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What an engaging time it has been these past few weeks. With the cosmic energies at a highpoint there have been a lot of wild and wacky things taking place.  Although I have been experiencing heightened energies prior to June it has been preparation for what we sit smack bang in the middle of.  The non-menopausal heatwaves I have been riding cannot be compared with anything I have previously experienced.  The atomic structure is vibrating at such a high frequency now it is affecting our cells in unique ways.  Even the hairs on my arms feel as though they are hot filaments of fire pricking the skin like a branding iron.  This prickly heat has been intriguing to say the least.

The cosmic astrological phases/Galactic alignments  we are moving through; July 12 – Solar Eclipse on New Moon/ July 27 – Total Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon/ August 8 – Lion’s Gate/August 11 – Solar Eclipse on New Moon is taking us to a place within most of us have not wanted to see.  That place is the inner landscape and unless we have spent some time weeding the emotional gardens and clearing the mental veggie patches things are going to look a little overgrown and messy.  “How does your garden grow”? “With silver bells and Galactic shells all in a row”?


With this intense energetic cycle I have been receiving many downloads and visions but have chosen a couple to share with you as I feel they are important for this period we traverse.

When I sat down at the computer the other day I had every intention of catching up on some bookwork however that was thwarted by the deep (I use the word deep here as it felt as though I had dropped deep within a void as I began to write)and powerful energy that streamed through as I wrote the following verse:


Sovereign and Free

There is a whisper through the winds of change
With a joyous titter, a glimmer of what is unseen is revealed
Many co-ordinates are offered to travel the by-ways and highways
Somehow they appear normal and yet so strange

A cold breeze, a galactic wind tickles the body elements
Awakening codes and memories held deep within our subconscious
Light language beckons to us from the highest light of our intimate self
Assists the processing of our future embodiments

Polarity shifts take place offering us our freedom
No longer trapping us within structures influenced and controlled
Embracing the shadow filaments and integrating them with light
Enabling us to reconstruct our heavenly kingdom

Bringing heaven to earth to create worlds anew
Unifying humans, planets, stars, galaxies, universes, and beyond
We take up our roles as the created, the creators and the creation
Evolving beyond the confines of the third density view

A picturesque world is where one can choose to exist
With crystalline structures held in place by conscious thought
Having pristine elements of earth, air, water, aether and fire
The choice is yours to lovingly accept or resist

Consciously choosing the light we are sovereign and free
Bathed in the colours, tones and harmonics of the flames of creation
Wearing our coats of many colours that blend and merge
In this now moment we are unified and free in our divinity

How random. I had no intention whatsoever writing a verse however it just poured forth.  When put into perspective it aligns with this clearing we are experiencing.  For a moment after it came through I thought I was meant to share it however I was told that now was not the time.  Four days later and I received a message from my guidance team and I will share it with you in its unadulterated form so that the authenticity of the language of light held within it can be felt.



27th July – Vesica Pisces vision for Blood Moon

We share this energy with you today as a transfer/download and it is taking you into a new resonance field. Let us say for a moment that you sit within a sphere of energy that is bright light.  This bright light shines upon you, and you can feel the warmth of it upon your skin.  It feels so warm that it feels as though you are warmed from the inside.  It is a safe feeling of light and warmth.  You have trust in this energy and it feels familiar to you as you have been sitting within this sphere for some time. (What is meant by this is that all of humanity has been sitting within their own sphere of light.  At what frequency this light vibrates depends upon how much weeding and clearing of their inner landscape has been done).  

Now imagine that there is a sphere beside you and it appears to be just that, a sphere. It is not connected to your sphere you sit within and you cannot make anything out that is held within the sphere.  In fact it seems to be completely translucent and you can see straight through it.  You know it is a sphere as you can see the membrane of it in the light that shines from your sphere.  This sphere does not seem particularly interesting to you however imagine that this sphere and your sphere connect and the new sphere moves through your spheres’ membrane creating a Vesica Pisces.   

You see this space, the central unified field of the Vesica Pisces, before you and you know you want to try it out so you step through the membrane into the Vesica Pisces even though you are not sure what is held within this space. You find that when you step into this Vesica Pisces the energy shifts and you feel very emotional.  You even have a tear in your eye (I had an overwhelming emotional moment and did in fact get very teary) however it is a tear of fulfilment and not of sadness.  We use the word fulfilment rather than happiness or joy for fulfilment is so much more.  (Do a Thesaurus check on this, it will surprise you just how vast this word is.  You can actually feel the frequency of it).  This feeling (fulfilment) you have fills you up, it fills your body with love and light and this seems to sparkle or bubble within you.  As soon as you feel this sensation you begin to see sparkles of light dance and play around you within this Vesica Pisces and you know that if you step through the membrane of the Vesica Pisces into the body of the new sphere you will feel this on a larger scale.  You have a choice to sit within the Vesica Pisces and test the waters so to speak or you can step through the membrane and allow the new light, the fulfilling sparkles of light to dance and play in, through and around you.  You feel immediately at home here.   

In fact it is such a strong feeling of home that your heart feels as though it is going to pulse through your chest. Your chest fills with this love/light and you feel it coursing through your body.  (My chest filled to bursting here, as though I could not take in any more breath).  You feel it in every cell, in every atom, subatomic particle and space between.   

Allow yourself to sit within this moment of fulfilment and learn to trust this new light. This new light is you, it is your new self awakened, remembered and embodied.  You have a choice as to whether or not you wish to go through the membrane of the Vesica Pisces into the whole body of your new sphere of light.  It is recommended that you do only what feels right for you.  There is no right or wrong.   

We give this to you today so you can share this as a vision you received in alignment with the Blood moon and the Lion’s Gate. This is a tremendous window of opportunity for clearing. 


I am forever humbled and am so very grateful to receive these beautiful energy transfers I can share with you all.

My crystals are nestled upon Gaia, surrounding my yoga mat as I salute the Moon, the Divine Feminine, Divine Mother, Sophia.

Yoga mat 3 Yoga mat 2

Enjoy your encounter with the Blood moon tonight and love yourself free – Sovereign and Free.

Love and light/love and laughter always.

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