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The changes many are hearing of and the event they are hearing of and the disclosure they are hearing of is upon your horizons.

Many are a little concerned as to the timing of this.  It is within the construct of Divine Timing so it is when it is.  And when it is it will be a grand occasion for all upon your beautiful planet.  Appreciate her, Mother Earth, for she has been under much duress over millennia of time.  Now it is time for her to blossom.  It is time for all to blossom.

There are many more of you within this diverse universe.  Some are not able to comprehend this and so it is they will remain shrouded in disbelief.  You, on planet Earth are a Galactic Society and it is time for many more of you to be alerted to this fact.

We bring you this information to the many that are just awakening to this.  Many of you are already aware of this as there are many channels giving this information.  Some of this information is misleading.  It is important that one feels the truth within their being when reading the mountains of information that gets posted on the internet.  One can feel the truth in that which is channelled as you will feel it on every level of your being.  You will feel the 3rd Language speaking to you of the Divine Love and truth of the message that is put across.  Trust in your own inner truth.  Some may not be in a place of self-realisation that allows them to accept this truth.  It is appropriate for these beautiful beings to be in this place of disbelief.  They must feel it within.

The energies are amping up.  Feel the Love we share with you in these words.  Breathe this Love into your very being.  Feel this Love expand your Heart centre.  Feel you Heart centre vibrating with the essence of Love.  This Love is all encompassing.  It is Divine.  You are Divinity so the Divine speaks with the Divine.  Accept this Love as it is your birthright.  As a mother nurtures her babe she feels the Love that babe has for her.  This love is reciprocal so share it Dear Ones with a smile, with a hug, with a kind gesture to anyone you would like to.  Let this love wash through you, through them and onward.  It is beautiful, it is magical, it is the love of the creator of All That Is.

We have before us a grand opportunity to bring Light into our being.  This light is the higher vibrations of Love.  This light can illuminate within, that which is seemingly dark.  We say seemingly dark for it is not that there is light and dark.  It is that it vibrates at a lower frequential wave appearing to be, what you would call on your planet, dimmer.

These things that are illuminated can be seen more clearly by yourselves and this gives you the opportunity to clear them from you energetic fields and from the very cells in your physical body.  Your bodies are changing to adjust to these higher vibrations.  Some have changed dramatically already.  Again this is appropriate for them.  It is where they are meant to be, even though some may not realise where that is.  This is for each and everyone of you to achieve the purpose you came here for.

When is it not appropriate for you?  There is no ‘not appropriate’ for everything is appropriate for you regardless of whether you think it is or not.  This is for you to feel the truth in all situations.  Good things grow from that which may be perceived as rotten or bad.  How often does one throw out the food scraps only to find that little tomato plant growing in the midst of, seemingly, waste.  It is not watered, it is not nurtured, yet through its own divine purpose it is growing profusely. This Dear Ones is the miracle.  Regardless of one’s situation, there is always a miracle within it, even though one has to look very carefully.  For initially it may only be the tiniest of sprouts, however over a certain amount of time it grows into a healthy plant full of lush cherry tomatoes.  See the beauty in this for it will change your life.

Become a little more open to understanding the knowledge and wisdom that lies within each of you.  You all are very wise and very knowledgeable, however, some of you choose not to believe this.  Some choose not to accept this for fear of being different.  Many of you do as there have been many life sojourns you have had that society has downtrodden anyone that is given the opportunity to shine their brilliance.  Stand tall like that little cherry tomato plant, face the light and breathe it in.  You are brilliant and you are now able to shout it from the roof tops.  We are here to be with you and rejoice in this for we hear you loud and clear.

Never lose the opportunity to let a day go by without realising you are loved. This love is all encompassing. This love is the love of the Divine Father Mother God/Union.  The Divine Feminine aspect of this Love is returning and we shower this down upon you.  You will feel this deep within your core for it is Truth.

You will be aware that with this Divine Feminine aspect returning to its former glory, balance is created.  This balance has not been felt upon your Earth for quite some time.  With this balance of energies comes balance of self.  With this balance of energies comes balance of the masculine/feminine aspects of self.  All of humanity will feel this balancing within.  For some this may create a little conflict.  For some this may create a little anxiety as one will be unaware of that which it is, that which is happening.  Help those that you love so much to understand this balancing within.  Help them to accept this Divine Feminine energy and ask yourself if you are willing to accept it within your own being.  Ask truly for it may be that it may even create a little fear in you.

When the realisation hits that this is just a little fear, a little anxiety, a little apprehension, it can be cleared from you with the help of your Spiritual friends and family, your Spiritual entourage.  This entourage is with you at all times and is lovingly waiting for you to call them to assistance.  When you do this in earnest you will be amazed at the response you have.  With the veil between dimensions lifting you will have no doubt that you are being assisted.  With love and thanks they, your spiritual entourage, are more than happy to help.

There is a system in place that is changing much of what was the old ways upon your planet.  The old ways of how things are done is being brought to light.  All of humanity will be made aware of some of these things.  All of humanity will be in awe at what the old ways have done, so to speak.  Much that is brought into the light these coming days will be of such that changes how one will want to see their world change for the better.

Ask yourselves what it is that you would like changed upon your planet.  And then we ask that you see this change, imagine this change is occurring and Dear Ones it will unfold for you.  Compassionate times are upon us and this brings much sharing.  Competitiveness and fear of lack will begin to diminish.  Can you not see how this will change the world?  How many of your beautiful children have a better understanding of things than you did when you were young.  How many of your beautiful children are doing so many compassionate caring things for others.  You may not have been of that mind set when you were younger, only for the reason the energies were not ripe for you to feel that.

Love these young ones beyond measure for they truly are your greatest teachers.  Look to them and ask them to help you to see things differently.  Love these young ones for they are your future.  Trust that they will give you every opportunity to see yourself differently.  It is when they push those buttons that they give you the greatest gift of love.

And so it is.

Namaste (Thank you from the Divinity in me to the Divinity in you)


Fiona M White.  We offer these messages as a gift to be shared freely with copyright credit and without alterations. © All Rights Reserved 2014.