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The planetary alignments are causing the shifts you are experiencing at this time.  The energies of the full moon of June, moving into the June solstice is what is causing the integration of these higher vibrational frequencies.  We, as a collective, have chosen to move into these higher states of awareness and so it is you are.

The breaking down of the limiting structures within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies are causing many to feel as if they are being churned from within.  This churning is in a sense quite literal as the energies are moving, shifting, dissolving and allowing for the higher light particles to emerge.  These particles are already within each and every one of you and these particles are emerging and blossoming to reveal more of who you truly are.

With the intensity of the moon phase energies at this time comes the intensity of the Divine Feminine energies.  This nurturing, loving energy is allowing for the dissolution of the old self.  To accept and acknowledge love of self is how the true self will emerge.  The true self, balanced in masculine and feminine, is much like the caterpillar in the cocoon emerging into the grand butterfly that soars in delight under the golden rays of the sun.  The breaking down of the cocoon is the dissolution of the old self and the emerging butterfly is the emergence of the Divinity within.  This balance of feminine and masculine energies is the wholeness of self.  It is the currents of air beneath the wings of the butterfly that gives it the potential to soar.  Without these air currents, these air waves, the butterfly would remain stationary.

Many are blossoming into the beautiful butterflies you are.  Many are still in turmoil within.  Understand that it matters not where you are, it matters only that we are all moving into higher vibrations.  Some will move into these a little faster than others.  It is not that anyone is better for doing so, it means only that your soul self has chosen for you to move along faster to begin doing what it is you came to do.  Each and every one of you has a role to play.  Some will perceive that another’s role is far more important than theirs.  Being the mother is just as important as being the astrophysicist.

It matters not what your role is, it matters only that you deliver on you part.  To deliver the lines in a play with monotones is not as enticing to the viewer as delivering them with joy and gusto.  One can look back upon one’s life and know that people enjoyed your performance regardless of the role you played.  If it puts a smile on another’s face then you have achieved your goal with Grace.   Many are concerned they should be further along the track of, shall we say, ascension status.  Again it matters not what time you arrive at your destination, it matters only that you arrive, and if you can put a smile on another’s face along the way, you have achieved greatness.

Do not be concerned with where you are.  Do not be concerned that you are not getting there fast enough.  Be concerned only that you move along and flow with the energies with ease and Grace.  Accept and be at peace with this.  All is as should be.

Mother Nature and the elemental kingdom are rehearsing their part in this play.  They are preparing this beautiful planet to move it into alignment with these energies that are bombarding Mother Earth (Gaia).  Their role is to assist Gaia and all of humanity in this ascension.  Many are becoming familiar with these elementals as the vibrational frequencies become thinner, or shall we say lighter.  Much more is being illuminated and so it is many are seeing and interacting more with the devic realms.  Children, more and more children are seeing beyond the veil.  Accept this and acknowledge their truth.  Be of assistance to them should they require it.  Help them to understand that what they are seeing is beautiful and wonderful.  Help them to explore their feelings with this.  Also help other adults too that may be a little confused with what is happening.

We all are growing and moving into unity consciousness. This unity consciousness will bring about the demise of war, of fighting, hatred and so forth.  Peace, love and joy will emanate more freely upon all of humanity as it is realised that peaceful results are never accomplished when we react with anger, fear, the lust for power and so forth.  Look to the children for they are becoming more and more balanced in masculine and feminine energies.  This balance creates a beautiful platform for unity consciousness.  The children truly are your greatest teachers.  Love them and listen to them.  Truly listen to them.

We will all do our utmost to make these grand things happen.  Many will choose not to.  It matters not what anyone has chosen for this is their truth.  It matters only that we can recognise within another that this is their choice and their pathway.  Once this is recognised the greatest gift we can give another is to allow them to experience their choice and their journey along their pathway, regardless of what it is.  To love another for this is what the masters of old taught you.  We all have the potential to walk the earth as the masters did/do.  They are balanced in feminine and masculine, they are divine beings of light just as each and every one of you is.  Accept this, recognise this and know that each of you have a starring role in this play upon Gaia.  Your starring role is to recognise the master within and walk the path of your own master hood.

Love, support and courage is offered to assist you to be the award winning actors in the biggest play ever created.  Accolades  for your commitment and determination to succeed.  Hold yourselves in great esteem for you have achieved greatness.  We are all playing our roles and are doing so gracefully.

The spotlight is on Planet Earth and all actors are being given the biggest round of applause for all that you have accomplished in the delivery of your lines.  This is one play, one production that we will never close the curtains on.

Thank you all for being a part of this show.



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