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The cosmic winds of change are rapidly increasing. Change is upon you.  The gamma wave radiations and palpitations from the cosmos are pulsing not only within your atmosphere but also within your physical vessels.  These frequencies are creating a higher vibrational oscillation within the very cells of your bodies.  This internal vibration can be felt and realised by those that are empathic however most of you are feeling these in some way or another.  Most will fob these sensations off as illness if they present as flu like symptoms.  It is not the frequencies, the vibrational waves that are causing the flu like symptoms it is the speed in which these wave particles oscillate which causes a certain amount of friction when rubbing against that which is not of higher light, the denser energies of fear, doubt, hate etc.  Therefore it is that which is not of light that is being shifted within.

As you move through these higher vibrational frequencies the higher aspect of self descends and integrates with the physical vessel. This transferal comes in many forms and may present certain indicators that may feel a little unpleasant.  If you were able to free yourself from the density, from the fear, doubt, hate etc. then you would be able to integrate these higher frequencies, the wave particles of self, with ease.  All of you are experiencing transferal in some manner.  Each of you is unique and therefore experience different sensations than those your friends may be experiencing.  Some of you are aware they are ascension indicators and some of you are not.  Those that are aware can assist those that are not if they are willing to listen.

There are inimitable heart portal opening experiences many of you are having. These heart portal openings are causing indicators that offer you the opportunity to look deep within the heart centre to find love, to feel love and to embrace love.  Are you able to allow love?  Peace within your heart can be found by letting go and allowing love to enter every molecule, every atom and subatomic particle of your being.  Step aside and allow this love to flow in, through and around your being.  See yourself being lifted into the light of the love and this light is your light, the light of your true essence self.

Humanity has been offered the most wondrous gift and that is the gift of love. The universe was created in, through and around love and the underlying current is unconditional love.  For aeons humanity closed their sacred heart portals to love as their life expressions demanded sacrifice for love, demanded payment for love, demanded trade for love, or regarded love as something that brings pain and suffering.  When the heart portal was closed to love the connection to the pineal gland and higher mind became diffused to such a degree the lower mind, the small self or ego self was given free reign.  It was the ego self that protected one from being sacrificed or hurt and so humanity chose to express from the ego self instead of from the heart self.  Over many incarnations the ego self became stronger and stronger and the voice of the ego self could be heard well above the voice from the heart or higher self.

It is time now for humanity to open their hearts, their spiritual ears, to listen to the love. It is time now for humanity to listen to their higher self and to open their hearts to receive the love they have for themselves.  The higher aspect of you, your higher self, loves you unconditionally and you are worthy of this love from your higher self.  Your higher self is an extension of the expressive creativeness of Father/Mother/Source/One so how can you not be worthy of love when you were created in through and of love.  Love is what and who you are and you reside in a universal creation of unconditional love.  The shift you are experiencing is a re-alignment with the vibrational frequencies of love (self) with love (universal).  When you are able to let go and allow the higher self to assist in the rearrangement of your place within and without then the shift will occur with ease and grace.  When you open your arms to receive love miracles happen.

Your current timeline is shifting from the linear manifestation of past, present and future to the representation of ‘the now’. The third/fourth dimensional timeline is rolling in on itself, collapsing or dismantling.  It matters not what expression you use to describe the folding in of this timeline what matters is your acceptance to move into the new higher dimensional, fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional and beyond moment of ‘now’.  There are many dimensions and many levels or sub levels to each dimension and it has been the third/fourth dimensional frequencies that have enabled you to play out your karmic roles within families, communities and countries.  Within the new ‘now’ you are able to free the self of all karmic interplay if you are able to bring these in to balance.  Lifting out of the lower densities into the higher light you are able to move from incarnational experiences upon the Gaia to holding your light in higher dimensions.

It may be that you have decided that this will be your last incarnation upon a lower third/fourth dimensional world. It may be that you do indeed choose to reincarnate upon Gaia to assist in the new golden era that is manifesting.  The choice is yours and when you can open your heart portal and allow communion with your higher aspect of self you will be able to bring into balance and integrate all of the life expressions you have had which will enable you to move into your multidimensional roles.  The multidimensional you would like to communicate with you.  Are you able to open your hearts, your spiritual ears, to hear?

You have all the support you need for each of you have many guides/teachers/angels waiting to assist. Due to the universal law of free will they are not able to intervene unless invited and unless it is a dire situation.  Invite them into your now open hearts and feel their love for you.  This love will expand and expand to touch many in your sphere of life.  Love heals all, all fear, all hate, all anger, and all sadness and so on.  Love is the very fabric of this universe so breathe it in and allow yourself to fill with the higher light vibrations.  You are all worthy and you are all loved.  And so it is…


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