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Walk with us for a moment.  Walk with us through a park together as friends, side by side, chatting about old times.  Let us walk in close proximity as though we are beside each other.  That does indeed feel/appear as though we are separate.  Now take a step into the light of our truth, take a step to your left and feel as though you are merging, integrating, blending and being taken into the light of our truth as you walk through the park.

We become a unified field of light and as we walk we can expand this light out towards others so they too become a part of our light.  They do not feel as though they are different to us, they feel as though they are welcome within our field of light, as though they are a part of us and indeed they are.  Let us feel as though we are one, looking through your eyes as we walk through the park.  You may see the trees, the pond, the ducks, the dogs, the people, the park benches, the rotundas, the grassy knolls, the shaded areas, the concrete paths etc., yet you see these from the linear perspective.  We ask that you let go of the linear perspective a moment and as you walk through the park we ask that see through our eyes as you have blended with our energy when you stepped into our field of unified light.

See everything as a hologram, as a blueprint, the formless blueprint for the form to be made manifest.  The hologram is light, all light filaments are interconnected, are intertwined.  Everything has been metaphorically drawn using only one line, one perpetual motion with the pencil, the pencil never lifted from the paper and the hologram, the light filaments of the hologram, are the one line of this drawing creating a blueprint for form so that when form is manifested there is still the inter-connectedness through the blueprint.  There are light filaments still connecting the form together, all form, as though that one line passes through everything winding its way over the canvas of creation, the canvas of the illusory world.


There is a very harmonic flow to this, as though there is a musical orchestration attached to this.  There are also colours where the line, the metaphoric pencil, draws colours into alignments and configurations so beautiful and yet they are not separate colours as they merge, not to become muddied, and yet they seem to enhance each colour lifting it from the canvas to heighten them, lighten them.


There is no separation, there is no you and them.  There is ‘one’ energy and that is represented by the line, the one line that drew all into form.  As you walk you all walk together into the light and the love.  As you walk as this light, as this one line, as this manifested form and the formless you are united, you are inseparable.  Ground down into the heart of the earth and know that you are meant to be here having this experience upon/within the canvas of the illusory world.


There is a special configuration of light, harmonics, colours and geometries held within the hologram drawn on the canvas that only you are magnetically drawn to.  This special configuration is your unique energetic signature.  All signatures drawn on the canvas are connected; you are all drawn with the one line, the one pencil line.  When stepping your light down into the density that is the human body to experience the incarnation process the consequences of forgetting the truth of who you are are known to you.  Getting trapped in the illusion, upon the canvas of the illusory world, can quite often be held as a deep seated concern, sorrow or sadness for those that choose to step into the density of form in an incarnation.  It is your birth right to be freed from the entrapping’s of the illusion.  It is your birth right to be free in your divinity.

Release yourself from the trappings of the illusion.  See these trappings as the sticky cobwebs being lifted from the body.  Free them into the light so that you may walk free in your divinity.  Recognise when you feel trapped and consciously lift those sticky filaments to feel lighter throughout your days.  As you are all connected through this magical drawing that uses only one line, one perpetual motion with the metaphoric pencil, lifting the sticky filaments from yourself will assist in lifting them from everyone else within the hologram.  Recognise your lightness, remember your light, and be free in your divinity.


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