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Our gallant warriors of light are to be commended. You are riding storms or energy light blasts that most of you do not even see or feel.  These rough tides are ebbing and flowing and creating with every inbreath and outbreath.  Manifestations are becoming part of the norm and much of that which you focus upon is becoming prominent in your lives.  Heed that which is said, that which you focus on is becoming prominent in your lives.  Be very mindful of that which you focus on, consider this and reflect upon your desires.  It is a very potent time and one must truly be aware that the energies are amping up, you are becoming more in tune with these energies.

All of you have wisdom and knowledge within you. That which you desire is available to you and the wisdom and knowledge on how to manifest these desires is within you.  You have been told time and again to look within and those of you that do are reaping rewards for your concerted efforts and dedication to the self.  This is an exciting time for all.

We bring to you what it is we wish to talk with you about this day. Long has been the time upon the planet that the energy of the Divine Feminine was so strong.  You are all within this, what has been termed the tsunami of love, and for some you are totally unaware.  Many are feeling the emotional ups and downs.  Many are becoming more in tune with the divine feminine.  It is this re-alignment and recalibration to this refined divine feminine energy that enables these manifestations to come into wholeness much quicker than normal.  Accepting totally the energy for its wholeness, its completeness allows much to transpire.  When one can truly accept this energy in its wholeness, balanced and completely integrated with the Divine Heart of all, the Divine Oneness, one’s own heart portal opens to the extent that the cosmic flow moves in, of and through you with much ease and Grace.

Open your hearts to receive this flow, open to allow the reconnection to the sacred heart, to the reconnection of the sacred heart with the sacred mind. See this reconnection, see the currents of light oscillate between the two, see it light the divine connective fibres so you may reconnect with that which is truly you.  Your higher self waits for this connection, your Divine I Am presence awaits this connection, and when it happens your heart will fill to overflowing with the love you have for you.  Do not underestimate the power of the love you have for your true self.  This love is omnipotent and can take you to places you have completely forgotten about.  It is not that you have never been there, it is that you have merely been separated from the memories of them.

Reconnect and allow the memories to flood back in. Reconnect and allow the might and power of this love to permeate every cell in your body.  It is without doubt the most powerful experience you will ever have.  You are an amazing being of divine light and you have only just begun to realise this.  Self-realisation comes with wonderful gifts and those that can learn to accept these gifts without limitations or barriers will step into their birth right, their cosmic inheritance.

There are some that will show others that it is possible. Many upon earth are still under the belief that seeing is believing.  That which is not seen is unreal in their eyes and so it will be that there will be many that will prove that all of that which we speak of is possible.  You are only able to accept this when you see tangible results.  Open your heart to consider that anything and everything is possible.  Open your hearts to believe that you have all that it takes to make these possibilities realities.

Reconnect the heart with the truth of who you are. Reconnect with the Divinity within.  All of this is available to you all.  Claim it now and walk bolding into the truth of your being.

There is much love and support for you all. Ask and you shall receive.

In a loving embrace you shall receive Grace.



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