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Deep within the recesses of your hearts lays the spark of Divinity that you are.  For many this spark has been covered with layers and layers of what we shall call a protective shield.  This shield prevents them from the hurts that they may have previously experienced.  These hurts lie there deep down, pushed further and further from the surface causing deep sadness and deep feelings of hurt and victimhood.  There is much one can do to bring these hurts, this sadness to the surface, however, one must be willing to and one must give intent for it to be so.

It can be frightening to consider what may come from deep within these crevasses.  It can bring up many feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness etc.  If one chooses to bring these feelings into the light they can be transformed allowing the beauty that lays beneath them to come to the surface and shine from within.  You may ask “How do I bring these feelings to the surface when they hurt so much?”  It is changing ones mindset that will allow one to eventually see these for what they are.  Seeing the truth in the situations that presented these feelings and seeing the truth in how these situations can help you to grow and connect more with the beauty, the magnitude of the love and light that you are.

The entire collective consciousness energy is being transformed at a rate far greater than previously experienced.  This is causing many of these feelings to be brought into your awareness.  This is happening so you can now give yourself permission to clear, to transmute, to transform that which you no longer choose to hold onto.  And that is the key here, what you no longer choose to hold onto.  You all have free choice and you all are able to hold onto whatever hurts, whatever sadness you may feel if that is what best suits you.  Your choice in doing so is never judged, it is allowed.  We ask though that you look at why it is you choose to hold onto them.  Is it because you choose to remain the victim?  Is it because you feel you will not be of worth or even importance to those that have been assisting you in dealing with them?  Is it because the attention you are receiving from being the victim is far more than you ever received before?

We ask that you look at the reasons for wanting to hold onto these feelings of hurt, of victimhood and see the truth in them.  These, seen from a higher perspective, are wonderful gifts, are wonderful opportunities for you to connect more with your higher self and to see that these gifts were lessons given to assist you in your awakening process.  Changing your perspective from victim to that of master is all that is required.  You may ask what we mean by master when only those special ones that have been selected and chosen over the ages are masters.  That is where humanity has it all wrong.  Each and every one of you are masters.  Each of those that you call special masters, that have walked the Earth before you, all told you that you are all masters, sons and daughters of the Divine Source and that you were made in the same image as they themselves were.  You did not believe them, instead you chose to think that they were special and you were not.

These masters that walked before you all had their own hurts, their own feelings of sadness, they chose, however, to connect with their higher aspect of themselves to ask and to learn from the Divine wisdom and knowledge they had within.  You all have this Divine knowledge and wisdom, each and every one of you.  Many of you choose not to believe it due to your own feelings of worthlessness.  Being a master is being able to see the feelings, the issues, the structures, beliefs etc. that keep you bound to these lower vibrational feelings of hurt, sadness, worthlessness etc.  The masters rose above this and you can too.

You are all on the path of ascension and along this path you will be presented with feelings that give you the opportunity to transform, to clear the path.  All that is needed is to connect with the higher aspect of yourself.  Go within and ask what it is you can do to be free of the hurts.  You may not even be aware of how to go within.  Many have told you over the ages of how to go within.  You must still the mind and focus on the love and the light that is centred within your heart space, to your sacred heart.  Imagine your sacred heart space any way you wish and step inside.  You will find there the most beautiful Divine Being of Light that is actually you.  Converse with the you that you truly are and ask what it is that you can do and how it is that you can see a situation differently.  This is your gift to you and each and every one of you is able to connect with the beauty and grace of your own Divinity.

This allows you then to see things from a different perspective.  Some of you may still wonder at how to do this even after you connect with the Divine love and light within.  Some of you may find it all too hard and choose not to and that is fine.  It takes commitment to the self to strengthen the ascension muscles, the master muscles.  It may be that a situation presents itself and instead of rising in anger and reacting dramatically you choose to take a breath and see that that which is presented is an opportunity for you to change the little bits and pieces of the self that no longer serve you, that no longer resonate with you.  It may also be that the situation you find yourself in is not only for you to learn and grow it is also for the other person to learn from.  This is where it is important to allow that person to learn his or her own lessons and to grow in their own unique way.

Your path is similar to theirs in that you are all experiencing the process of ascension into the higher light beings that you are.  Your path is different to theirs in that you are all here for a unique purpose, an individual purpose.  There may be others that have a similar individual purpose and you will be drawn to these people.  You may even be drawn to specific locales around the world.  Where ever you are drawn or to whomever you are drawn it is important to allow others to be.  It is not that you can’t offer for them to take your hand so you may help them.  By all means offer.  However, if they choose not to take your hand then allow them their own experiences and their own wonderful enlightenment.

We thank you all for the work you have already done upon yourselves for as you know when you lift yourself into the lighter refined energies you lift all, including the planet.  It has been a difficult paths for many of you, however, know that you chose that in this life experience because you are the masters that you are and you are able to overcome these hurdles, these obstacles with ease.  Give yourselves permission to become that shining light for others.  Lead the way but be mindful not to force the way.  Others will see the change in you and they will choose that which you have, the Divinity within.

We offer our hands to you so that you may take ours in yours.  We are here to assist you upon your path, your journey into enlightenment.  You are not judged if you choose not to take our hands, you are loved regardless of your choice.

In love, light and grace we embrace.


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