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For those of you that have chosen to take a conscious path to enlightenment you are the ones that are the forerunners, the way showers. Taking responsibility for one’s choice to evolve and to align with inner truth allows one to expand more rapidly than what humanity has ever experienced before.  You see many of your years ago those that were enlightened beings found it a very arduous process and were given initiation after initiation and although they worked through these they found it quite a heavy slog.  Oh they were dedicated and committed and spent many of their days in meditation and for hours at a time.

It is different now for all of you are able to take quantum leaps ahead on your path of evolution, of expanding consciousness, due to the energies that are present upon the planet, due to the posturing of the planet within the photon belt and due to the collective consciousness levels of awakened illumination. Oh those that choose the conscious path of ascension will still have to do the inner work upon themselves however they will not have to spend hour upon hour upon hour meditating and creating, meditating to manifest.  Oh they will still experience initiations however these will be a cleansing process that can be moved through far more rapidly and far more smoothly with conscious choice.

The energies that are surmounting upon the planet, within the planet, within the heliosphere of the sun and that are directed from the Great Central Sun are creating an energetic cocktail that is going to change the way humanity moves through ascension portals. These portals are opening rapidly now and when those that are the forerunners have gone through one portal and are ready to tackle the next they are not having to wait years upon years.  These energy portals are available now.  For some of you will indeed be able to walk through these portals with much ease and grace and with much fluidness.  We use the word fluidness for that is what these energies present for you, a fluid movement into unchartered waters.

We say to you to go with the flow and allow the higher aspect of self to take you to where you need to be, floating along in whatever energy and through whichever portal. You will come to a place of rest and that is when you, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies that make up the incarnated human, assimilates and integrates the new energies.  It is necessary to be aware that one does need a little down time to allow the integration process to fully complete before taking the next leap through the next portal.

As you begin to move into higher light, and we say higher only because the light resonates at a faster frequency, you will open yourself to the many latent gifts and abilities, tools and templates that you have carried with you incarnation after incarnation.  For many who are light workers, way showers and forerunners you have triggered the set templates from aeons ago.  You carry these forward from the past, activate them in the now and move into the new future.  A little confusing to say the future is the past and the past is the future however for those that understand this we say to you that you are indeed the forerunners and as such these templates will begin to come online now and as they do you will go through a process of quickening.  There will be many changes to the physical vessel as well as the consciousness and all are relevant to the aligned energies.

Some of you are aligned to varying octaves and harmonics and energy while others are aligned with other octaves and harmonics. There are, what you term, higher and lower octaves and this is not to say the one is of a higher and better standard than the others it merely means that they are able to retain more of the light of the One and can resonate with the faster vibratory fields or dimensions of the One.  This can be a little confusing as there really is only one dimension however there are many upon many varying harmonic frequencies to each dimension and as we have said before some may call them sub planes and planes.  It matters not what one calls them it matters only that you will be aligned with the energetic frequencies appropriate for you and which allow you the opportunity to step into your true purpose and mission upon Earth.  We have mentioned to you before that the true mission for all of you is to remember your truth and drop the illusion of the third dimensional holographic matrix.  Your true mission is to remember your truth and return to the One, to return to Unity consciousness.  All of this is available to those that take a consciousness path.

Do not be down heartened by the bleakness that comes across your media outlets. It is only bleak if you allow yourself to be caught up in the collective fears of humanity.  Yes there are those that are trying desperately to instil as much fear as possible into the masses however they are not succeeding. These precious few are trying to gain momentum and it is not working and this is creating much discordance within their sphere of life.  This is creating an imbalance in the energies around them and if you connect to the collective fears then you are giving them your power.  They are fuelled by this collective fear and that is what drags you deeper and deeper into despair.

Are you able to trust that all that is occurring is happening for a reason? Are you able to trust that the cleansing that is taking place upon your world is divinely ordered?  Are you able to detach from the collective consciousness fears, despair, hatred, separation etc.?  These are very potent questions and we ask that each of you take a moment to ask yourself these questions.  How do you feel when you ask yourself these questions?  Are you able to love all and send light to those that seem to be in the dark?  If there are emotions that come up when you ask these questions they present themselves to you so they can be cleared.  If you choose to clear them then you will become much lighter and will be able to resonate to the higher octaves and frequencies.  If you choose to hang on to them and attach emotionally to them then you are fuelling the imbalanced energies that are of a much lower frequency, the dark if you will.

There is an old Cherokee Indian story that exemplifies this:


One evening, an elderly Cherokee brave told his

Grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.


He said “my son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.

One is evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance,

self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.


The other is good. It is joy, peace love, hope serenity,

humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”


The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather:


“Which wolf wins?…”


The old Cherokee simply replied,


The one that you feed


Many of you will choose to feed the light. Those that choose to remain in the rut of feeding the dimness they will be given the opportunity to turn to the light just as each and every soul will be given the same opportunities.  ‘All for one and one for all’ as they say.  Sending love, unconditionally, and light to those that are stuck in the rut will enlighten their path so they may see the brightness which will reflect the beauty of their truth.  This is important for you all to realise that you are all in this together and that is what unity consciousness is all about.  There is a grand plan and you have chosen to be a part of it.  Accept your roles dear ones for it was you that chose to be here in this time of now.  Before you incarnated you were all so excited to get back down onto the surface of Gaia.  You agreed before coming here that you would assist her in ascending and assist all of humanity by doing so and of course this is reciprocal.

For those with eyes to see, meaning those that are able to see enhanced wavelengths of light, to see spiritually, will indeed begin to see. There is already many who are questioning the images that are present on the internet that portray a floating city, an etheric city.  These wavelengths can be ridden upon and you will be able to catch the waves and ride them into the shore.  The wavelengths of the higher light frequencies will take you on a journey to see beyond what you perceived as real.  Your reality is about to be taken to a shift of such magnitude that many of you will begin to shed light upon many things that humanity has not broached for aeons and aeons.  You will begin to see things that are deemed unnatural, when in fact they are very natural.  What is not natural is the illusion of separation you have created.  Higher gifts and abilities are the new normal and you are being recalibrated to allow the new normal alignments within the templates we spoke of earlier.

These are very exciting times and for those that have cleared their baggage they will be able to take a walk down the fast lane. A rapid expansion is to occur for many.  These are the ones that will be able to hold the Christed light, the Krystos, the light of the Son, or whatever name or label you wish to put upon it.  They may be termed the Golden Ones for they will seem to glow golden.  They will be noticed, not so much visibly, however, they will be felt by others within their resonant light body field.  When you come across one of these that shines brightly you will now, you will feel it and you will be triggered into remembrance for they hold the keys and codes that allow for you to remember.  They are the template holders and there will be many coming into alignment with this energy now.  All of you will be given the opportunity to align with this Christed Consciousness and when you are ready you will step into the golden sandals and walk the path you have chosen to walk.  The Evening and morning star will guide you and we refer to the evening star as your Christed self and the morning star as your over self.  Whichever star guides you it is not a star but your own divine self.  It is the light of your truth and you would do well to follow your truth dear ones for if you don’t you may find a bumpy track ahead.  You are welcoming you home and we are here with you assisting you along your journey.

For those that are ready we say to you to hold ono your hats. There is much to celebrate for you all in this oncoming festive season.  The festivities that present themselves offer you a portal of energy to walk through.  Although the festive season is the season of the Christ–mas it can be the rebirthing of the self if one so chooses.  It can be the illumination of the Christ light within the masses.  Open your arms to receive the highest amount of this divine light and allow yourself to retain this light so you may be a conduit that anchors the light into Gaia.  Stand in your pillar of light and allow this light to anchor into the crystal heart of Gaia.  When you do so she will mix it with her love and light and emanate this out into all upon the planet and out into the cosmos.

There is a grand plan that is playing out dear ones and you are a part of this plan even though you think you do not want to be, even though you think you can’t be. You are and you chose to be before you incarnated.  It is time for all of you to raise your hand and claim responsibility for your choices.  We offer all the support and assistance you need.  Raise your hand and ask and you shall receive.

We offer you much cheer and fun filled celebrations throughout this festive season. We shower upon you all the feelings of peace and joy.  Open to receive these feelings and allow yourself to be the conduits of divine light that you are.  We have so much love for all of you and as we say this you may indeed feel this reverberate through your cells.  Allow this love to wash over you, through you and around you.  Share this love with others for that is the greatest gift you can give.  Offer this love from the heart, without agenda and you will see a change in the frequencies around you.  Never underestimate the power of unconditional love.  In order to share unconditional love you must first be able to love the self unconditionally.  Give this gift of love to yourself this Christ-mas and you will shine ever so brightly.  And so it is…


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