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Realise the stirrings within your heart – A Message from Neptha El Ra

There will be a moment in the near future that you will all be able to connect even more deeply with the Divine in you. For those that have chosen to walk the path of ascension into the higher frequencies of Love and Light, we say to you that your work has been greatly appreciated as this has aided all of humanity in the expansion into ascension.  Each of you are at a level of understanding and awareness that is appropriate for you.  You have chosen where you want to be in this regard whilst in this life experience.  Not one of you has chosen not to be here at this time.  Oh you have the choice to deny this work, however, we know that because of the work you have already done and because of the work that you are yet to do you will want to claim it.  If you choose ascension you have before you a grand awakening.

We look forward to seeing the light returned to the beautiful planet Earth. We look forward to seeing the light ignited within the hearts of all of humanity.  Some will oppose this light as it will not resonate with them.  That is fine and they are not to be judged for this.  It is through your own divine free will as to how much light you choose to absorb and integrate.  Some of you will absorb and integrate just enough to keep them on the path, some will absorb and integrate such an exponential amount of light that will change their lives.  Those that are here to carry out the grounding work for the ascension process have many roles to play.  Some are already in alignment with these roles, however, some are just stepping into the realisation of the stirrings within the heart.

Trust that you know what it is you have come here for and that your I Am presence will guide you to be where you need to be doing what it is you need to be doing. There are many opportunities that await you.  We have told you before that there are many doorways opening for you now.  Do you have the courage to walk through these doorways?  Allow your fears that prevent you from walking through these doorways to be dissolved.  Remember that although they are dissolved you must then take that physical step through the doorway and then trust that you will be led once inside.  The light behind those doorways is so bright you will never lose your way.

Around your hearts has been an impenetrable wall of defence mechanisms that have prevented you from connecting with the love that is within. These walls are crumbling and you are reeling in the fears of this.  It is the unknown that frightens you.  It is also the knowing that frightens you.  The unknown of what you will find there and if there is something powerful you are not worthy of it, the knowing that you already are a powerful being of light and the fear of being judged by others for it.  Many, many fears dwell within and these are now to be dissolved to allow you to break free of these inhibiting walls that you have place around your Beingness.

Your Beingness is the Divine Essence of who you are. It is your Truth.  Dear ones, when this Divine Essence is ready to go, ready to come into alignment with the you that is here on Earth, you will be in total understanding of your Divinity.  For when this merging, this blending with your True Essence happens you will remember why it is you came here.  You will remember who you are and your Divine purpose.  You will feel a coming home type of feeling and this is total fulfilment, instant top up.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to assist you all in this process. Remember to ask for this assistance and you will receive it.  Do not expect that it will all be done for you as there are things that you will have to realise whilst experiencing this coming home.  You will have to realise that it is you, the co-creator, that is manifesting into your life the life you chose before entering into your life experience.  When you realise that you are a powerful co-creator of your own life then you will be able to manifest what it is you choose.  It may be happiness that you choose, it may be Love that you choose, and it may be peace and harmony for all.  You have the ability to create all of these things and through this all of humanity will be able to come into a more harmonious threshold of unity consciousness.

It is when one chooses to raise their vibration that those ripples spread out and touch another on the other side of the world. It is true what they say that when a butterfly flaps her wings the energy created by this is felt across the globe.  When one shines their light a little brighter all can see it.  Some may choose to ignore it, some may choose to turn away from it.  Do not let this deter you.  The brighter you shine your light and join your light with others across the globe, the more difficult it will be to ignore or turn from.

We ask that you stay true to you and do not fear the light that burns so brightly within. Hold this light high.  We encourage you to share your light with all you come across and do not be attached to whether or not they ignore, turn from it or embrace it.  Just allow it.  We have so much love to share with you all and we do this by assisting you through your difficult times.  Ask and you shall receive.

In Love, Light and Grace it is you we embrace.

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