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Today is the first of the month you call February.  It is within this month that the special day of Valentine’s is celebrated.  There is much love that is expressed upon this day and even leading up to this day.  Many thoughts are on this day and many thoughts are all about love.  The vibrational frequency that is raised due to these thought processes are beyond your comprehension.  We can see this and we know how this benefits not only all of humanity but Gaia herself.  The shift that this love, that this compassion, creates is immense and so it is we use this date, your 14th of February, 2015 as a significant date for those that choose to integrate the higher resonance of love.

You have all been offered this opportunity and it is well with those that choose not to take advantage of this.  They will not be judged and they will certainly not be missing out on the influx of energies.  They too will still receive those energies that are showered upon you from on high, however, again it is their choice whether or not they choose to integrate them.  And it is that these energies will literally be showered upon you from the cosmos and this will heighten and enhance the love energy that can be felt among the people upon the planet.  The planet herself will receive these energies and will integrate them, hence advancing her light quotient.  Those that are not of light or that have chosen to dim their light will feel this and will be in chaos within.  This chaos they feel within can be expressed outwardly so expect to see or witness some that have been derailed so to speak after the event of your Valentine ’s Day.

We give this to you now so you may choose to prepare yourselves to receive these energies with ease and Grace.  It is all that is required, the intent, to receive them with ease and Grace and so it shall be.  This love energy that is to be shared will further escalate the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.  Those that are balanced in this area have so much peace and understanding within that their light shines brightly allowing others to be guided as they walk beside them.  It is this balance that allows one to soar to even greater heights.  It is the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies that allow one to don their vehicle of light and ascend to greater heights.  This is what is available for you all now as we walk this path with you.  It is your choice and it is your gift from you to you.  Receive it with open arms and you will feel the love wash over you.

We understand that many of you are faced with difficult times.  Many of your friends, even yourselves, may be faced with much upheaval in many aspects of your life.  Relationships may be crumbling, business ventures may be falling over, financial situations are becoming desperate and as you listen to the words we speak about love energies and love washes you wonder at how we can say that love will help.  There is only love dear ones and although you find yourselves in difficult situations it is not until you can centre yourself in the love within your heart that you are able to accept each situation for what it is.

There are many that are having financial difficulties and although we know that love will not pay the bills so to speak it is that by holding love within your heart you may realise that you have reached this point in your life that you, your higher most divine aspect of yourself, knows that it is time for you to realise that the material possessions in your life are no longer necessary.  And so it is this little push you need to release the extra things you have acquired to assist in the paying of bills is just what you needed to realise that those things do not matter anymore.  You must trust that the higher most divine aspect of you, your I Am knows exactly what it is that is for your highest and best.  When you can open this doorway of communication to your I Am you will be surprised at the level of knowledge and wisdom you possess.  And you will also be surprised at how you feel about those material possessions after you have released them.  You sit back and understand that they truly were not what made you happy.  What makes you most happy is the relationship you have with you and this dear ones is why you are here in your current incarnations upon this beautiful planet.  It is you with you that you have been seeking.  It is you with you that will fill the void within, not the motorised toys, not the fancy decorations or homes.  You begin to realise that the most valued possession you could ever have is you.

The power in these words is immense.  Feel the love we have for you when we speak of this.  Feel the love that you have for you when we speak these words.  Feel the love wash over you for the you that is your most divine expression is with you as you read these words.  It is this love you have for you that you feel and it is beautiful.  Allow yourself to receive this love and allow yourself to integrate this love with ease and Grace and it shall be so.  Sit quietly for a moment to allow these feelings, these energies to ignite within your sacred heart centre, the connection to you, to the highest divine expression of you, your I Am presence.

You wonder at how it is that these words can be felt.  We have mentioned before of the power of love and we have also mentioned before of the sacred language of light, what many upon your planet term the 3rd language.  We do not place a name upon this language for there are many languages.  This language is of light, it is of love, it is of frequency, it is of wave lengths, it is of magnetism, it is of radiation.  It encompasses all, it is all.  It is the language of the One and it is beautiful. This language, and we shall use ‘language of light’ as a reference for you, can be felt in all situations you find yourself in.  This language is what your I Am speaks to you.  This language is what can be felt, can be heard, can be known, can be seen.

It can be seen in the most unobvious places.  It can be seen in the supermarket as you watch the mother cradle the crying baby in her arms as she moves through the aisles selecting her groceries.  It can be felt when your puppy dog rushes to see you at the end of your days’ work.  It can be known when you see two parrots upon a branch pruning and caressing each other for their love is lifelong.  It can be heard in the loving voice of wise older gentleman as he says “I love you” to his dying wife.  Open your hearts to allow yourself to feel this love.  Open your hearts, and with intent, allow this love to wash over you.

Understand in that moment when you feel this love that there is so much more where that came from.  You are the storehouse of this love that you feel and your storehouse is a never ending supply when you allow it to fill up from the Divine Creator of all that is, from the energy of the One.  So you see when we say there is only Love, this is what we mean.  You now have the choice to fully grasp this concept, or not.  The you that is your divine highest version is waiting ever so patiently for you to fully reach this understanding and when you do and open your arms to receive you will be taken to heights you never imagined possible.  It is beautiful, it is Divine, it is Love.

And so it is….



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