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I hear tonal frequencies and notes that are calling me forth, inviting me to audience with the inner choir that lies deep within.  This song is new to me and is nothing quite like anything I have heard before.  The reverberations are splendiferous, the tones harmonious, they resound through every cell of my being.  Many sine waves and bandwidths are traversed as I lightly arabesque my way across the altos, sopranos and tenors of reality.  Articulation is enticed, although not forthcoming, yet an animated state of anticipation to express is present.





We are being encouraged to open our ears to our own inner choirs, to hear our own soul song that is calling us forward.  We are here to express our own unique inner voices and to share the tonal frequencies and notes that will reverberate across the many layers, densities and dimensions of this universal construct.


In this ascending timeline the universe requires our melodies and harmonies to echo across time and space to raise the vibratory frequency of the planets, solar systems and galaxies.   With each resonance the planetary light fields illuminate and radiate out through the cosmos.


Some of us may believe that we are little and insignificant and think ‘what’s the point of singing our song’.


Some of us may think we have meek timid voices that will never be heard.


Some of us may judge the way we think we sound.


And some of us may choose not to sing forth our melodies and harmonies for certain worries, fears and doubts.


The universe has given us the birth right to sing our own unique songs and recognises each of us as an important member of its cohesive chorus.


The universe hears and feels every note, every tone, and every frequency regardless of how it is sung.


The universe never judges our utterances regardless of how they are delivered.


And the universe will transform our fears, doubts, worries and concerns when we are courageous enough to share them.


For many years there has been a move for a one world order, a one world government, to dominate and subjugate our divine right as a cohesive chorus member in this unified choir of light.


Our very voices, our songs, melodies and harmonies are crucial now to usher in the new sovereign liberty tones and frequencies.  Reach deep within the sacred heart space and bring forth your own unique song of light.  Sing it out loud, sing it out proud.



Pillars of light will be seen and heard as our inner songs are sung together creating rainbow light architecture around the planet.  These pillars will multiply every time we chant our sovereignty and will reverberate our cohesive chorus as a unified field of light out into, through and across the universe.


Be bold and brave; sing your heart’s soul song as all of our vocals will be heard as one voice declaring liberty for all.  You do not have to sing in front of others.  Sing out into the universe.  Sing in the shower or down the back paddock.  Sing when preparing your meals at night, or in your sacred space when meditating.  Sing your song to the trees, to your children, and even your pets.


If we all sing from our heart and express our inner beauty

We can stand united, sovereign and free in our divinity.




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