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Until now, in these new refined energies, humanity has been unable to realise their potential. That has changed and you are aware that you are all able to reach your highest potential if you so choose to. What is your highest potential you may ask? Your highest potential is just that, the highest potential you chose before incarnating for the current life expression you are having. Some of you are aware that it is possible to connect with this and remember what it is you chose to do before incarnating. Some of you will remain under the blanket on such matters and that is ok as it is in alignment with free choice.

When you experience a descent, a download of your own energy, you will be able to hone in to finer and more subtle energies. There is a filtration system that applies and you must be able to filter out the old energies to sense the new. The new energies are not outside of the self as you deem they are. They are within the self and within all.

As you download more of your own refined higher light you will begin to feel freer. This freeness is not so much freedom it is lightness and yes in a sense you are free of the density. This lightness will continue and every cell will replicate in this way. It will replicate lightness and it will indeed allow you to feel lighter and lighter as you continue to download more of your true essence self. This lightness, this subtle new energy, is going to allow for much freedom, freedom of density, freedom of entrapment within the matrix of the illusion of third/fourth density.

When you move into this lighter, more refined state of being your consciousness expands. Some will find that it expands little by little in alignment with where they are at within this ascension process. Some will find that their consciousness is expanding rapidly and there will seem to be packets of light wisdom that drops in at moments least expected. These light codes and wisdom packets will be noticed. There will be downloads that will take some time to assimilate and some will assimilate immediately and some will experience a process of integration. Be mindful of when to rest as this rest period will allow for the assimilation process to complete.

We give the metaphor of a wave cresting and a surfer, a man on a surfboard, riding the wave. He is positioned right on the crest of the wave and it looks as though he will crash down as the wave bottoms out. As the wave moves in toward the shore line the bottom of the wave decreases speed. This causes the top of the wave to overtake the bottom and peak, spill forward and then break. Sometimes the bottom or body of the wave has slowed down so much that the point or peak of the wave crashes down with great force. It looks as if the surfer will crash down from the peak of the wave as there is no body of wave to carry the surfer along the length of the wave. There seems to be no other alternative other than for the surfer to go along this path to what will inevitably lead him to crashing and falling off his board.

But what if the surfer could launch himself into the air and remain suspended there until the wave crashed down and then the surfer slowly floats down upon the turbulent water and rides the turbulence with such ease and grace. The surfer remains on top of the turbulence as though he is gliding along without being battered or pummelled. The power of the water has no control over him for he is far lighter than that. The water cannot pull him under as he remains on top as though he is hovering just above the water.

As more and more of the self is able to be assimilated and integrated within the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies it will be as though you are able to hover above, glide above the turbulence of the cause and effect, the polarity reality. The turbulence of others will not affect you. You will be able to walk as though gliding and you will not be pulled down into the powerful turbulent waters.

The ability of the surfer to remain suspended as the wave crashed down is similar to the ability to detach from the situation you find yourselves in and see it from a different perspective. Seeing it from a different perspective, with a lighter mind, allows you to detach. A lighter mind is one that is not encumbered with the heaviness of the ego dragging them down, or of the self-imposed limitations, dragging them back into the same old patterns of lack of self-worth.

These new energies upon the planet allow for this to happen if you choose. There is to be an influx of new energies, of more potent, light-filled energies, within your month of September and when these become present you will be able to harness that energy, to allow it to fill your being and carry you above the waves of turbulence. Each of you is able to do this and each of you is worthy enough to receive these new energies. It is up to you.

You are all receiving this energy as you know however some of you are receiving higher levels of frequency within these energies. Those of you that are receiving these higher levels of frequency are going to find you are presented with more than you have experienced before. You are ready for this and we know you have already opened to receive this as you would not be reading this communication. We share this with you not as a pre-warning but rather as truth for you will feel the changes within.

We ask that you listen to your body. Listen to the moments where you feel fatigue and allow yourself to rest. Trust that you are being guided for this to occur. The rest period allows for the integration of the energies to take place with ease.

There are always doorways of opportunity opening for one that walks upon the earth. These doorways are not always the preferred profound doorways of change. They may be as simple as being offered the opportunity to talk with a friend you haven’t seen in some time. You have free choice to go up to that friend and talk to them or not. The choice is yours however it is a doorway of opportunity presented to you to allow either yourself or that person to receive something, to share in something, to experience something together. When doorways present themselves to you will you notice them for the truth of what they are? And will you walk through them? These new energies will prepare you to see the opportunities available to you allowing you to consciously choose to walk through them. This is foresight and it can allow you to have a more refined intuitive ability if you allow for it to be so. If you allow then you will begin to feel these energies through you in ways you have not felt before.

Your physical structures will be enlightened, so to speak. Your physical structures will be experiencing much higher vibrational frequencies and assimilating these. You will morph into the new human, the crystalline template of the new human. Your new crystalline cellular structure will allow for your physical body to be free of dis-ease and reverse age. Each of you hold codes and templates within that will be triggered when you align with the higher frequencies of self. Now you know why it is important to rest should you feel the desire to do so

Be prepared for these new energies by releasing all that no longer represents the new you. Clear all outmoded belief structures that keep you contained in categorical boxes. Align with the higher light of your truth. Stand in your pillar of light and allow the violet flame of transformation to transform these lower frequencies. Imagine you are standing in your pillar of light and you are engulfed in this violet flame. Give the intent for all of these lower frequencies to be transformed in the highest and best way for all. Know that when you do this work for you. When you do this work upon the self it changes the energy of the entire cosmos. You are all interrelated and you are all a part of the creation of the New Earth. And for that we thank you.

Surf the waves of turbulence with ease and grace. You are able to ask for our support to help you with this and we are waiting patiently for your call for assistance. We hold you lovingly in our embrace and shower you with grace. And so it is…

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