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It is of importance that we share this on this day the 21st Dec, your summer solstice.  The portals of opportunity that present themselves for many are endeavouring to create change never before seen upon the planet.  This change that one can experience is of such that the physical self shall surely feel it.  We ask all of you to take the time out when needed and we ask also that over the festive season you allow yourself to laugh, to love, to relax and to enjoy.  Be at peace within your family units and be at peace within the self.  A grand opportunity awaits those that choose to accept it.  Many foresee that the changes upon the earth will not occur for many years, however, we say to you that these changes are happening now as we speak.  These changes can occur overnight if one is able to withstand such high frequency input.

Of those that are able to withstand these higher frequencies, some will of course be aligned with the multidimensional aspects of the self.  Many will begin to see and feel the experience of this new realm.  Many will be opened to a grander viewpoint.  Many will be unable to tolerate it so they may choose to remain where they are.  That is your divine right to choose where you wish to remain.  We are not in judgement of anyone, quite the opposite actually.  We are in love with all of humanity for it has been a very courageous choice on your part to be present upon the Earth plane through these immense changes.  Many will feel the conflict within and there are many that can help another with said conflict.

You may choose where and what it is you choose to experience.  We offer this to you for you are entitled to your truth.  For those that know they are here for purpose, they may choose to be aligned with this purpose.  Those that choose this alignment can do so with varying intent.  Be mindful of the intent you choose to align with.  And remember the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’.  You must be ready to accept that which is to come and for those that are here for purpose, for specific purpose, there comes with this a great responsibility.  Ask yourself if you are ready for this responsibility.

We say to you to be mindful of the attachment to that which may present itself.  Do not try to analyse that which you may see within your field of vision.  Take the attitude of ‘oh that’s different, haven’t seen that before, sweet’ and you will find that you will have no attachment at all.  It is when you start to analyse and try to work things out that the energies will get stuck.  Just flow with them and allow them, and smile, and that is all that you shall need do to remain detached.  Only now do we see before you the immense possibilities.  Oh, do not get us wrong for they were there before, however, you needed to reach a certain level of mastery before we could truly know that these were to be held within your being. You see you have many potentials and some will fall away depending upon the path you take.  So we are never quite sure which of these will fall away, because we are never quite sure which pathway you choose until you choose it.  And how you choose it is also important.

You may have before you five pathways and you choose the middle pathway.  We were not certain which pathway you would take for up until your choice was made it seemed that you would take the furthest left pathway.  When you step upon that pathway you have also got the choice to make the pathway appear anyway you like.  You see dear ones that pathway can present itself as a clear path with blurred edges and that which is either side of the path is blurred as you do not wish to really see what is there for various reasons.  Or dear one you can choose this pathway knowing that you wish to see, to experience and to encounter all along the pathway.  Again this can be to just see, experience or encounter or you can go even deeper and to see with clarity and truth, to experience with love and compassion and to encounter with forgiveness and gratitude.  There are so many variations you can choose.  What is it that you choose?


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A Christ – mass blessing.

Divine Mother through Neptha El Ra

The true sense of the word Christmas has been hidden from humanity for aeons of time.

To break the word down upon paper we have:   Christmas:-   Christ / mas

Symbolically this is the Christ consciousness waking up within the masses upon the Earth plane of existence.  It has been said by many of your texts that Christ will return to Earth and in a sense it is truth for the Christed Consciousness within each and every one of you will be illuminated in truth.

We share the blessings of this Christmas festive season with you all and ask you to be open to receive these blessings of Love and Christ consciousness into the very heart of your being.  The truth of who you are lies within and giving yourself permission to receive these blessings enables you to connect more deeply with the light of your truth.

There are many in the angelic realm that await the invitation to be with you throughout this festive season and throughout every day in every way.  All we require is your intent dear ones and you shall feel our presence with you.  Do not look to feel it outside of yourself, feel it deep within your core, within your heart centre, your sacred heart.  When you do you will feel a wave of Love wash over you permeating every cell of your being.

We wish you all a love and light filled Christmas and New year.

Through divine Grace and within your heart space, feel our embrace.


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