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21st March, 2014 – Smile with your heart.


Welcome to you all.  We are in the midst of the energies of the March Equinox and as many of you know there are radical changes occurring and radical things happening.  These changes that are occurring are affecting all of humanity and many of you will be unaware of this.

The energies that rain upon you are re-establishing the framework for the higher lighter beings you all are.  It is our job to assist you with the reconnection and the realignment of the Higher you with you.  All of humanity is experiencing this.  Some may choose not to raise their vibrations any higher, however, they will be raising their vibrational frequency to a certain extent.  It is each and every individual’s choice as to how much, how high, they choose to raise their vibrational frequency.  Where one is at will determine this.  We have spoken of this before.

We spoke previously of the Divine Feminine energies that have for so long been cast aside, or deeply hidden from all.  The Divine Feminine is, by all counts, the most beautiful energy one is able to connect with.  For the belief that our God, our Source, our Divine Heavenly Father is a father is one of the reasons you have connected with the masculine aspect of Source energy.  Not knowing to allow the Feminine aspect to also integrate within all of you and within all upon this beautiful planet.

To feel the love of the Divine Feminine is a beautiful thing, for our channel knows what this feels like.  It is beautiful, it is loving, it is compassionate, it is fulfilling and so much more.  It is with pure intent that one is able to reconnect with the Divine Feminine.  All one need do is to ask, to trust and to know that one is able to and it will happen.  For too long you have been without this feeling.  Take it upon yourselves to call upon the Divine Feminine energies and ask that they be integrated in the highest and best way.  And so it is.

We wish to share with you also that the coming changes upon your planet will enable you to connect more deeply with who you are, with your True selves.  The veil of separation causing the forgetfulness you experience in your life experiences is lifting or rather thinning.  It is not as the curtain on the stage lifting to begin the new scene, rather it is the fog thinning so that which is on the other side of the bridge can be seen with clarity.  One is now able to cross that bridge with much ease.  The lighter one is the easier it is to cross the bridge.

And one asks, “How do we become lighter?”  By leaving the baggage behind.

Before you cross this bridge allow yourself and your guides and teachers to assist you in clearing out that which you no longer need, that which no longer resonates with who you are, that which no longer serves you.  Your guides and teachers are on hand to assist. However, they are unable to do so unless asked.  Ask Dear ones for that is what they have been waiting for, for so long.  They are with you all for that purpose and it gives them great joy to be asked.


Know that the assistance will come in the way most appropriate for all concerned.  Know that how you want it to happen may not happen that way.  Trust that the way the help is given is the most appropriate for you and receive this with love and gratitude.  It is when you try so hard to have something happen specifically how you want it to happen that can cause delay in you receiving it.  It is Trust.  It is knowing that all is as should be, even though it may appear otherwise.


Thank you.  We shall continue.


Many of you are unaware of the magnitude and magnificence of who you are.  In these coming days you will all have the opportunity to connect more deeply with this higher aspect of yourselves.  It is then that you will begin to see for yourselves the beauty that lies within.  We must all take a moment of each day to reflect on the beauty within.


One asks, “How?”  It is easy to forget the little things that occur.  It might be a smile at something a child does.  That is the Divine Feminine, the beauty within that allows you to appreciate that which you have seen and to smile at it.  That smile will lift you, will raise you vibrational frequency.  It may be a smile you give to another in passing whilst at the supermarket.  That smile they give in return is the Divine Feminine, the beauty in you that is responding to the Divine Feminine, the beauty in the other.  It may be smiling as you place the lady beetle out of harms way.  That smile is the Divine Feminine, the beauty in you connecting with the Divine Feminine, the beauty in and of Mother Earth.  It is love dear ones.  It is whole and it is complete Love.

You are all capable of reflecting on these little incidences that occur throughout your day.  Even though you think you have had the worst day ever.  There will always be something, even though it may be little in your mind’s eye, that you will be able to reflect upon and connect with the Divine Feminine, the beauty within.  There is no little incident dear ones.  The slightest of smiles has the most resounding impact upon, not only another, but also upon your beautiful Mother Earth.

It is beautiful, is it not to be within these energies at this time.  Humanity has so much help now.  We are all so very excited to be with you in these changing times.  We ask that you take that moment at the end of your days, or whenever appropriate, that you reflect, reconnect with and appreciate that beauty, that Divine Feminine.

We love you and thank you all for allowing us to assist in this way.  The channel is filled with love as we work on these communications together.

Thank you also for reconnecting with you.




Fiona M White, March, 2014. We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit and without alterations. © All Rights Reserved 2014.