that you venture over to this rocky outcrop and notice an entrance to a cave.  Without hesitation you enter this cave knowing that something is calling you.  You realise that this cave is a vast amphitheatre and in the centre of this cave is an island of flat rocks surrounded by a moat of crystal waters.  The waters seem black as they are so deep.  You imagine that upon the flat rocks in the centre of the cave there is a pillar of light streaming down from the roof opening.  All natural amphitheatres have an opening at the roof or ceiling.  It is through this opening you imagine a great stream of light that seems to sparkle coming down like a pillar and it is this that is calling you closer.  You wonder at how to get over to the rocky outcrop that holds this pillar in place and no sooner do you wonder this, stepping stones appear before you.  Imagine these stepping stones to be as big, as small, as rough, as smooth as you like and cross now to the centre of the room standing in the pillar of light.

Imagine as you stand within this pillar you feel little prickles upon your skin.  Imagine the hairs upon your arms and legs standing up as these little prickles bring to you an awareness of love.  Feel that love, open to receive that love.  Imagine that with loving intent the tiny hairs upon your body gather that love and light and bring that into your being.  Imagine that you are filling up with this love and light like an effervescent soda pop has been poured down through your body filling you with it/s bubbles.  Allow yourself to receive as much of this as you can.

Imagine now that these bubbles are settling and that they are settling in a balanced way.  With intent, balance this love and light and with intent ask the cells of your body to re-calibrate to this love and light, to the bubbles.  Imagine this levelling and re-calibration however you feel is appropriate for you.  You may see before you scales, you may imagine that you are a tube and the level of love and light is tilted to one side.  Straighten up and see this level out.  Imagine this how you feel best suits your needs and know that it is done.

When you feel that this is balanced imagine that this light and love seems to penetrate your skin and expands outward into the pillar of light you are standing in.  It lights up the waters around the rocky outcrop and you can clearly see that they were not that deep to begin with.  Imagine that the entire cavern, the amphitheatre you are standing in is alight and you feel a part of it.  Breathe this in and carry this feeling with you to where you were standing upon the beach looking out across the water.  Imagine your light expanding out across the turquoise water to as far as you feel you would like to expand.  Imagine that this light expands not only out across the waters but deep down into the heart of Mother Earth.  Imagine that you are Light and Love for that is truth is who you are.  Know this and feel this.  It is your true essence self and we ask that you feel the power of this within every cell of your body.

You may use this visualisation, this meditation technique as often as you choose to and we encourage you to adapt it to whatever best suits you.  Understand that this is just a guideline and you are the greatest guide for your own self.  This is not a doctrine to be followed to create limitations within the self.  It is merely a guideline and an offering to you to assist you in your path, your journey into the self.  For it is here/there within the self that the greatest guidance for you, the greatest wisdom for you, the greatest knowledge lies.  It is you with you.  That which you seek, that light and love that you seek, is you and when you can accept this and allow yourself to be this you will be bringing heaven to Earth.

The more that you can clear, the more that you are able to let go of allows for this light and love that you are to replace it.  Stand in the light of your truth.  Stand in the knowing that you are Light, that you are Love.  Stand in the knowing that you are Divine Love and Light, that you are Divine Beings of Light.

We are here to assist you in this, we are here to help you to feel this.  Give permission for us to assist you and you will be surprised at how this will make you feel.  We share with you so much love and so much light so can you imagine how very bright we will all be when our light combines.  It is immense, it is powerful, it is Love.  And so it is…

Accept our love, accept our Grace and open to receive our loving embrace.


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