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Distance is a myth.  So many of us often feel distant from our centeredness, from our core self, our true self.  There is no distance if we can perceive that energy is all that is.  The true self, the true alignment with self is already there, however we may often still feel distant to the true self due to the perspectives we hold.


Let us say for the moment that we are walking through a forest.  A gap in the trees shows the ridge line of a mountain range in the distance.  Immediately we may perceive that the mountains are in the distance and we have a long way to go to reach them.  We may also perceive that it may take a long time to get there.  In the energetic construct of the illusion we find our self in this is usually the case.


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If, for a moment, we can see beyond the confines of the illusion, we could see that the mountains are right there with them in the experience of witnessing them.  We can even choose to be right at the base of them in an instant if our perception allows us to consider this.  Consciously we could take our awareness to the base of the mountains, and imagine we see them looming overhead.  We can imagine seeing the rocky outcrops, trees, plants and paths that may lead up the mountains.


Of course we could think that our imagination is running wild.  What if the imagination was allowed to run freely and we could see not only the trees, plants, paths that wound up the mountain but also the crystal clear water in the streams, the animal life both on the land and in the water.  What if when we actually walked there and found ourself at the base of the mountain all that we imagined was a correct representation of how it truly is?  What????  That could be perceived as an overexcited imagination and how weird and coincidental that it looked exactly like we imagined.


Have you ever had that happen in your life where you imagined something to be a certain way, only to find that it actually is?  Have you ever heard the phone ring and imagined that it was a certain person ringing and it actually was that person?


What if it was not weird, or just coincidental?  What if there was some energetic connection that allowed our imagination to see it as it was before we imagined it?  Or what if the way we imagined it created that reality for us?  Will we ever know the true answer to that?  Does that mean that our imagination could be seen as our psychic senses?


Never underestimate the power of our imagination.


Looking at this another way we could delve into a place deep within that knows things that the outer self is not aware of.  Hypnosis can access this knowing.  What  if this place within, this knowing, can be represented as a scout, a guide, that is stationed one step ahead and checks all options, checks the terrain, and ensures the path up the mountain is clear so that we don’t get ambushed?  What if this scout is always offering us guidance, however we never accept that guidance because we are not even aware that the scout exists?  Maybe we are aware we are getting guiding nudges but choose to ignore them, or even deny them?


Maybe the scout has been relegated to the “imagination station” and is prevented from moving beyond the station barriers.  Maybe we prevent the scout from going ahead to check the lay of the land due to our fears, doubts, worries and concerns.  If we try to explain to someone how we knew where the waterfall at the base of the mountain ranges was would they believe us?  How do we explain to them that we just knew and we had no scientific evidence to prove it?  Do we fear how they would perceive us?


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It seems the older we get we park our imagination in the “imagination station” and leave it there to gather dust, and to erode its connection to us.  Our imagination is a part of who we are.  It is a divine gift, given as a communication bridge between the conscious mind the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind.  It is across this bridge that we can walk into an aligned state of being.  This alignment will be appropriate to where we are on the awakening scale, or on the ascension timeline.


The bridge itself will be presented to us in alignment with our perceptions of reality.  If we perceive we are a victim, a casualty of reality then our bridge may conceal a troll that lives beneath it, ready to either block our path, or to prevent us from taking the ascension timeline journey.  We are more than just the physical aspect of self.  We are a divine being of light and it is our birth right to cross the bridge.  Our imagination can play with this and we can see this bridge anyway we choose.  Some may see it as a rainbow bridge of light.  Some may see it as their tree of knowledge they can access at anytime.  What the bridge represents for you is appropriate for you.


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Parking our imagination in the “imagination station” is metaphor for not allowing the inner child to come out to play.  The inner child allows the creativity of the divinity within to overflow with inspiration, free expression, creativity and candidness.  As we get older and more settled in our ways in the business of everyday life, our imagination is given little scope for expansion, for playfulness.  We can very easily become dispirited, dour, and maybe even sour about life and what life offers us.  This is the sense of feeling distanced from our true self.


What do you want life to offer you?  Would you like to experience more playfulness, fun, creativity, free expression?  Would you like to feel spirit-ful?  Or would you prefer to remain dispirited?


Choosing to take our imagination out of the “imagination station” allows us to express playfully and creatively as we walk across the rainbow bridge of light.  Feel free to join us?


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