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You will find that in these coming days much will be happening.  It is not that it is not already happening, however, it will seem to you all that much more will be happening.  You are aware of the changes that are taking place within your governments and you are aware that these changes, although happening slowly, are happening, and will be evident in a short while.  Many are becoming very despondent in that they believe it is all talk.  You will notice many of these changes very soon.

It is important for you all to realise that there is no time where we are and it is difficult for us to put this into Earthly terms.  Many assume that soon is within a day or two.  Just be aware that changes are taking place and you will be seeing these regardless of how you perceive time. Many of you are moving into a more receptive state of being and this will enable you to transition smoothly into full consciousness.  You are being prepped so to speak and this prepping is occurring on all levels of your being.  Many are feeling this more in some areas of their life than in others.  The very foundations you have created, or shall we say miscreated, for your self are being stripped away.  That is not to say you will have no foundation on which to stand.  It is that when these miscreations are stripped away the true foundations, which have been lying beneath, will be revealed.  This truly is a revelation.

You ponder your current situations and many are beginning to realise that you are not happy with where you are.  That is not to say where you are in terms of geographical location, rather it is to mean where you are in relation to your awareness of self.  It is important to realise self.  It is important to begin the process of remembering self.  Some are still to acknowledge self, some are still to accept self.  Wherever you are with this will determine your awakening process. It would assist all to sit with your self and give permission for the you that you truly are to take the hand of the you that you think you are and allow your self to lead the way.  Your true self knows which way it is headed.  Allow your self to be taken to where it needs to go, when it needs to go there.  You have many in your angelic support system that are waiting for this and there is much excitement within them all for the energies are appropriate for this.  You will be leading yourself along a path adorned with family and friends dear ones. What a beautiful journey that will be.

There are many that have chosen to be here to assist those that are not as awakened.  There are those that have chosen various roles that assist the Earth gridding etc.  There are those that assist the animals.  There are those that are here to just be in their light to assist with the raising of the vibrational frequency of the planet.  There are those that are here for specific purposes.  These purposes will be revealed to those and it is not that they are more important or more special than the others.  It is just that it is their pathway at the time and so it is.

You will all be given the opportunity for this to be revealed to you.  You will be shown that which you have chosen to come here for.  Allow the you that you are to reveal your chosen path.  We will be supporting you in this.

And so it is….


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