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Planetary ascension is key to the internal and external changes happening within ones sphere of life. All of those that have taken a conscious decision to assist in the planetary changes and shifts are aligning with the higher frequencies and gamma ray waves of light that are being showered upon the Earth and all who inhabit her. It is a pleasure to be with you in this cycle of your evolutionary growth and understanding and many are expanding into full remembrance of their purpose and mission for choosing to be here at this moment. While many of you are totally unaware of that which is happening in regards to the elliptical energies those of you that are aware are indeed doing what is in alignment with the highest aspect of you. Never before has humanity had an opportunity like this and it is important for all to take the time in these energies to align with the divine I Am. By aligning with your divine I Am you align with the divine I Am of every man woman and child upon the planet, within the Earthly planes, the planet herself and with all other sentient beings in the Omniverse. This is indeed a difficult concept to grasp however we say to you that you are indeed able to do this.

Telepathically you will be able to connect more profoundly to your I Am presence and with other sentient beings whether you call the Angels, Guides or Teachers. You have the opportunity to open your communication channels and to allow for intimate relations with your highest guide which is you. Open to receive the exchange of energy, from you to you,  the flow of universal love and light to allow for greater expansion of consciousness. Holding yourself in the same old dark patterns, the habitual negativity, the ‘Oh poor me’ structures will inhibit this flow and exchange of energy and will keep you limited in so many ways. Unburden yourself and let go of the old energies, patterns structures and sense of victimhood to allow for expansion into the greatest version of the self. You are divinely guided in these times and if you choose to accept this guidance, bearing in mind all you need do is to ask and give permission for it, and then you will begin to notice the synchronistic events that occur in your life.

It is important to realise that with these new energies change is absolute. There will be much in your life that will change to a certain degree and many fear change. What is it about change you fear? Is it that you will no longer have control of your life, your situations, and the people in your life etc.? Or is it that remaining where you are, not only geographically, but emotionally, mentally and physically, it serves you? Does it serve you to remain the victim as this is the only place you receive attention from others? Does it serve you to be the martyr? Does it serve you to be in authority over others as your need to have power over others dominates all in your life? These are the many questions you can ask yourself and if you are willing to let them go then you can flow gracefully with this change that is available for all of you.

You may ask “How do I let go of this old energy, these old patters, habits and structures”?   And we would say to you “By giving the intent to do so”? In these available energies you have the greatest opportunity to connect more profoundly with your highest aspect, your divinity. By giving intent to release your old structures etc. you give your higher self, your divine I Am permission to empty the baggage, the old energies from your many bodies. Some of these energies are so ingrained that there may be a process involved where things or situations will present themselves to you so that you see them for what they are and understand them for what they. They are an opportunity to acknowledge the old habits, programmes and structures or the need to retain them as they serve you. When you acknowledge something you are then able to make a choice about whether or not you choose to retain them or to discard them by asking your higher self to transmute them in the highest and best way. All of you have the free choice to do either and none will be judged for their choice. Regardless of this we say to you that your highest version of you is waiting to have the most beautiful loving close relationship with you and we ask you if you really want to turn away from that by allowing fear to grip you.

There is nothing more exciting for all of us than hearing you ask for assistance and choosing to allow for direct communication with your higher divine self. We sit and wait patiently for each of you to make your choice and even though you may choose to remain in the illusory separation game of the third dimensional matrix we will still be there for you, loving you, supporting you and watching over you. We will be unable to assist you unless you ask for it. Should you choose to ask for assistance you will indeed receive it and we ask you to not lay expectations upon how you receive it or when you receive as it may come in many unexpected ways. It is important to note that when you ask for the highest and best outcome it may not be the outcome you expected and therefore you can try to control the outcome or deny the outcome. Understand that your highest version of yourself, your divine I Am knows what is best for you and when you can hand over the reins of control and allow your greatest guide to guide you, trusting that all is as should be then you will notice miracles in your life every day.

Synchronicity is the flavour of the times in this new energy and when you can recognise synchronicity, acknowledge it and allow it and it will unfold in many beautiful ways. You all know of the parking angels that assist you in finding a park at the right moment in the best position for you. This is a synchronistic event that occurs with the assistance of the higher aspect of you in alignment with the higher aspect of all involved including the person who decides to pull out of the park at precisely the right time. It is a network of joyous communication and awareness that is available to you all and when you choose to connect with it you will find yourself experiencing so much more and finding that you are doing so with delight.

It may be that you are transferred from you current position in your work place and have to move to a new location. This new location takes you away from all family and friends and puts you into an environment you feared. For what you feared most was separation from your family. And so it is your higher self has placed you in this position so you can address this fear, confront this fear and learn to trust that your higher self knows what is best for you to release that which prevents you from having a closer communication and connection with your divine I Am.

It is important to trust dear ones for this is where your greatest gifts lie. Trusting in the higher aspect of you allows for greater peace, joy, harmony and bliss in one’s life. We know that many of you seek this and we are here to assist you in doing so. Open to receive the greatest version of you. Open to receive the truth of your being. Allow for this integration and you will begin to see the changes in your life. Through your own divine I Am you are giving yourself the greatest gift you possibly could. Allow change to be a part of your life. Embrace it as we embrace you. And so it is…   Namaste.

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