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The current dynamics upon the earth have offered a rare opportunity to all of humanity.  Although many may feel as though their world has been in thrown into disorder and confusion with all that has been going, this has offered the opportunity for greater sovereign embodiment to occur.


The sovereign process of embodiment is what some refer to as “ascension”.  Sovereign embodiment is first ushered in through an initiation process.  This initiation process is called by many the “awakening”.  It is the recognition of the self as more than just a flesh and bone body.  It is the recognition that the flesh and bone body is the vehicle for the higher light frequency of the soul consciousness and higher spiritual bodies.  Initiating the process of connecting to the higher electromagnetic frequencies of the personal individual Soul and Spiritual bodies plugs you into the fire codes of the personal divine organic blueprint.


Spiritual awakening and initiation will fire the Kundalini life force energy and raise the consciousness construct into higher levels of understanding.  Neurological pathways may be altered to receive and transmit the higher light codes.  As we receive these codes a higher resonance within the body complex is stimulated and more of the subharmonic levels of the entire soul matrix are absorbed.


In this lull time, in this time of un-happenings, in this time of limbo, that many feel they are in, the integration of these newly absorbed frequencies is occurring.  The integration process is healing, balancing, and transforming aspects of the energy bodies to ensure space is created so that embodiment of the light that you are can occur.  If a tea cup is full to the brim one cannot add milk for taste as the fluid will overflow.  If you tip out some of the excess tea you will have the space for the milk to be added.  The milk is metaphor for the white light, the light that is the morphogenetic field.  Opening to receive this light, in the highest and best way, will ensure ease and Grace of the flow.


The planetary energy is undulating and there is a potential tension that can offer positive change, or heightened chaos.  The change can create the new world link to the energy/light that the many have already anchored upon the surface of the earth.  The chaos can, or will be, the push/pull energy preventing the light from being anchored.  As this push/pull energy plays out there will be a lot of tension in the field.  This creates a potential for either trajectory.


Holding the light high is important at the moment.  It is easy to buy into what the media has projected, what the media has instilled.  Navigate your own path of discernment and ensure you feel resonance in the heart space so that the energy you place your focus upon is of the light, is of love and heartfelt connection to all, so that the change we wish to see first comes from within.


Shifting the elemental structure of the body initiates Kundalini activation which can cause friction/tension, igniting the fire letters, or instruction sets, within creating internal heat.  This shift may cause many other prepatory symptoms which may or may not be felt or recognised.


There are those that may be experiencing body aches and pains, heightening past traumas, and just a general upgrade to the skeletal system/matrix.  There may be changes occurring within the blood system/matrix and some are recognising either high, or low, blood pressure when they have never before experienced it.  There may be changes to the cardiovascular/respiratory system/matrix where one may feel it is difficult to catch their breath, or that using the primary breathing apparatus (diaphragm) is inaccessible.  They may even feel as though their breath has been hijacked, as though they are unable to fill their lungs.  It may be, too, that when doing their normal breath work, they are finding themselves out of rhythm, out of balance with this.


Changes may be occurring within the nervous system, the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system/matrix.  Feelings of edginess, twitching, of sensations under the skin, in the head, gut etc. as neurons are being fired and lit up. The lymphatic system may be upgrading to eliminate toxins, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The integumentary system/matrix may be undergoing cleansing and balancing.  This includes skin, nail, hair etc. and some may find that their skin is dry and cracked, the nails cracked and brittle, the hair may be shedding.  There may be a multitude of changes happening through the body as the digestive system/matrix prepares for purging.  Some are purging the old to make way for the new.  Some may be purging the toxins held within all levels of all bodies.  The endocrine system may need to adjust to all of these changes.


Be discerning of what you may be experiencing.  Trust in the inner guidance you are receiving.  Awareness that this shift, this cleansing period is to create space for the new light codes to be embodied helps to discern if the indicators/symptoms you are experiencing may be in alignment with the shift, or something that may need to be addressed by a medical practitioner.  These light codes that are being filtered into and through the body have internal matching light codes already and as they are integrated, they lock into the field of the already embodied light codes, trigger the transformation and awaken the underlying instruction sets for your ascension process.  This is occurring within all of humanity to some degree.


When one is consciously aware of this, they can choose to align with the energy of this, or they can choose to deny it.  You have a choice and there is no choice that is right or wrong.  It is merely your choice as a sovereign being.  When consciously choosing to allow this transformation, with ease and grace, you can create a process for yourself that will assist you, rather than resist you.  Meditation, chanting, movements etc.  can help you to align with the ‘new’ and you can consciously choose to give the intent for all old energy, that no longer represents who you are, that no longer serves you, to be released in the highest and best way.  Imagine it leaving the body and then give the intent for the new energy, the new light codes, to be integrated in the highest and best way.  Imagine they are being integrated in a way that is appropriate for you.  Trust in the process, trust in the light of your truth.  You have support and you can communicatee with this support group.


Many have asked why it is they feel as though they are going nowhere, or that they have taken three steps back to one step forward.  Many are feeling they are in limbo.  This space in which they are not going anywhere is part of this process.  When in this state all mechanisms/mechanics of control are rested, and the process is facilitated from your highest expression of self/selves.  When you are steeped in the analytical processing, the logical mind control, then this can create blockages to the process.


Allow yourself to wallow in the joy of being in this limbo integrative phase as you move toward, into and through Sovereign Embodiment.  Use this phase to recoup, to self-nurture, to self-enquire, to integrate polarity, to receive guidance, or to just chill and relax.  Love yourself enough to play this game of limbo, without placing expectations upon yourself, or your process.  And so, it is…


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