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I woke in the early hours of the morning having the memory of a dream in my mind.  In the dream there was a lot of stuff going on in the background but what my focus was drawn to in the foreground was that I was holding these little gold locks, or latches.


After falling back into a deep sleep the dreaming continued with more of these intricate gold locking mechanisms being shown to me.  It appeared as though I was intuitively unlocking them and when I did I could hold each component of the lock/latch in my hand.  Each little piece represented a piece to a puzzle but it wasn’t presented as a puzzle it was presented as a pattern.



It was within these patterns that I was shown configurations that keep us in “holding patterns”.  “Holding patterns” are, on a certain level, literal representations of self-imposed limitations and restrictions.  Belief constructs, ideologies and archetypal presentations create these “holding patterns”.  We hold these patterns that we ourselves have created in our entire body complex and it is the energy of the “holding” of these that often blocks us from moving forward.


The bracelet configuration of one of these gold latches that was presented in the dream is a representation of the endless cycle, the vicious circle, of cause and effect from all of the accumulated “holding patterns” we are influenced by.



Although I was not presented with an actual key that would unlock these intricate gold locking mechanisms it was brought to my attention that we each have our own tools, our own keys, to unlock the “holding patterns”.  The keys can be found within the fears, doubts, worries and concerns that have kept these intricate gold locking mechanisms from opening.  When we are willing to look within we will find the tools/keys to open the locks, to free us from the “holding patterns” of self-imposed limitations and restrictions.


The dichotomy of it is that we are moving into a new paradigm, a new energetic frequency that has no forward or backward.   This energy is shifting us and moving us into an eddy of energy that moves in all directions, forwards, backwards, sideways, upwards, downwards, diagonally, clockwise, anti-clockwise and then seems to fold back in and upon itself.  There is no linear movement that begins at A and moves us to B anymore that so many of us are finding it difficult to remain steady within the eddy.  Surprisingly the dichotomy here is that we must “hold” ourselves steady within our core self, within our centre of being, our point of neutrality, our zero point field, our inner Zen in order to navigate the new energetic frequencies.



This has been shown to me as an image of the Multi Axis Rotational Chair used in official space training.  The spin cycle of the chair offers the trainee the experience of an uncontrolled spin in a microgravity field.  This prepares them for becoming accustomed to the sensation of disorientation in a tumble spin during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.  Although the chair spins in all directions the stomach region remains at the centre of gravity.  Because the stomach remains in this central point even though you move in all directions you don’t feel sick, you don’t feel as though you are experiencing upheaval.


It is important in these new energies that we return to our inner Zen, our zero point, the stillness within, so that we are more able to remain balanced and unhindered by the buffeting eddy of energies.  How wonderful it is to know that within this space we are able find our own unique tools to unlock the intricate gold locking mechanisms that have kept us limited within the self-imposed “holding patterns”.


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