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As we moved toward the full moon and equinox energies we may have experienced turbulence without even recognising it.  Quite often we don’t recognise the turbulence as we somehow expect it.  Comments such as “Nothing ever goes right for me”, “I am always so unlucky”, “Bad things always happen to me”, are the hidden or buried expectations that we are often unaware of.  They are patterns we have created to help us process, maybe even to justify, what we have been hiding from ourselves or what we have been experiencing.  There is such power in our thoughts, and words, and when we are not consciously aware of this the expectation of turbulent energy, of things not going right for us, of always being unlucky, of having bad things happen to us is exactly the energy construct we attract to us.


Moving through the full moon and equinox phase enabled us to let go of these patterns we have unexpectedly created.  Letting go of old patterns that no longer serve us is like experiencing a metaphoric death of the old self.  We can feel a little discombobulated especially if we do not fully cognise what is happening.  Sleep patterns can alter, moods can swing and mind chatter can move into full throttle.


We may each have a self that holds these belief structures and patterns that chooses to remain hidden, buried or in the shadows, not wanting to step out into the light of recognition.  This light of recognition always seems to shine brightly for us, to entice us out of hiding, out of the shadows, however we must be ready to take that first bold step.


The stage actor must muster his (for the sake of this metaphor I will use a male actor) confidence, his boldness, before stepping into the spotlight.  This spotlight, when turned on, was the cue for the actor to take his position upon centre stage.


If we are not yet ready to let go of patterns that no longer serve us it is like that actor remaining behind the curtain, hesitant to step onto centre stage.  He knows he should, he is the lead actor, yet his fears, doubts, worries and concerns prevent him from doing so.


If the light of recognition is bright enough for us to identify these patterns and belief structures that no longer serve us then we have the opportunity to transform and integrate them, to use them as a learning tool, an experience of growth and understanding.  Transformation and integration of these patterns and structures, (the metaphoric death of the old energy, the old you) allows the new you to shine brightly from within.


The light that you shine is not a man made synthetic spotlight; it is an organic brightness, an organic lightness to your being that can attract more of the lightness and brightness of “Good things always happen to me”, of “Everything always goes right for me”, of “I am always so lucky”.


As the curtain falls upon that scene of the old energy patterns that you played out over and over you are now able to change the settings for the next scene.  Prior to your inner brightness and lightness the sets for the next scene were already prepared and ready to be rolled out onto the stage, however, now that you shine this new organic brightness and lightness you are able to consciously choose your own new sets and new costumes.  You can even throw away what you have memorised of the script and adlib.  With your new brightness and lightness taking you to centre stage the words flow flawlessly and the other actors upon the stage are immediately able to slot into the slip stream of this new energy flow and a new scene is re-written as quickly as it is acted out.


You all become not only the actors but the script writers, the producers and directors.  Sub scenes are created within the production to align with the new energy, the new brightness and lightness, producing a magical stage production without fault.


We have often allowed others to write our script for the scenes we play out in our life only to find that the reason it was written for us is to prevent us from stepping into our own recognised brightness and lightness.  Allowing others to write our script, to write the scenes for our play, to produce and direct our play will prevent us from stepping into our own brightness and lightness.


By re-scripting your own stage production you can stand in the synthetic spotlight knowing that your organic brightness and lightness will shine brighter.  Your stage production will get rave reviews and the theatre will be packed out night after night making it difficult for the critics to denigrate you.


Set the stage for a new production by letting go of the old you to create the space for a flawless flow of “Good things to happen”, of “Everything to go right” and “To always be lucky”.



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