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Neurological pathways are being quickened within the brain structures of humanity.  It is this quickening that will enhance the electrical impulses, the synapses, to align with the higher frequencies which are offered to all upon Earth at this time.  Although many of you will be unable to detect theses electromagnetic alterations you will still be experiencing them to the level of light you not only hold within currently, but also in alignment with the level of light you will be receiving.

It is as if the electricity is coursing through the electrical wires coming from the mains box, the electrical mains switch, to the light bulb in the attic.  This light in the attic was only necessary for use on occasions either to store, what you perceived as, old unwanted items or items not in use or to retrieve them.  This light was hardly used and although the light bulb was still in working order it seemed as if the light emanating from the bulb had dimmed over the years.  This lightbulb is now of such a brighter wattage that it glows white, much like the new LED lights that are available for use.  It is now that you turn the light on in the attic and realise the extent of the ‘stuff’ you have stored and realise that a lot of it can be discarded or put into use or shared with others.  It has illuminated that which needs to be cleared out to create more space and to clean out the cobwebs so to speak.

The re-wiring or quickening you are experiencing is much like that.  It too is clearing out the many cobwebs that have stored within your spiritual brain centres and this will enhance your ability to re-connect with your Divine I Am presences.  It is a re-merging, a re-blending that is occurring and this will allow you to be able to receive much of the higher light frequencies coming to the planet in the remainder of this year.

There is much happening upon the planet and this is evident in the cleansing process that the Earth herself is experiencing.  In order to remain in alignment with these energies it is vital that the physical bodies be upgraded or quickened.  Of course we say to you that you do have free choice and if you choose not to experience this in this life expression you will in fact experience it to some degree for each and every one of you chose this before coming into your current life expression.

It was agreed upon before incarnation and so it is you will experience the level of quickening you chose to in order for you to carry out your proposed contracts.  These contracts were not something that has bound you to agreement with another, they are contracts you took out with the self before incarnating.  Although this choice was made not only by yourself but also with your divine council you are always your greatest guide, and the highest guide of the highest order, to yourself.  When you choose to remember this and to re-connect with this knowing you will be astounded at that which will present itself to you in your waking days.

We are so happy to be with you in these coming times, these coming moments and we shall be of assistance to you all when we are asked to be.  By allowing your guide set, your divine council, to assist you with this process you are opening up the channels of communication to not only your Highest self, your I Am presence, but also with divine council.  There is nothing that would please us more than an invitation to be an active participant in your life, in all of your experiences, all of your relationships, your careers and your remembrance of the self.  We are so excited to be a part of your life we are like a kid in a lolly shop.

We ask you all to take a moment each day to consciously connect with the self.   All that is required is to sit in silence and to say in your head, “I consciously choose to connect with my Highest Self” and then be witness to what takes place.  Do not look for anything, do not expect anything, do not doubt, do not berate the self for anything.  Just be and when you can be, even if only for a minute or two, then you will find that your highest self will assist you to lengthen the communication.  Over time, we refer to your linear thinking of time, you will notice that the frequency you tap into when you are sitting in silence, just being, will be raised and you will have to be aware that as these changes occur you will also need to change.  All that is required is to tune into the higher frequency channel that you are and turn the dial to the most appropriate stations, the one that gives the most clarity.  We say to your dear ones that the station that gives the most clarity is the channel of Highest Light and this is you, your Divine I Am.

Please be aware that all that is required is the intent.  After intent is given you can sit back and relax.  Place no expectations on the outcome.  Place no should or should nots on what you are to do.  All that we ask you to do is to ‘just be’.  Hand it over to us and you shall find that many things will unfold right before your eyes.  It is then up to you to see with clarity what you are looking at and to feel the truth in it.  That truth is you, the truth of who you are.  This is what we wish for you to see, to feel, to be.

In terms of what is the right way or wrong way to do this, there is no right or wrong way there is only your way.  Just do it your way, and we have all heard that beautiful song have we not – ‘My way’ (by Frank Sinatra).  You could sing this, ‘I did it/do it my way’, throughout your days and it will empower you to be true to you.  This is so important for many of you at this time.  Many of you are feeling the pull through your heart strings.  The truth of who you are is wanting to be plucked liked the strings of a guitar, harmoniously, joyously and creatively.  The symphony of harmonies lies within and you are all able to play whatever melody you choose to, however, you will find that the melodies you play will be those that elevate your being into the higher octaves of light, the higher self.

Come join with us, with our ‘syndicate of symphonies’.  We open our arms to receive your harmonies and melodies because when these are played in unison the orchestrations are heavenly.

In loving Grace we hold you in our embrace.  And so it is….  Namaste.

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