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Remove the obstacles blocking your pathway – A message from Metatron’s twin flame, Neptha El Ra

You ask what it is that we would like to share with you this day. We have always something to share and it is difficult to pinpoint one aspect as we would like to share many.  For too long now the energies have been consistently upgrading you, however, the energies from 2013 onward have created an opportunity for you all to release that which no longer serves you.  The recent energies of the September Lunar eclipse and September Equinox, along with the October 10/10 gateway and the partial Solar eclipse have given all of humanity the opportunity to release in such a manner that no longer do you have to spend day after day reciting the same affirmations, meditating on the same scenarios.  These energies allow for you now, with intent, to just release all that you choose to release.

It is not a matter of working day after day on shifting those energies within. It is about asking that which needs to be revealed be revealed and asking that it be transmuted in the highest and best way.  And if you are able to step out of old patterning and old limitations you are able now to let many of those obstacles and limiting beliefs go in mere seconds.  Many of you will still have the belief that you must do it a certain way, you must follow this protocol, you must abide by these rules etc.  The energies have allowed you to connect with the Divine You, the I Am, on such a level that was always available but out of reach for many.  We say out of reach only due to the obstacles and limitations placed upon yourself.  Yes you can say that these limitations were placed upon yourself by another, and that may have been the case, however, only a soul that does not truly believe they are a Divine emanation of the Supreme Oneness will allow the limitations another places upon you to hold fast.

However you choose to see these old belief patterns and limitations being released or transmuted from you is right for you. Connect through your sacred heart space, with your Higher Self, with your Divine I Am and ask what best serves you.  It may be that you see a picture in your mind that what was written as a contract be erased using one of your erasers that are placed upon the end of a pencil.  It may be that you imagine that you are walking along a pathway and there is a boulder upon it blocking your path.  It is too big to climb over and the jungle is too dense either side to walk around.  How are you going to see this boulder removed?  It may be that you imagine that it miraculously change its organic compound and it dissolves before you.  However you feel, however you imagine or however you see these obstacles or limitations being transmuted or release is perfect for you.  You do not have to get out a text book or go to a class to be shown how to do it.  You need only trust in you, your higher Divine Self and it will be done.

You are all stepping into more of who you are.   Some may feel this, some may even get pictures supporting this.  Do not be afraid of this.  If there are happenings occurring to you that you do not understand sit in quiet contemplation with the self and you will be shown or given what it is that you would like to know.  It may be that you seek out someone that can assist you in understanding what it is you are experiencing.  There is nothing to fear.  How can you fear getting to know yourself better when the you that you are is a Divine Light Being.  You have so much love for yourself and you wish only to share this with yourself, however, you must allow yourself to accept and receive this love.  It is only limiting self-worth issues and negative beliefs that prevent you from receiving this love.  Ask yourself what it is that prevents you from receiving this love and you are now able to release this with ease.  See this being transformed, transmuted, dissolved or see yourself climbing over it and it is done.  Know this and trust that it is so.  Disbelief in this is what will block you.

You are all supported in many ways. Your entire spiritual entourage, your spiritual family and friends will assist you in any way, however, you must ask for assistance and believe you are worthy to receive it.  You also have the highest and best guide for you waiting to be so much more a part of your life and that is you.  That is the you that you are when you are no longer on the planet.  That is your higher Soul self and you are able to connect in magical ways.  You are able to synchronise events for yourself in ways you never thought possible.  The parking angel is not another entity it is you.  You already knew you needed a park and so you synchronistically created the opportunity for yourself to get that park you were after.  You must believe in the power you have to create all many of opportunities for yourself.

You can create much joy, much harmony and balance, much love, peace and all manner of things. The you that you are, the parking angel that you are, can create all manner of opportunities for you.  Work together as a team.  Do not deny the magnificence of the self.  Do not deny the love that you have for the you that is here in this life experience.  Create the balance in your life, but first you must create the balance within.  Allow the power and no-nonsense attributes of the Divine masculine help you to create and allow the creative and nurturing and ‘let’s put it into action’ attributes of the Divine feminine to bring about that which you wish to see in your life.  This balance can create miracles and all it takes is that you believe in yourself.  We believe in you and we can see the potentials that are before you.  If you could only allow yourself to connect more with the you that is here with us looking at these potentials you would truly be amazed at what you are capable of.

Dear ones we wish only to see you happy and fulfilled for that in turn make us happy and fulfilled. Find yourselves and you will have this feeling, you will be filled with so much love, but you must be willing to allow yourself to receive it.  It is all therefore you and we are all here waiting to assist you in any way you ask for it.  We share our love for you and we ask that you feel the truth in these words.  Allow this love to wash over you, feel it bubbling up from within and filling every cell.  Hold onto that feeling, remember that feeling for you have felt it before.  You are able to create miracles in your life and we suggest you get busy doing so.

In love, light and Grace it is you we embrace….


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