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We communicate with you and through you this day to bring wonderful news for all upon the planet. Gaia has indeed been cleansing and it is through this cleanse that she has lifted much of the alter energies that have caused her much pain. Through the wonderful work of the lightworkers who have so diligently assisted in the release of here stagnant energies she is birthing anew. We are truly on the cusp of much monumental change and this change will affect each and every one of you. Do not be discouraged that you are experiencing hard times, difficult situations, health issue, general fatigue and imbalance. All of this is necessary for humanity to go through as you are all cleansing, aligning and balancing that which is discordant or inharmonious in your lives.

Whenever one experiences such cleansing one can expect that there will be a process of integration following this. Many of you may think that you have done all of the hard work clearing this and that, then what. It may seem to you that nothing has changed or that nothing is happening. It is important to realise that the process of integration of the newer, the higher light energies is a necessary must so one can be recalibrated to hold this energy within. We have mentioned this before and we will say it again so you are familiar with this and do not lose hope. Change is imminent for all of you. How one is ready to receive these changes is relevant to how it will affect them and what it will bring through for each of you.

We tell you this night that what this energy merge will create within all of you is the opportunity to connect more profoundly with the I Am presence of the self and of all of humanity. It will also allow for greater expansive awareness that you are able to connect more profoundly with the I Am presence of all beings of light in the outer realms. We offer ourselves to you for communication with you and we would like you all to consider that it is indeed possible for you to have a similar dialogue with your own team, your council, your own guides and teachers not to mention you own divine I Am. This is the most exciting news we can give you for there is nothing better, nothing more like the feeling of home than the connection of you with the grander version of you. You truly are divine beings of light and when you are able to drop all preconceived ideas, programming, structures and limitations you will have the experience of your life.

There are many upon the Earth that are trying their best to keep you bound to the darkness of the old 3 dimensional matrix. We say old for this 3 dimensional matrix is truly a shell compared to what it was as Gaia has lifted herself beyond this mesh network of darkness. Although it may not appear to you that this is the case due to certain events that are happening which are causing so much pain and suffering to many especially in certain countries. Please understand that much of this has surfaced so it can be cleansed and released. When one is able to take oneself out of the conventional approach of seeing things and look from within the heart space, the sacred heart, one can see that what is happening upon the Earth is for a purpose. This purpose is to ensure that humanity raise their awareness and levels of compassion to keep the light shining bright. When you are able to hold love and compassion for your fellow humans you are able to hold the love and compassion for Gaia herself. By holding the love and compassion you are acting as the conduit of light and of love and are able to anchor this into every cell of your being and into the Earth.

There has been much speculation over the pillars of light that have been witnessed across the globe. These pillars are indeed pillars of light, of cosmic light which are activating sacred geometric codes not only upon the surface of the Earth but within her inner planes. The inner plane beings of Agartha are aware of these light structures which are assisting in the reactivation of portals, Earth chakras and Master crystals. The underground networks of crystalline grids are creating much upheaval in the tectonic plates causing unexpected earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and disturbances amongst the animal kingdom.

There are many animals that are feeling the tetrad moon energies beginning to filter through and they are aware that this is a major phase in the cycle of ascending expansion upon the planet. Humanity is expanding in conscious awareness and so too are the animals and elementals. The highest resonance of energy that will filter through to the planet from a cosmic occurrence billions of light years away will reach crescendo around your 28th of this month. There is much talk upon the internet of this occurrence and how it will affect humanity. Regardless of the intensity of the energies that filter through you will be lifted to the most appropriate resonance for you. This applies to the animals and elementals as well. All upon the planet will have some sort of energetic upgrade from these cosmic and galactic gamma waves. It will be a process of re-calibrating to them that one must allow. Trust and know that you will only receive the amount of these wavelengths that you are able to tolerate and integrate. Your own divine I Am is your personal regulator of these energies.

All of you are able to communicate to your higher selves how much you would like to experience and how you would like for them to be processed within and without of you. We are so excited to be sharing this information with you and we ask that you be aware that you have our assistance at any time you choose. Just ask and we will be there. We look forward to meeting many of you as the veil drops. Many will be able to see beyond the veil, hear beyond the veil and have an understanding of the master they are. All of this is available to all of you. Your own inherent gifts and abilities will be revealed to you if you are able to be in the most appropriate resonance to receive them. One must also allow for these gifts and abilities to be integrated and anchored.

Moving one’s self into balance, divine feminine and divine masculine balance, will ensure one can align with their gifts and abilities in the highest and best way. Be mindful though that should one choose to use their gifts and abilities for self-aggrandizement or any other purpose that does not align with love then one will find they will be unable to access them. With greater awareness, with inherent gifts and abilities comes great responsibility not only to the self but to all of humanity and to the earth herself. We are all intricately connected through the filaments of light that are, along with DNA, the building blocks of creation. When humanity understands this, truly understands this, there will be no wars, no deceit, no hatred, no need for revenge etc. Life will truly be harmonious for all of you. There will be no poverty, no control over others mentality, no need to prove that one is better than the next. The ego will be balanced and aligned with the I am presence and life will be a breath of fresh air for all of you.

We would like you all to take a moment each day to connect with your higher self, your divine I Am, and feel the love you have for you. Take a moment to just say hello. Open the communication channels with your higher self by having a conversation out loud as if you are speaking to another in the room. Talk as though you know yourself and tell yourself the things you are concerned or worried about. Ask for resolution to imbalanced situations. And may we say that when you ask be prepared to step back and allow your higher self to guide you to be where you need to be, doing what you need to do and speaking with whom you need to speak with to create such balance. Give yourself over to the divine aspect of yourself and walk hand in hand with trust. Although we are your loving guides and teachers your greatest guide and greatest teacher is you. And so it is we love you and hold you in our embrace giving you the strength and courage to take a step closer to your divinity. And so it is…


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