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We begin this message this night with a feeling of gratitude to you all for the work you have done not only with and of the self but also outwardly in your daily lives.  Many of you are becoming more aware of the need to express compassion with those that would not normally be a part of your life.  You are all a part of each other’s lives regardless of what geographical location you reside in.  Each and every one of you is connected in some way.

There are many ways in which you are connected and we share with you a couple for example only.  As you walk upon the earth the very footsteps you take and place upon the surface of Gaia are like a touch of feather to her.  It is as if this feather tickles her surface and tickles her into a shuddered reaction.  It is that very subtle shudder that creates what is known as the ripple effect.  It is much like the concentric circles upon the water of a pond.  It is also much like the butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the globe causing a tsunami on the other.  These are metaphors only, however, they represent the impact that one of your steps has upon the surface of Gaia.  When the energy of your footstep ripples out, and Gaia shudders with love, all upon the Earth can feel her.  It may be that some can feel this, it may be that some have no idea whatsoever that the new born baby on the other side of the globe has taken her first steps.

Another way in which the connected, unified energy of all is apparent is within the collective consciousness field.  This field of consciousness is a gathering of thought forms of all that reside upon the earth.  Every thought that one has is held within this thought field.  When you consider the vastness of this you are unable to comprehend how connected you are.  There are billions of people upon the Earth and every day they have thousands of thoughts.  These thoughts are held within this collective field for all to feel.  It is a resonance and so when those upon earth decide to harbour ill-intended thoughts, or negative, lower vibrational thoughts they can be felt.  So too can the positive, happy, joyous, compassionate, loving thoughts.

It is exactly what has been indicated to you by many others that have walked the path of the master, ‘be mindful of your thoughts’, for they do not only affect you, they affect all.  Becoming a master of your thoughts takes courage, dedication, commitment and a strong desire to assist in raising the vibration of the collective thought field.

Imagine, if you will, that every happy thought you have negates two negative, lower density thought patterns and so it is that the more humanity become masters of their thoughts the more this cloudy, bleak collective thought field illuminates and radiates the unity consciousness.

Much of what you have experienced in incarnation after incarnation is a very Me/I oriented thought structure.  All of humanity is moving away from this, creating a We/Us base structure.  This is not without its hurdles though for one can feel they are losing their identity when they begin to consider the we/us template.  This we/us template is your true identity template.

Yes you are your own unique energetic signature, however, you were created from the same thread that created the universal tapestry.  We are all woven into this tapestry and if we use this as a metaphor we can see that we all have our certain places within this tapestry.

Imagine if you will that this tapestry depicts a beautiful garden filled with a multitude of plants and flowers.  Each person is represented by the thread that makes up the image of a particular section of a particular plant upon the tapestry.  It may be that you are one of leaves of the crimson rose bush, it may be that your thread comprises the thorn or one of the petals on the grandest flower of that particular rose bush.  Can you not see how very important you are to the final picture that is thread throughout the tapestry?

Because of humanity’s me/I thought structure you may have wondered why it is that some get to be the beautiful crimson petal of the crimson flower representation and you are the thorn representation.  This is an ego/separation structure/program that makes you believe that you are either not good enough to be the crimson petal, or that another is favoured more by the creator, or that it is not fair that you had to be the spiky thorn.

These are all fear based thought processes and this is what makes the collective consciousness field bleak, cloudy and dark.  When you are able to work upon your lack of self-esteem and love yourselves for who you are inside and out you will be able to accept your place as the thorn upon the tapestry without any questions, doubts or fears.  You will know that you are an integral part in the majestic beauty of the universal tapestry of creation and you sit there upon the stem, as the thorn,  of the crimson rose bush proud, grateful and full of the knowing that you are loved just as much as the petals upon the crimson rose.

To the Supreme Creator, to God, you are all majestic and you are all beautiful in your own unique way.  There is no other way that you are recognised for you are all divine creations, creations born out of love, through love and into love.  You are born out of the love your heavenly Father/Mother God, you are born through the loving birthing process of your Earthly mother and born into her loving arms.

Now some of you may question this as there are some dear souls who are born into this world and unloved by their Earthly mothers.  Understand that in these cases the dear soul is born into the loving arms of the Higher Self, the soul of the Mother’s arms and also into the arms of the Mother’s spiritual guide set, her angels, guides and teachers.  You are always loved and even those that have found it difficult to open their hearts to accept the birth of their child are held closely in the arms of their spiritual guide set.

Whatever it is that prevents you from opening your hearts to receive this love can now be cleared.  Offer this blockage up to your spiritual guides and they will assist you in opening your heart centre to receive love with ease and grace.  It is a scary thing for many to accept love.  The reasons for this can be many and we ask that you look within your heart to find out the reasons why.  For some it may be that if they open their hearts and receive love it will be taken from them.  An example of this is losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly.  For some it may be that if they open their hearts to receive love there will be expected conditions applied to it.  An example of this is ‘if you love me I will buy you beautiful gifts’.  There are many reasons as to why one may fear receiving love.  Ask yourself what fears about receiving love you hold and then ask for assistance by your angels, guides and teachers to clear these fears.  The energy upon the planet is enabling all of humanity to cleanse their energetic fields by releasing the old outworn energetic components within their fields.

If you find it difficult to do this on your own seek out those that are able to assist you with this.  There are many that can assist you on your path, however, we say to you that by calling in your higher self and your angels, guides and teachers you are able to clear anything you intend to clear.  It is your absolute knowing that you are able to do this that will create the space within from the old energies leaving you.  It is within this space you have created that more of your own divine truth can enter and you will be amazed at how light and illuminated you feel.

Be the light that you are dear ones.  Shine that light for others to see.  Shine that light to brighten and clear the collective thought field.  Shine that light to illuminate the thorn on the stem of the crimson rose upon the tapestry of creation and you will find that when people gaze upon this majestic tapestry that the thorn seems to stick out and they notice that before the petals of the crimson rose.

And so it is dear ones.  We love you and thank you for the work you do upon yourselves for when you shine your lights not only does the thorn seem to be illuminated it illuminates the whole crimson rose and the other plants and flowers around it that are weaved into the tapestry of creation.

In our loving embrace we shower you with grace.


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