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Gaze into the reflective surface on the still waters of a pond.  It is here we shall see the reflection of the perceptual self.  Are we able to look deeper within the reflected image and seek the self, the true self, that is the reflection of, and that is reflected in and through the image that we see?  This deeper self is the self that knows what it desires and what it is here for.  This deeper self is the true self.


The deeper, aware, conscious self is the entirety of who we are.  The image we see in the reflection is merely an illusion, a mirage in the desert.  A mirage is the result of light bending to move through different air densities caused by variations in air temperature.


The perceptual image, as metaphor, is the result of the light of perception bending to move through the five/six senses to be interpreted as what we see as our reflection.  As a progression of interpretation we attach stories and begin to believe in them.  It is the marriage of interpretation and perception that holds firm the belief that we are that image; we are that picture that is reflected in the still waters of the pond.   We fabricate many masks and costumes to reflect the identity of the character we are not only playing but portraying.


Yet the deeper, true self is the light of quietness in, through and of the reflection.  It is the quietness of light and love.  It is only by dropping into the richness of what is below the surface image that we can find our profound truth.  Our true self knows itself, it knows its profound truth, and it knows what it desires and what it is here for.



When we can consciously accept the richness of self, we can begin to shed the masks and costumes and reveal the quiet light that shines from within the still waters of our inner pond.  When any pebble is dropped into our pond we can either perceive this as a disruption to the surface, as chaos in our sphere of life.  Or we can see this as an opportunity to allow these concentric circles of light to expand outwardly into our sphere of life and to radiate and shine brightly as the quietness, love, light and understanding of the true self.



The free will choice is ours to see it as a negatively or positively charged light.  This negatively or positively charged light radiates out through, not only our sphere of life, but also the planet, the galaxy, and the universe as a pulsation flux that comes from within.  This pulsation flux from within adds to the universal pulsation flux of which we are all connected.


Sitting within the still waters of self, and radiating the love/light quietness and knowing of truth from within, offers to all others the opportunity to connect with their inner stillness, their inner quietness and truth.


Knowing this may help us to see how our metaphoric pulsation flux can have an effect upon the world.  And from this knowing we may choose how we see ourselves regardless of what image is reflected to us.  By changing our perceptual awareness of self we can impact and change the world we live in.



Just by seeing the truth of this metaphor, by understanding it and by choosing to embody the light of the truth of it, has already sent out the greatest pulsation flux energy as energy in motion, e-motion.  Unaware are we of the power behind this flux energy, this love/light quietness in motion.


We invite you to take a moment now to sit within this love/light quiet pulsation flux and to feel, sense and know the truth of this powerful e-motion and let it radiate from within.


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