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Divine cosmic radiations of light/energy is encompassing all within and upon your planet and within your galaxy and universe.  Pulsations of light are humming and beating in rhythm with the new templates and grids.  Recalibration of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies is happening en-masse.  The hums and beats of these intense pulsations of light are causing shifts and realignments which bring about many diverse indicators that you are recalibrating.  The crystalline structures within your physical bodies, within your bones, are recalibrating to the new crystalline silicon based bodies, moving out of the carbon elemental structure.  New crystalline light filaments within your bones, your entire physical structure, are aligning with the new crystalline grid of Gaia.  All of this is occurring and many are unaware of it.  Many of you that are aware of these changes are assisting by aligning with the new earth templates and grids.  And in doing so you are creating the refined pathways of light for others to follow.  Never before has there been such a shift of such magnitude and you are all experiencing it to some degree.  What a blessing it is as you are being advanced up the ascension tree of light.

Some of you may be feeling as though you are not attuned to your highest purpose and mission and that makes you feel as though you should be doing more. You feel as though life is slipping you by and you are not achieving what you feel you should be achieving.  You know you are here for purpose and yet you cannot put a finger on what that purpose is.  The ascension process is a plan that was divinely decreed to lift humanity out of the density of the third/fourth dimensional timeline into the fifth dimension as a collective.  Some are being shifted into fifth, sixth and higher frequency alignments however as a collective you are being shifted into fifth dimensional light and aligning with the multidimensional self.  (We do not like to put a number upon these dimensional frequencies as there is no real delineation of levels however for the purpose of linear explanation we use them to assist in the comprehension of the message).  It is the purpose of all of you to assist in the ascension process by being the conduit of the higher light of the self and of Divine Mother’s love.  Holding this higher light and love within the physical body and anchoring it into the crystalline heart of Gaia is why you have chosen to come.   Yes you will have certain missions, duties, tasks or callings that will guide you into the necessary synchronicities and alignments, however it is everyone’s true purpose to be the holder of the higher light of the self and conduit for divine Mother’s love.  Are you willing to accept the role of conduit and allow yourself to settle into the new timeline knowing you may just be one that is here to hold the higher light for your family so that your children can be brought up in alignment with this light and love?  Are you able to allow yourself to be one that tends to the garden and assists the elementals in holding the light and anchoring it into the heart of Gaia?

We say to you that there will be such a pull to be of service to others that you will feel inclined and motivated to help others in some way. This can be misconstrued as thinking that others need help, however unless others ask for help we suggest to you to concentrate on bringing yourself into alliance with the higher self, highest soul self, and your guide set.  When you are able to bring into balance all that is out of balance with the higher light of self and Mother’s love then you will be in the most favourable position to assist others should they ask for it.  As all the masters that have ever walked upon the earth have said ‘go within’.  Many have not fully understood what is meant by that and we say to you that by going within you will see that which is out of balance allowing you to release what it is causing the imbalance.  When you are willing to truly see your shadow self reflected before you, to accept and acknowledge the shadow self and to thank it for showing you the greatest gifts then you will be able to release what no longer resonates with the higher light of your truth.  Going within allows you to see truth of self so that truth of self can be worn as garments without.  It is always best to have a shower and wash the body of dirt and grime before adorning fine garments.  So too is it best to cleanse and release the heaviness and density of the lower frequencies, of the shadow self, or lower mind ego self, before attending the ascension party in your new garments of light.

It is such a pleasure to watch the levels of light increase upon the planet. If you could look upon the planet from a satellites point of view you would see millions of sparks of light, much like pins in a pin cushion where the pin head represents the spark of light.  These sparks of light are expanding into the new timeline/grid and as they expand they are linking with other sparks of light creating a unified field of light.  This unified field of light is spreading rapidly across your planet and this light show, this light fusion, is being witnessed by all within the higher realms.  We say that again – this light fusion is being witnessed by all within the higher realms.  Understand that within the third/fourth dimensional construct there are certain light vibrations that are opposed to the level of light that is blazing across Gaia and these lower light vibrations are acting out with a push/pull energy backlash. It is important to stay grounded into the crystalline heart of Gaia and stand firm in your own pillar of light so as not to be pitched and rolled about in the turbulence of the contrasting opposing light energies.  Go within and find balance in these variable energies and allow yourself to ride the waves of light with ease.

You are to be congratulated for getting yourselves to this place you are currently in. It has taken many of your earth years and many eras and you have chosen to attend the ascension party throughout many of the milestones you have experienced as a collective.  It is time now for your consciousness, your light, to expand and touch upon the consciousness of your fellow light traveller.  You are a unified force of light and together you will change the planet.  Welcome the new Gaia, the new planet of light and love, because that is why you came here.  You are being watched, guided and assisted by many in the higher realms and many of those are you, the higher light of your truth.  And so it is…


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