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The re-emergence of the Divine Feminine is upon you.  You have a doorway open now to receive this Divine energy in all of its glory.  To be immersed in this vibrational frequency is disconcerting for some.  It is difficult for ones that have been so ingrained in the masculine energies to be accepting of this new resonance of Divine Feminine Love.  With an open mind and an open heart one is able to allow this energy to seep ever so slowly into the articulation of cellular structure.  It is necessary to be open to receive and to allow knowing that your own Divinity, your Divine I AM, will enable the integration of these energies in the highest and best way for you.  Do not be afraid of this, be accepting of it.

Many are questioning themselves, their pathways, where their heart lies etc.  Many are questioning the career paths they have chosen, the relationships they are in.  This questioning is conducive to the influx of these resonant chords of heavenly harmony.  It is ok to question these things as this is your heart speaking to you.  Your heart is singing a different song and it is beautiful.  You have so much love within the very core of your being that has not previously been allowed to sing.  It now has permission to sing with gusto.  Let your selves lead in this symphony of choir.  You are your very own maestro, so lead the way conductor.

Every note that resounds a little higher than the next reverberates within your beings.  Sing the tunes you were meant to sing.  Come into that place of comfort.  We are all one choir and it matters not what row of the stage you stand upon.  Whether you are standing on the 3rd, 4th  or 5th row, stand tall and allow your voice to shine, regardless of who is standing beside you.  Regardless of what row upon the stage another may stand.   You could be on the bottom row and have the sweetest of voices.  Your voice will travel far and wide dear ones.  Trust that your heart will give you the strength to project this sweet music from within.

Many notes, many chords, many melodies, make beautiful music.  If another has not quite reached the note you have reached, do not be hesitant in assisting them to raise their head and heart to come into alignment with the higher resonance.  You are all, we are all, in this together.  How beautiful our song shall be.

You awaken within you the gifts, tools, abilities that have been dwelling beneath the surface of the old vibrational you.  These tones you sing will allow these gifts to vibrate to the surface.  They sit deep within your heart and with the voicing of your own song these gifts will surface.  Many are already seeing this, feeling this and experiencing many wondrous changes.  They have chosen to sing their own song, knowing that it harmonises with the All.  There is no incorrect note.  There is no incorrect chord or sequence.  To be concerned that another is not in favour of the notes you sing can make the opera inharmonious.  Trust in the beautiful tones that lie within.

The beauty way is not about the external beauty of who you are.  The beauty way is about the inner voice you have.  The inner voice singing its own song is beautiful and that is what we are here to assist you with.  The angelic kingdom is not ruled by a king.  The angelic kingdom is a harmony of tones, of voices, of frequencies that are of such resonance you would be brought to tears if you were able to hear it.  The ones that do hear it are in awe of the beauty of it.  This beauty lies within every cell of your being, for it is not a look, not an image, rather it is a resonance.  Reconnect with this resonance and recalibrate to it.  Your whole demeanour will change.  Your beauty will shine from within and all will notice the change in you.

How many of you are now ready to sing your song?  How many of you are now ready to share your tones and chords?  How many of you are ready to reconnect with the beauty within?  It is not about just saying yes to all of these questions.  It is about saying yes then taking the steps necessary to allow and to receive the whisperings of the grandeur that lie within your hearts.  If you could see yourself in the light that you truly are, you would be brought to tears of joy.  You are loved and this love can be felt in the harmonies of your heart.  Let the voices of your heart, the magical tones, be heard. Let us all sing with one voice.

In loving light and harmonious tones.

And so it is…


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Photo credit: Lotte Grønkjær