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There is a place in your heart that beats in rhythm with the heart of all creation. This place within the heart is literal in the sense that there is a vibrational frequency within the physical heartbeat.  The physical heart pumps blood and each pump of the heart creates a beat, a rhythm.  This vibrational frequency is light and this light vibrates with the frequency of love.  The very energy/essence of the heart/sacred heart centre is love. This rhythm, when aligned with the higher aspect of self opens sacred heart portals and when these are opened they can then align with sacred mind pathways.  Sacred mind can then align with cosmic mind.  So it is safe to say that your heart has a mind.  It is safe to say it has a loving mind.  It has a mind of its own and an expansive mind of all that is.  Through the desire to expand your awareness and through the desire to know more these sacred pathways and portals are opened and when they are opened one is taken through many doorways of opportunity.  These doorways present as synchronous events that give you the opportunity to make choices.  The choices we make can be aligned with love/light or they can be aligned with that which is not love/light.

Through the Law of Harmonics the choices we make will harmonise with love/light or they will harmonise with an opposing energy to love/light. This opposing energy is often fear, hatred, resentment, jealousy, despair, anger and many more.  Interwoven in the very fabric of this universe is the Law of Polarisation.  Polarisation offers us the opportunity to make choices.  The platform upon which choices are made is polarised.  Through expansion, growth, self-awareness and the willingness to let go of all that does not align with love one is able to bring the opposing energies to love into a complimentary energetic.  Breaking through the structures we have placed around ourselves that keep the opposing polarised energies within our spheres of life allows us to move into that place of complimentary energetics.  By breaking down/through barriers, structures, belief systems and self-imposed limitations we are able to re-design/re-encrypt the harmonic frequencies within our physical bodies and light bodies.  We can harmonise to a new tune, a new tone.  The new tonal frequency then becomes complimentary to the tonal frequency of the higher dimensional spheres within the cosmic web.

We shall share with you an analogy to offer you a greater understanding.


You see before you a well-worn bricked fence, or wall, in a field that separates paddocks. Each paddock represents a more expansive outlook and viewpoint.  This fence has been there for hundreds of years and it is so old and ancient, strong and erect that one could not imagine it could possibly begin to deteriorate.  Let us say that the external elements finally got to this wall and the wall begins to crumble.  The mortar between the bricks is beginning to disintegrate and revert back to dust.  The bricks begin to fall out of the wall all over the place.  The bricks become a pile of rubble with no shape or construct.  Over time the bricks themselves begin to disintegrate and revert to brick dust and all that you are left with is a pile of sandy/dusty brick loam blowing away in the wind.  As you know this would take eons and eons for the bricks and mortar to break down however in this analogy we shall say there is an element that has speeded up the deterioration process.  The element is the intent and the intent is the desire to let go of all old programs, beliefs, constructs, self-imposed limitations, institutionalised agendas and so forth.  Once this intent was given the bricks and mortar began to crumble.  All of these fences were barriers to the next paddock and each paddock represented new understanding, a new expansion, and new spiritual growth.  You have given yourself permission to break down all walls that prevent you from moving into the higher harmonics and frequencies of self.

What brick walls/fences have prevented you from moving from one paddock of expansion to the next? Are you ready to break down the brick fence/wall so that you can easily move into the next paddock of expansion, or the next harmonic of love/light?  You may look at that wall and determine that if you were to remove brick by brick it would take more than a lifetime to do so.  What if you had the tools to remove portions of the wall/fence at one time?  What if you had the tools that allowed the wall/fence to crumble in one complete accomplishment?  You already have the tool that you need to disintegrate the wall/fence/barrier.  That tool is the harmonising frequency of love/light and the complimentary frequency of light/love.

Through your loving intent you are able to break down all walls/fences/barriers and move into the next harmonics of self. Trust in the tools that you have and imagine the walls/fences/barriers disintegrating to dust.  Step into the next paddock and enjoy the new expanded awareness.  You see this from a new stand point, a new perspective.  This will then help you to break down all other walls/fences/barriers that you may come up against in your life.

Moving into the new stand point, the new perspective, allows you to see yourself in a different light. This light will present as the complimentary harmonic frequency and all that you choose in your life will be aligned with love.  And all enlightened choices you make will come from a place of love.  Imagine a world where all choices made by all people were aligned with a complimentary energetic harmonic frequency of love.  The world would sing a new song.  The world would harmonise with higher dimensional spheres and be lifted into their vibrational fields.  Take a moment to sit within the harmonics of the higher dimensional vibrational fields/spheres.  Imagine you can hear a celestial song being sung by a celestial choir.  Imagine the celestial choir before you and if you look closely enough you will see yourself standing there.  You may not see clearly initially as you may need to adjust to the intensity of the light and the emotion it brings with it.  The emotion is love and when you recognise yourself within the choir you will recognise the love you have for self and for the entire celestial choir, for all.


To stand within the higher harmonics of the higher vibrational fields/spheres is to recognise the love/light as all there is. Recognition of this not only fills the sacred heart space light/love but it also fills the physical heart.  When the heart is filled with this all-encompassing complimentary energetic of love/light then walls/fences/barriers that prevent one from loving self or loving others, or from being loved by others, fall away so the new harmonics can be sung.

Open your hearts to allow the harmonics of the celestial choir, the new vibrational complimentary energetics of love and light to fulfil you. Open to receive the love, light and Grace of your own embrace.  And so it is…


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